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chrome click to play

Google Chrome Gets Click To Play

Regular readers know that I consider the Firefox NoScript add-on invaluable for security and bandwidth preserving purposes. One of the lesser know features of the add-on is an option to activate scripts […]


Top Google Chrome Shopping Extensions

Shopping on the Internet offers many advantages over local shopping. One of the major advantages is price comparison and the ability to shop at multiple online shopping sites without leaving your home. […]

edit address chrome

Google Chrome Beta Gets Form Autofill

Web forms are an integral part of the web. They are used for sign ups, surveys, purchases, comments and other interactions with a specific website or service. Having to fill out the […]

google chrome program files

Install Google Chrome In Program Files

Users of the Google Chrome browser may have had troubles locating the program executable on their hard drive after installation. This can be attributed to the fact that the Google browser installs […]

chrome download manager

oGet Adds External Download Manager Support To Google Chrome

Using the build in downloader to download smaller files is usually not a problem in modern web browsers. It is however different if lots of files need to be downloaded, or if […]


TabSense, Display All Chrome Tabs On A Single Page

TabSense is a free browser extension for Google Chrome that you can use to display all open Chrome tabs on a single page for easy management. Keeping track of all open tabs […]

temporary bookmarks

Temparks, Store Temporary Bookmarks In Google Chrome

I often store websites I visit in the bookmarks to access their contents at a later time. Happens quite often after reading an RSS feed entry, or stumbling upon an interesting link […]

chrome side tabs

Enable Side Tabs In Google Chrome

All the talking about sidebar tabs today in Firefox reminded me that I wanted to write about a similar feature in Google Chrome, to be more precise in the Google Chrome dev […]

browser check

Test Your Browser's Security With Browser Check

Browser plugins have become a major target of malicious users in past years. The reasons are simple: Many plugins do not update automatically, and most web browsers fail to inform the user […]

Google Chrome, Problems Downloading Large Files

For the last days, the developer version of the Google Chrome web browser has had troubles downloading large files from the Internet. Downloads of files with a minimum size of 50 Megabytes, […]

Automatically Convert Currencies On Web Pages

Buying goods online in other countries can be a real money saver. It is for instance pretty easy for Europeans to buy in countries of the Europe Union without the fear of […]

webpage screenshot

WebPage ScreenShot For Google Chrome

Users who want to preserve information found on a website have several options to do that. They can save the webpage which creates a local HTML copy on the computer system, save […]

download selection

Open Multiple Items At Once In Google Chrome

Multi Links is one of our favorite Firefox extensions of all time. It allows Firefox users to open multiple links, images or other elements on a website by drawing a rectangle around […]

List Of Software That Crashes Google Chrome

Google employee Blair has posted a list of software applications that are known to crash the Google Chrome web browser. Among the list popular applications such as PPLive, Nvidia NTune, SpeedBit Video […]

chrome web apps

Google Chrome Web Apps, What Are They?

If you follow popular tech blogs like Techcrunch or Download Squad you may have noticed teaser posts about Google Chrome Web Apps, a new feature that the Chromium and Google Chrome developers […]

chrome plugins

Plugin Security Changes Coming To Google Chrome

Integration of the Flash plugin and a native PDF reader in Google Chrome has been a controversial move. Some users liked the idea as it allowed them to access contents without having […]

last fm free music player Free Music Player For Google Chrome is one of the most popular music portals on the Internet. It offers a wealth of information about bands, musicians, concerts and anything else that is music related. A popular feature […]

oops google chrome could not connect to

Fix Oops! Google Chrome Could Not Connect To Errors

Google Chrome can be configured to save the browsing session on close so that the user can continue the session on the next startup. All websites and services that had been open […]