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webcomic reader

Webcomic Reader, Godsend For Comic Lovers

What's the main difference between reading comics online and reading physical comic books? Flipping pages usually takes more time online, the speed depends largely on the user's computer and Internet connection speed. […]

chrome beta javascript

Google Chrome Beta Update Brings Speed, Security Improvements

Yesterday's update of the Google Chrome Beta browser brought several exciting additions to the Internet browser that users of the dev and canary builds enjoyed for some time. The beta channel version […]

Blocking Spam In Search Engines

You may have read that Google created an extension for its Google Chrome browser exclusively that can be used to block results in Google search from appearing again. The main reason for […]

google chrome storage space

Free Up Disk Space By Deleting Older Google Chrome Versions

You may know that I have a Intel Solid State Drive with 80 Gigabytes of space as my primary hard drive. Windows 7 is installed on that drive and the majority of […]

Google Chrome Stable Updated, Security Release

Google has just updated the stable version of the company's Google Chrome web browser. The release includes both feature additions and security fixes. The security fixes alone make it a recommended update […]

google encrypted search

How To Enable, Disable Encrypted Search In Google Chrome

A recent article on Neowin caught my attention that suggested that Google was changing the default search engine at least for some users to Google encrypted search. Whenever these users search they […]

tab title search

Google Chrome Tab Title Search Extension

Users who open many tabs at once in a web browser will eventually run into display problems. The browser window is only capable of displaying a finite number of tabs at the […]

google chrome

Where Can I Download The Different Google Chrome Builds?

Did you know that Google alone is releasing four different versions of the Google Chrome browser regularly? And that is not even counting the Chromium releases that make up the core of […]

choose a search engine

Google Chrome Canary Builds Reach Version 11

It was Google who started to release minor improvements as major version upgrades. The browser has just reached version 11, less than two and a half years after its first beta version […]

Keep My Opt-Outs For Chrome Blocks Ad Personlization

Update: Google shut down development of the Keep My Opt-Outs extension for Chrome. It shows as deprecated now in the Chrome Store and the company suggests to use the extension Protect My […]

grooveshark remote control sharkzapper

sharkZapper: GrooveShark Remote Control For Google Chrome

Update: Grooveshark shut down. The extension is no longer working because of it which is why we have removed the link from this article. If you are not using one of the […]

4chan plus

4Chan Plus For Google Chrome, Improves 4Chan's Usability

4chan, love it, hate it or be indifferent to it. The web forum is one of the most controversial websites on the Internet right now because of its (almost) anything goes policy. […]

The Difference Between Google Chrome Extensions And Web Apps

Google Chrome has supported extensions, sometimes called add-ons, for some time now. Recently the Google Chrome Web Store was added to the browser which has added web apps to the picture. The […]

safer chrome

SaferChrome Protects Chrome Users Against Man In The Middle Attacks, Improves Security

Internet users who connect to the Internet out of a computer network have to be very careful about the data they send and receive, and how they do that. The Firefox add-on […]

note anywhere

Post Sticky Notes On Websites With Note Anywhere For Chrome

Sticky notes are handy as a temporary means to remember information. They are usually plastered around the monitor and computer desk but Note Anywhere for Chrome takes them to the virtual realm. […]

jchromium updater

Chromium Updater Overview

Chromium is the Open Source part of the Google Chrome browser basically. It is a standalone browser that runs very well on its own, and some users prefer to use it for […]

blacklist sites

Search Engine Blacklist Removes Sites From Google Search

Google Chrome only extension Search Engine Blacklist can remove selected sites from Google's search result listing. The extension is especially useful for users who often stumble upon the same set of spam […]

click and clean firefox

Click&Clean, Browser Add-On To Delete Temporary Data, Improve Privacy

One of the biggest privacy related problem on the Internet these days are information that are stored by the browser on the local computer. Most web browsers come with built-in tools to […]