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firefox 63.0.3

Firefox 63.0.3 is a small bugfix release

Mozilla released an update for Firefox today that brings the version of the web browser to 63.0.3. Firefox 63.0.3 is a bug fix release that addresses several bugs in the web browser; […]

firefox breach notification

Firefox will soon alert users about recently breached sites

Mozilla's Firefox web browser will soon notify users when they visit websites that were breached recently. The new functionality extends the capabilities of Firefox Monitor, a new service by Mozilla that anyone […]

price wise firefox

Two new Firefox Test Pilot projects: Price Wise and Email Tabs

Mozilla launched two new Test Pilot experiments for the Firefox web browser today. Price Wise is a price tracking extension that monitors products on select sites for price drops. Email Tab, the […]

firefox remove extension

Firefox 64: direct removal of extensions

Mozilla plans to roll out a number of changes in Firefox 64 that are extension related. The organization plans to roll out an update to about:addons that changes the design of the […]

firefox save to cloud storage

Mozilla ran a cloud storage download experiment in Firefox

Is it a good idea to integrate options to save Internet files directly to cloud storage providers? That's a question that Mozilla tried to answer in a recent Shield experiment that it […]


SoundFixer fixes sound issues on YouTube

SoundFixer is an extension for the Firefox web browser that attempts to fix sound related issues on YouTube and select other sites with audio. Internet users who watch videos with audio on […]

firefox 65 webp

Firefox 65 supports Google's WebP Image format

Firefox 65 will support the WebP image format that Google created for use on the Internet. Firefox 65 Stable will be released in January 2019. Google states on the official WebP page […]

context search firefox

ContextSearch adds a ton of search options to Firefox

ContextSearch web-ext is a browser extension for the Firefox web browser that improves Firefox's contextual search functionality in several ways. The extension started out as a replacement for the legacy add-on Context […]

firefox 63.0.1

Mozilla releases Firefox 63.0.1

Mozilla releases one or multiple minor updates usually after a major release; the release of Firefox 63 is no exception to the rule as Firefox 63.0.1 will be rolled out today to […]

content blocking firefox

This is Firefox's overhauled Privacy interface

Mozilla plans to overhaul the privacy interfaces of the Firefox web browser in coming versions. Planned changes include interface modifications, detailed views of blocked and allowed items, and introduction of content blocking […]

firefox profiles

Firefox 67: dedicated profiles per install

Mozilla plans to make changes to the profile handling of the Firefox browser in Firefox 67.  Firefox will switch to a dedicated profiles per install model in version 65 that assigns different […]

firefox javascript address bar

Firefox blocks JavaScript in address bar by default

Update: it appears that the change has been in Firefox for longer than that. The preference mentioned below will only filter javascript: from pasted code to avoid that these appear in the […]

firefox 63 stable release

Firefox 63.0 Release Information

The Firefox 63.0 release date is October 23, 2018. Our Firefox 63.0 release overview provides you with extensive details on changes, improvements, removed features and known issues of the new browser version. […]

mozilla firefox vpn

Mozilla tests Premium VPN Service

Mozilla will start the test of a commercial VPN offering tomorrow for a subset of users in the United States. The organization has not created its own VPN network but partnered up […]

firefox-64 redesigned addons manager

Firefox 64: add-ons manager redesign

Mozilla launched a redesigned add-ons manager in Firefox 64 Nightly the other day. Nightly is the cutting edge development version of Firefox that receives features first before they are moved to Beta […]

firefox screenshotgo

Mozilla releases Firefox ScreenshotGo for Android

Mozilla Taiwan has released the first public beta version of a new screenshot application for Android, named Firefox ScreenshotGo to the Play Store and on GitHub. The Play Store listing is limited […]

tls 1.0 1.1 deprecation

All major browsers drop TLS 1.0 and 1.1 in 2020

All major web browser makers announced on October 15, 2018 that the browsers that they produce will stop supporting the standards TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 in 2020. The change was announced […]

image max url

Load larger image copies with Image Max URL

Image Max URL is a browser extension for Firefox and a userscript designed to provide users with an option to load larger versions of images that they encounter on the Internet. Images […]