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firefox text highlighter

Text Highlighter For Firefox

Wired-Marker is a text highlighter add-on for Firefox that can mark selected text in different colors just like a marker would with text on paper.Doing so can be useful if you are […]

adblock plus add site to whitelist

Whitelist Bookmarks In Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus is a Firefox add-on (Update: now also available for other browsers such as Google Chrome) that blocks advertisement, and sometimes other elements, on websites. It supports black- and whitelists and […]

firefox webmail

Firefox Mail From Lets You Pick A Webmail Service

Several posts have made the round in the last couple of weeks that explained how a specific webmail service could be selected as the default client on a PC running the Windows […]

delete flash cookies

Delete Flash Cookies

Flash Cookies, or Local Shared Objects, are stored on the user system by Macromedia Flash applications. They function a lot like cookies and can be used to store session information or save […]

orca browser

Orca Browser

The Orca Browser is based on the Firefox 3 core but adds lots of unique features and options to it that Firefox does not support. The first thing that you notice after […]

firefox favicon addon

Add Favicons To Websites Without One

Favicons are a great way to identify websites visually and it is even possible to display only the Favicon in tabs with the FaviconizeTab add-on for Firefox. (Update: Firefox's pin to tab […]

firefox tabs sidebar

Move Firefox Tabs To The Sidebar

Update: Sidebar Tabs is no longer compatible with recent versions of the Firefox browser. We suggest you use the Tree Style Tab add-on for Firefox instead which offers similar functionality. Everyone is […]

firefox file browser firefly

Firefly Firefox File Browser

Update: The file browser for Firefox has not been updated since 2008. It is no longer compatible with recent versions. An alternative does not seem to be available. If you use Firefox […]

Optimize Firefox For Low Traffic Volumes

I sometimes connect my Nokia N73 mobile phone to my Toshiba notebook to connect to the Internet and do some urgent stuff like checking and replying to mails, writing articles on my […]

firefox beer oclock

Firefox Beer oClock extension

Beer day is the day of the week where you go out with the guys from work. More often than not it's Friday afternoon. The Beer oClock extension for Firefox puts a […]


Mozilla Firefox About Protocol Links

Many Firefox users know that typing about:config in the Firefox location bar will open a Firefox configuration file that provides access to user preferences that cannot in the browser's interface otherwise. Did […]

firefox undo tabs

Change The Number Of Tabs That Firefox Can Undo

It never happened to me that I wanted to restore more than two tabs in Firefox and even that happened only once since the feature has been introduced to the browser. A […]

firefox startup options

Quick Overview of Firefox Startup Options

Most Firefox users know that they can configure the Firefox web browser to always load a website - the home page - when the browser starts. This can be very useful in […]

firefox save sessions

Change the Session Store Interval in Firefox

The Firefox web browser saves active session data every fifteen seconds by default. This means that you will never lose more than what you have done in the past fifteen seconds when […]

browser urlbar clickselectsall

Change Single- and Middle-Click behavior in the Firefox location bar

A left-click in the location bar of Firefox 3 will select the complete URL instead of just moving the cursor to that position. This makes it complicated to select only part of […]

firefox reset

Delete about:config Entries in Firefox

I love Firefox because I can pretty much customize it anyway I like while the majority of browsers do not allow me to do so. Besides add-ons and themes, which can change […]

firefox bookmarks

Remove the Location Bar Star in Firefox

The star in the Firefox 3 location bar can be used to bookmark a website quickly. A white star indicates that the page has not been bookmarked yet while a yellow star […]

Firefox mailto

Make Gmail the default Firefox Mail Client

If you like to access your Gmail account on the official website and not in a desktop email client, then you may have noticed that it is not really that easy to […]