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Firefox Domain Lookup Add-on

Some webmasters develop a keen sense when it comes to valuable domain names. They may read an article and come up with great domain names or come up with names after they […]

Firefox Image Navigator

Image browsing is still not a strength of most web browsers. Sure you can click on a picture, look at it and repeat the process to view all the images of a […]

Firefox Copy Code

While most users want to make sure that copied text from the web browser they are using does not contain any formatting or code, some users might just need that. Web developers […]

First Look At Firefox's Private Browsing Mode

The latest nightly build of Firefox 3.1 included a first version of the long awaited private browsing feature. Private Browsing refers to a special mode in Firefox that users can activate to […]

Edit Or Remove Firefox Menus

A few Firefox extensions can remove unneeded menu items from the web browser to provide only access to the functions that are required and used by the user. One basic example would […]

Load Multiple URLs In Firefox

How do you load multiple urls in Firefox? You could use the Snap Links extension if they are properly linked on a website; But what if they are not? Say a friend […]

Fasterfox Lite

Fasterfox is a controversial Firefox add-on mainly because of its prefetching setting that causes unnecessary load on web servers and may waste resources on the user side as well. By default, Fasterfox […]

Access Google Calendar Without Leaving The Page

GCal Popup is an experimental Firefox extension that is compatible with Firefox 1.5 to 3.x. It integrates the Google Calendar service nicely into Firefox by providing a button in the Firefox status […]

firefox not responding

Firefox is already running, but is not responding

The message "Firefox is already running, but is not responding. To open a new window, you must first close the existing Firefox process, or restart your system" popped up quite frequently on […]

Add Noise To Firefox

There is no obvious option in Firefox to add sound notifications to the web browser. Sound is probably something that most users would not want to let near their web browser because […]

Firefox Drag And Drop Search

Firefox offers many ways to perform searches. It displays a search bar on the top right by default, provides access to keywords that can be used to search using custom search engines […]

First Firefox Mobile Alpha Released

Mozilla released the first public alpha version of the upcoming Firefox Mobile version which is currently only available for OS2008 ("Maemo") software platforms that run on Nokia N810 Internet Tablets and desktop […]

Sync Firefox Bookmarks Without Third Party Help

Accessing the Internet on two different computers regularly makes many users crave for data synchronization solutions to access the same set of bookmarks, email accounts or other data on all computers. Several […]

Split The Firefox Browser

The Ask The Readers article yesterday asked for recommendations for splitting the browser window in Firefox so that two websites could be displayed next to each other. The general consensus was to […]

Ask The Readers: Best Tool To Split Firefox Tabs

While checking for new Google Chrome plugins I stumbled upon a plugin called Dual View which makes it possible to display two websites in a split tab. This could actually be very […]

Custom Firefox Startpage

Users can practically set one or multiple websites as their start pages in Firefox (and any other web browser as well). Another option are Speed Dial extensions which copy a feature from […]

Create Firefox Smart Bookmarks

Firefox 3 changed the bookmarking system from a basic html powered system to using sqlite databases. One benefit of using databases is the possibility to run custom queries. Three of so-called smart […]

Firefox Bookmarks: Reset Special Folders

Firefox 3 introduced several special folders for Firefox bookmarks management, among them the Unsorted Bookmarks, Most Visited, Recently Bookmarked and Recent Tags folders. Unsorted Bookmarks is being used to store new bookmarks […]