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Block Images To Surf Faster

Bandwidth and speed are usually not a big concern for many users with broadband Internet connections. It is however something that users who connect to the Internet with slow connections have to […]

Blackout Changes Website Color Schemes

Blackout was a browser extension for Firefox that you could use to change the default color scheme of websites to a different one. The extension is not available anymore but Firefox supports […]

old versions of thunderbird firefox

How To Download Old Firefox And Thunderbird Releases

A Ghacks reader recently posted a comment asking whether it is possible to download old releases of Thunderbird. The situation was that he switched to Thunderbird 3 beta 3 and noticed that […]

Display Firefox's Unsorted Bookmarks in another location

Mozilla's development team introduced several new dynamic bookmark folders in Firefox 3 including the recently bookmarked, unsorted bookmarks and recent tags folders. All but the unsorted bookmarks folder are displayed in the […]

Firefox 3.7 and 4.0 Design Mockups

How could version 3.7 and version 4.0 of the Firefox web browser look like? That's something that the Mozilla development team tried to answer by posting design mockups of Firefox 4 and […]

Firefox Bookmark Sorting Extension SortPlaces

The Direfox web browser does not offer many bookmark sorting options. The only option that is actually provided by right-clicking a folder is to sort the bookmarks by name. This is however […]

Better Mouse Scrolling In Firefox With SmoothWheel

Most Firefox users dislike how mouse scrolling is handled in the web browser. It feels everything but smooth and there are no obvious preferences in the Firefox options to change the scroll […]

Fix For Auto-Collapsing Bookmark Items In Firefox

I'm not sure when the problem started but it was after one of the last Firefox updates. I have placed several bookmark folders and bookmarks in the Firefox toolbar that displays the […]

Display Full Images That Are Posted As Links Or Thumbnails

Chance is you have already stumbled upon a few websites that are posting images as links or thumbnails. The only way to view the full images is to click on the links […]

Firefox Bookmarks Archiver

Most Firefox users make use of the bookmarking feature of the web browser to store interesting or important websites so that they can be visited at a later time again. Many of […]

Add Google Service Shortcuts To Firefox

Google fanatics who regularly work with multiple Google services such as Google Mail Gmail , Google Reader, Google Docs, Blogger, Orkut and a few dozens more might find the Gbutts add-on for […]

Create Website Desktop Shortcuts In Firefox

The creation of website desktop shortcuts in the Firefox web browser was an easy process but Mozilla made the decision to change Firefox's default behavior when you are dragging and dropping tabs […]

Firefox Computer Alarm Clock And Timer

If you run the Firefox browser in full screen mode or on a desktop where the taskbar is not displayed all the time, then you know that the system clock that is […]

Block NoScript From Opening Homepage After Update

The NoScript add-on for the Firefox web browser is without doubt one of the best ways to increase the web browser's security as it disables JavaScript elements on all websites that are […]

Save Firefox Bookmark Searches

If you open the menu to organize (some would call it manage) the Firefox bookmarks you are presented not only with an interface to sort, delete or add bookmarks but also with […]

Bookmarking In Firefox Got A Tad Easier

You have quite a few possibilities at hand if you want to bookmark a website when you are using the Firefox web browser. You can click on the star icon in the […]

Internet Explorer New Tab Page In Firefox

You are presented with several choices if you open a new blank tab page in Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8. Internet Explorer users have the option to open recently opened websites, start an […]

Speed Up Firefox By Limiting The History

The Firefox web browser will save visited websites for a minimum of 90 days and a maximum of 180 days in the Firefox history by default. The hard limit is set to […]