How to use ChatGPT Custom Instructions effectively

Eray Eliaçik
Aug 12, 2023
Updated • Aug 10, 2023

Are you looking for the best ChatGPT Custom Instructions examples? Congratulations, you have just found them!

OpenAI's ChatGPT has emerged as a shining star, captivating users with its uncanny ability to engage in natural and informative conversations. But what if we told you that there's a way to amplify this AI's prowess even further? Try the ChatGPT Custom Instructions feature – a hidden gem that empowers you to wield an unprecedented level of control over your conversations. Just as a conductor shapes the symphony of an orchestra, these custom instructions allow you to orchestrate the dialogue with precision, fine-tuning ChatGPT's responses to meet your unique needs.

Harnessing the capabilities of ChatGPT Custom Instructions is akin to wielding a magic wand as you steer the AI's comprehension and generation prowess according to your specific requirements. Gone are the days of sifting through generic responses; the era of precision-driven exchanges has dawned.

With this article, you can learn how to use ChatGPT Custom Instructions effectively with the best ChatGPT Custom Instructions examples

Whether you're a curious conversationalist, an aspiring content creator, or a professional seeking accurate information, this guide will equip you with the knowledge you need to unlock richer, more meaningful interactions with ChatGPT. Get ready to wield the virtual pen and sculpt conversations that amaze, inform, and inspire – all by mastering the art of ChatGPT Custom Instructions.

Why should you use ChatGPT custom instructions?

ChatGPT custom instructions can help you create a chatbot that suits your needs and preferences. By using custom instructions, you can:

  • Enhance the chatbot's personality and voice
  • Improve the chatbot's relevance and accuracy
  • Increase the chatbot's diversity and creativity
  • Ensure the chatbot's safety and ethics

Are you interested in it? Here are some of the real-life applications of ChatGPT custom instructions that you can inspire.

With this article, you can learn how to use ChatGPT Custom Instructions effectively with the best ChatGPT Custom Instructions examples

5 ChatGPT Custom Instructions examples to understand the feature

ChatGPT Custom Instructions can be used in the following ways:

To make ChatGPT funnier

If you're looking for something to do in your spare time other than work or school, ChatGPT is a fantastic resource, even while utilizing Custom Instructions. You may expand your profile by writing something like "I'm a team leader who loves knock-knock jokes" in the first box."

Box two is where you may choose the exact layout and font you like. Complete each question with a "Did you know?" and an interesting fact about your job.

Modify ChatGPT to fit your needs

Custom Instructions help ChatGPT adapt to your writing style, whether you're a student, marketer, or developer.

Custom Instructions lets you select your occupation so the AI chatbot may provide more appropriate replies, including how formal and long its responses should be.

Adjust ChatGPT to your coding style

Add Custom Instructions if you're a software developer using ChatGPT. This tool can provide context to your work and identify your preferred programming language and style.

With this article, you can learn how to use ChatGPT Custom Instructions effectively with the best ChatGPT Custom Instructions examples

Describe yourself and your style in the first field to add this feature. Software developers can also utilize Custom Instructions to break down difficult algorithms, act as code reviewers, optimize algorithms, and perform unit tests.

You won't have to repeat yourself in each discussion since Custom Instructions standardize your chats.

Modify recipes to fit your dietary needs

How about using ChatGPT to make a diet? Providing the AI chatbot with a list of ingredients and asking it to create a meal from scratch or providing it with an existing recipe and asking it to make modifications to suit your diet is a simple task.

You may save yourself the trouble of constantly restating your dietary preferences and limits by adding them to your Custom Instructions. You can use them to let others know that you prefer an organic diet or that you eat only plant-based foods.

Tailor your content to your audience

By providing ChatGPT with a set of unique instructions, you may direct the conversation in a certain direction. The AI chatbot may be trained to avoid using jargon and speak in a way that is accessible to a wide audience through the use of specific instructions.

If you have a lot of younger people using the chatbot and you want ChatGPT's replies to be presented in a way that's easy to comprehend, this adjustment might be quite helpful.



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  1. owl said on August 19, 2023 at 10:05 am

    I was stunned by the article (probably written by Eray Eliaçik, an AI) makes you wonder how wants to communicate with us (humans).
    By following this article, we are merely praising “giving all intelligence to AI, making it an omnipotent god, become an immortal incarnation”.
    Simply put, a world awaits us in which humans are content with AI’s servants, and are sorted out by AI, and humans and living things are no longer needed.
    Do not seek perfection in things. Precisely because it is imperfect, diversity and individuality arise and it is interesting. Don’t believe in absolute existence “incarnation”.
    This is the world predicted by the cinemas “Oblivion”, “A.I. Artificial Intelligence”, and “Total Recall”.

    The fact that we have been able to weave our intellect and history is the result of the accumulation of the challenges of possibilities has been unfolded in all ages and countries. This is a long and incomplete journey. Don’t spare labor (time, money, effort), and even if your purpose doesn’t come true, the experience and process are precious. Life is long and short. Recognize that you are limited in what you can do and don’t be greedy. For us, it’s a “fleeting life”, but we must cherish the real world of nature, the earth, and the universe until future generations.

  2. Marine Recon said on August 19, 2023 at 8:32 am

    “The layoffs that have been going on at Microsoft for a long time seem to have caused a mistake like this to be overlooked.”….utter nonsense….

  3. Mike said on August 18, 2023 at 7:03 pm

    As a Microsoft hater, I’m siding with them for once. Have you seen the price of groceries lately? There’s no way the food industry and grocery stores aren’t exploiting people after a crisis.

    I mean, between a bug burger and a can of corn, I know which of the two I would rather have for dinner.

  4. Harold Owen said on August 18, 2023 at 3:08 pm

    I’m very excited to see “good”designs for various units mainly because my father designed a patch for the USAF Charleston AFB.

  5. Anonymous said on August 17, 2023 at 11:10 pm

    Next generation communications may unveil techniques that will render those classified under the “electro-magnetic” operations template for mitigating against, as ineffective and useless. By far it is line of sight that is the primary factor with satellite technology. Save the money that you don’t have now, or won’t have later.

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