You don't need ChatGPT rewriter tools to write great articles

Emre Çitak
Jun 28, 2023
Updated • May 25, 2023

AI text generators like ChatGPT have emerged as powerful tools capable of performing various tasks, from generating images to writing eloquent prose. However, when it comes to utilizing AI-generated text for academic or written works, it is crucial to exercise caution. Advanced AI detectors can now detect AI-generated content more effectively, making it essential to rephrase and reword AI-generated text to maintain authenticity and avoid detection.

AI-generated text often exhibits distinct characteristics that make it sound artificial and detached from human expression. While AI tools excel in grammar and structure, they often lack the personal touch and natural creativity that human writers possess. This divergence becomes particularly evident in long-form essays and articles, where AI-generated content can appear stilted and unnatural.

ChatGPT rewriter
Writings created with AI tools are often grammatically correct but fluently incorrect texts

Know the difference

To better understand the limitations of AI writing, it is important to recognize its distinctive features that set it apart from human-generated content. Here are some hallmarks of AI writing that should be avoided when rewriting ChatGPT-generated text:

Rigid consistency: AI writing tends to follow a predictable structure, often adhering to a standardized blueprint. This rigidity becomes apparent in the uniform length of paragraphs and the equal treatment of different points, even in controversial or polemic topics.

Repetitive phrasing: AI tools often rely on generic and repetitive phrases to emphasize points, resulting in a lack of variety and nuance in the text. Human writing, on the other hand, utilizes diverse phrasing to add color and depth to the presented arguments.

Lack of imagination: AI lacks the capacity for daydreaming and flights of fancy that are inherent to human writers. Its rational and logical nature hinders its ability to make imaginative connections between seemingly unrelated ideas, ultimately leading to the production of uninspiring and predictable content.

Unnatural and generic language: AI models like ChatGPT are trained on vast amounts of data from diverse sources, which often leads to a generic style of writing. This approach may not be suitable for academic or professional contexts that demand critical analysis and intelligent perspectives.

ChatGPT rewriter
ChatGPT writings often lack imagination

So how can it be fixed?

While AI-generated text can serve as a valuable starting point, extensive rewording and rephrasing are required to align it with human expression and maintain originality.

Let's explore the general steps involved in effectively rewriting AI-generated content.

Utilize rewording tools

Begin by using rewording or paraphrasing tools like Quillbot, Paraphrasing Tool, or Jasper to generate alternative versions of the text. These tools can save time and effort, especially if you are unsure about the topic or your linguistic skills. The recommended tool, Paraphrasing Tool, offers various options like 'Text Improve,' 'Creative,' and 'Plagiarism Remover' to enhance the quality of the paraphrased text.

Personalize the text

To truly make the AI-generated content your own, spend time editing and rewriting the ChatGPT text. You don't need to be a grammar expert; your experience in essay writing will suffice. Consider the following approaches:

Validate and edit

Carefully review the text for factual accuracy and remove any incorrect or unsubstantiated claims. This step ensures that your rewritten content maintains a strong foundation.

Edit at different levels

Start by making significant changes at the paragraph or sentence level, such as restructuring paragraphs, removing unnecessary sentences, or adding relevant examples. This macro-level editing allows you to refine the overall structure and flow of the text.

Refine language and syntax

Focus on improving the phrases used, employing your own vocabulary and sentence structure. Avoid overusing stock phrases and adverbs that may make the writing sound artificial. Aim for clarity and coherence, ensuring the information is presented effectively without unnecessary wordiness.

Infuse personal flair

Add your unique perspective and voice to the content by revising the beginnings and endings of paragraphs or sections. Use this opportunity to captivate the reader and offer insightful conclusions that demonstrate your understanding of the topic.

Leverage AI tools for rewriting

If you are short on time but still want to enhance the AI-generated content, you can prompt ChatGPT (or any other AI tool) to rewrite the text using specific instructions. Consider using the following prompts:
Rewrite and improve: Request a general rewrite to enhance the overall quality of the text.

  • Rewrite with clarity: Ask ChatGPT to simplify the language and ensure the sentences are easy to understand, even if it means sacrificing some nuance
  • Rewrite for grammar improvement: If your own writing exhibits grammatical errors, use this prompt to refine the grammar and syntax of the text
  • Rewrite with authority: Tailor the prompt to enhance the authoritative tone of the piece, ensuring that any claims made are verifiable and supported
  • Rewrite to impress: Use this prompt to elevate the language and sentence complexity, giving the text a more sophisticated and literate tone while staying true to the original message
  • Rewrite creatively: Prompt ChatGPT to be more creative and diverse in its phrasing, encouraging it to move away from stock phrases and generate engaging content. Experiment with different responses until you find one that aligns with your desired style
  • Rewrite elegantly: Similar to rewriting to impress, this prompt focuses on creating a smoother flow between sentences and paragraphs, with slightly less convoluted language
ChatGPT rewriter
There are certain phrases you can use to create unique ChatGPT writings

Tips for effective rewriting

As you embark on the process of rewriting AI-generated text, keep the following tips in mind:

Identify unique aspects: Compare the original ChatGPT draft with your rewritten version side by side. Look for areas where you can enhance the text's uniqueness and originality.

Minimize stock phrases: Be mindful of repetitive phrases that may have been carried over from the AI-generated text. Utilize rephrasing tools or AI prompts to rewrite those sections separately, adding variety and avoiding redundancy.

Verify claims: Always fact-check the claims made by ChatGPT to ensure accuracy and avoid including false or misleading information in your rewritten content.

Rewriting AI-generated text is a crucial step in ensuring its authenticity and aligning it with your own writing style. By utilizing rewording tools, personally editing the text, and leveraging AI tools for rewriting, you can create content that seamlessly integrates with your own ideas and maintains a human touch.

Remember to validate claims, minimize repetitive language, and verify the accuracy of the information presented. Through this process, you can confidently submit your work, knowing that it reflects your own effort and expertise.


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  1. Oxa said on June 29, 2023 at 3:13 am

    “You don’t need ChatGPT rewriter tools to write great articles”

    Tell that to Kerem Gülen who has yet to figure out how to properly use a question mark: “PUBG not working: How to fix it?”

  2. Anonymous said on June 28, 2023 at 2:46 pm

    Was this article mainly written with assistance from those AI tools, as mentioned above? I get the impression that is the case.

  3. boring said on June 28, 2023 at 2:07 pm

    Amazing that we are getting ChatGPT-generated articles about ChatGPT – what next?

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