Clamtk Main

How to install ClamAV with Clamtk UI in GNU/Linux

It’s common knowledge among GNU/Linux users that there is a significantly lower chance of being infected with malware when running GNU/Linux than there is when running Microsoft Windows; however, it would be […]

Add antivirus to Postfix with ClamAV

By now you have your Postfix mail server up and running (see "Install Postfix for reliable email delievery"). You even have relaying working (see "Mail relaying made simple with Postfix"). But one […]

Pulse Daemon

5 Things to do after a fresh install of GNU/Linux

So, regardless of what distribution being used, there are things that I do after every single install I do, and I thought perhaps I would share some of them with you; perhaps […]

CCleaner compromised: better check your PC

Piriform, makers of the popular file cleaner CCleaner, confirmed on Monday 18th, 2017 that hackers managed to attack the company's computer network successfully. The hackers compromised two versions of the CCleaner in […]

all in-one system rescue toolkit 2017

All In One System Rescue Toolkit 2017 is out

All In One System Rescue Toolkit 2017 is a new version of the system analysis and repair toolkit that combines Live CD functionality and Windows tools. We reviewed the initial release version […]


SecureAPlus: application whitelisting for additional security

Most Windows users these days run a firewall and up to date antivirus software, either those that ship with the operating system or advanced third party tools. Experienced users on the other […]

lavabit email

Lavabit is probably the most secure, private email service right now

We know that Google reads emails that you receive to display advertisement on Gmail, and that other mail providers may be doing the same. With new information about Prism still hitting the […]

media center sleep timer

How to add a Sleep Timer to Windows Media Center

This one is for the media buffs who want a new level of automation for Windows Media Center. It may be that you fall asleep while streaming video or music at the […]

KDE's Dolphin tips and tricks

If you are using the latest, greatest KDE, then you are enjoying the default Dolphin file manager. Although you can still make use of Konqueror as the file manager, it only makes […]

Bitdefender: Linux antivirus made simple

We've covered a few Linux antivirus tools here on Ghacks (see "Install Avira Antivirus on Linux" or "Rescue that infected Windows drive with Trinity Rescue" or the articles covering ClamAV). All of […]

Rescue that infected Windows machine with Trinity Rescue

Sticking with our current theme of rescuing, we will now focus our magnifying glass another another useful Linux tool - Trinity Rescue Kit.TRK is another live Linux distribution, but with a different spin. […]

Scan a Windows drive for viruses using Linux

Recently I came into a client who had a Windows XP machine that contained a nasty little virus that rendered the machine nearly unusable. When the machine would boot the CPU was […]

Scan your Linux machine for viruses with ClamTk

What do you mean - "scan your Linux machine for viruses"? Linux is immune to viruses right? Well...mostly. Even though a proof of concept virus has been discussed, and nothing has actually […]

Stop SPAM in Postfix with Spamassassin

So you have your Ubuntu server up and running with a Postfix mail server (see "Install Postfix for reliable email delivery"). You have also set up Postfix for antivirus with the help […]

Install Postfix for reliable email delivery

With your Ubuntu LAMP Server up and running (see my previous article "Installing Ubuntu Server 9.04" and "How to: install a LAMP server") and you are ready to set it up as […]

KlamAV: Outstanding KDE front-end for Linux anti-virus

You don't usually here that phrase spoken "Linux anti-virus". But it does exist. One of the more popular Linux anti-virus tools is ClamAV. But to most users (especially new users) ClamAV is […]

Kontact: The Swiss Army Knife of PIMs

If you've ever used a PIM (Personal Information Manager) you know how important they can be for both business and personal organization. Most users know Microsoft Outlook. Most Linux users know Evolution. […]

Spyware Terminator a free antispyware software

Spyware Terminator is a free antispyware software which can be downloaded in several versions. The main version contains the Spyware Terminator program which scans your system for spyware plus the so called Web Security Guard which assigns threat levels to websites in the search results. Both applications can also be downloaded separately from each other and I decided to download the Spyware Terminator without the Web Security Guard.

Clam Win Antivirus

After a lot of people told me that I forgot one of the best anti-virus freeware products out there I decided to take a look at Clam Win to get a better judgement on the claims made. The good thing besides that its free is that it´s also Open Source which makes it more transparent than the rest of the free antivirus programs.