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ghacks page style

Change Colors Lets You Replace A Page's Style In Chrome

You may stumble upon useful pages sometimes that have such an irritating design or page style that you have a hard time concentrating on the content that it offers. Maybe it is […]

google cache

Google Cache Link Protector Improves Google Cache's Functionality Under Chrome

Google caches all websites and pages of a site when it crawls it with its bots. Most cached pages are then linked to from Google Search as well which can be handy […]

plug-in needs your permission to run

Chrome Gets Per-Site Permissions to Run Quicktime, Java Plugins

Update: Google is fading out plugin support in Chrome. Chrome won't support so-called NPAPI plugins anymore at the end of 2015 with no option to get the functionality back. Big news today […]

torrent turbo search

Chrome Torrent Turbo Search Finds Downloads On Multiple Torrent Sites

Sometimes when you are searching for a specific file you may use Bittorrent indexers to find it. Most indexers allow you to search their index, and it happens that you have to […]

Google Chrome Stable Security Update April 2011

Google has just released an update for the Google Chrome stable channel that updates the version of the web browser to 10.0.658.205 for all supported operating systems (which means Microsoft Windows, Apple […]

google chrome installer

How To Upgrade or Downgrade Google Chrome

Four different builds, or channels if you use Google's terminology, of the Google Chrome browser are currently available, five if you add the Open Source browser Chromium to the list. Google Chrome […]

out of date plugins

Keep Your Chrome Plugins Up To Date with Plugin Updater

Update: Google is pulling the plug on NPAPI plugins in the browser. These plugins are already blocked by default and will be blocked completely later in 2015. Outdated browser plugins are a […]

password sync

Google Chrome Stable Security And Feature Update

The Google chrome development team has released Chrome Stable 10.0.648.127 for the supported operating systems Microsoft Windows, Linux and Apple Macintosh. The new version fixes several, or shall we say many, security […]

cloud save

Google Chrome Cloud Save, Store Files In The Cloud

The cloud, the final frontier. Endless. Silent. Waiting. This is the story of the Google Chrome extension Cloud Save. Its mission: To provide Internet users with a way to save files that […]

youtube tv mode

Youtube TV Mode, Automatic Fullscreen Youtube Videos

YouTube is without doubt currently the most popular and known video hosting website in the world. The site, despite its popularity, lacks several features that may improve a visitor's usability considerably. Two […]

server monitor notifications

Monitor Websites With Server Monitor For Chrome

Website monitoring is an important part of a webmaster's routine, especially if the site is commercial in nature. Why? Because every minute of down time can have an impact on the website's […]

standard flash game

Play Flash Games Lag Free In Fullscreen In Google Chrome

Do not you hate it when flash games make use of low resolutions so that it becomes difficulty to play the game? When other elements on the page the game is embedded […]

Chrome Does Not Play Well With Outdated Graphics Card Drivers

PC gamers know that they need to update their graphics card drivers frequently to improve performance, compatibility and stability. Not everyone is a gamer though and there are users who have never […]

Google Chrome Stable Security Update

Google has just released a new version of the Google Chrome Stable browser. The new version of Google Chrome Stable is 9.0.597.107 for all supported platforms (which means Linux, Windows and Mac). […]

bookmarklets annoyances

Bookmarklets For Annoyances On The Internet

The Internet is full of annoyances. That does not mean that you encounter them on every website you visit, but chance is relatively high that you stumble upon sites regularly that have […]

mini google maps

Mini Google Maps For Chrome Offers Quick Google Maps Access

Sometimes you just want to look up an address, or want directions immediately without opening new websites. If you like Google Maps you could visit the Google Maps website, enter the address […]

spellbook bookmarklet

Google Chrome Spellbook, Better Bookmarklet Management

Bookmarklets are little scripts that are stored as bookmarks in the web browser. The term combines the two words bookmarks and applets. A bookmarklet is made up of JavaScript code that executes […]

webcomic reader

Webcomic Reader, Godsend For Comic Lovers

What's the main difference between reading comics online and reading physical comic books? Flipping pages usually takes more time online, the speed depends largely on the user's computer and Internet connection speed. […]