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Share, bookmark and e-mail links with Shareaholic

People use dozens of social news and bookmarking websites nowadays. All those sites offer toolbars and buttons for various browsers including Firefox, it's just to much if you want to install all of them. Webmasters are looking for ways to submit their sites and articles to those sites with less effort.

Two invaluable buttons for Firefox

There are two buttons I always install when using Firefox, I have found that these not only shorten the time it takes me to do things, but they save me from a […]

content switch threshold

Increase Responsiveness of Firefox

I was experiencing some difficulties in Firefox for the last two months. Firefox was unresponsive when it was loading websites which was hard to tolerate and almost made me switch completely to Opera. I could not relate this unresponsiveness to changes that I made to Firefox - be it config changes or add-ons that I installed or uninstalled during that time.

firefox memory usage

Firefox Ultimate Optimizer

Would you use a program that would reduce the memory usage of Firefox to 100-200 Kilobyte ? I have no idea how the Firefox Ultimate Optimizer is reducing the memory usage to this amount but the task manager is verifying the reduction. Firefox has been using roughly 40 Megabytes of RAM whenever I started it and one homepage was loaded.

Firefox Rise Up Video

You might have heard that Mozilla launched a new viral campaign in a fight against boredom and Internet Explorer of course. They did produce a music video, several websites and it seems to be gaining momentum rapidly.

netvibes display problem

Netvibes Display Problems

I'm not sure if I'm the only one who is experiencing display problems on the Netvibes website using the latest Firefox browser. What's happening is that whenever I hover my mouse over an entry the appearing options like edit and collapse look totally misplaced. It's hard to describe and I did create a screenshot so that you can take a look at it by yourself.

Control Javascript Events in Firefox

Firefox Mastery published a nice article about the Firefox add-on Controle de Scripts which lets the user control Javascript events in Firefox. Instead of just disabling Javascript (default Firefox without add-ons), or enabling it on a per-site basis (NoScript) you can configure and control specific Javascripts events.

If you had to choose five Firefox Add-ons

Lets say your computer has limited resources and you can only use five Firefox add-ons when browsing the Internet. Tell me, which would you choose and why. I'm currently cutting down on the Firefox extensions that I'm actively using because I felt that Firefox was using to much memory when I started it without opening a website at all.

firefox live support

Firefox Live Chat Support

Where do you go if you have a problem with Firefox ? I normally research the problem and try to find a solution for it on my own. There is one more possibility that the Mozilla team recently has established and that is Firefox Live Chat Support. You can get into contact with a volunteer who is trying to help you solve the problem that you are experiencing.

firefox typeaheadfind

Firefox Tip: Find as you Type without Ctrl-F

I use the keyboard shortcut CTRL + F regularly to search for phrases in websites with lots of content to be able to find what I'm looking for faster. Some webmasters still seem to think that putting as much content on one page is the way to go if you want to present your information.

tiny url revealer

Reveal the destination of Tiny Url Links

Tiny Url links are a great way to shorten long urls and hide the destination of the link at the same time. I read several PC magazines that use Tiny Url to print urls in their magazine. There is however a certain danger involved because the user does not see where a link is really leading to. It could very well be that someone is posting tiny url links on trusted websites to fool users into visiting those websites.

firefox file actions

Speed up the Download Process in Firefox with drag and drop?

I discovered an interesting article at Lifehacker who themselves got it from Make Use Of. The article described a way to speed up the process before the download begins in Firefox. Instead of right-clicking the file and selecting Save As from the menu the author suggested to drag and drop the download link to the Download icon which would start the download immediately.

firefox about config

10 lesser known Firefox about:config parameters

Firefox offers a great way of changing hundreds of settings by opening about:config in the address bar. The downside is that many users feel overwhelmed by this way of changing the Firefox configuration simply because it lists so many of them. I did not look through all the available settings but found ten lesser known parameters that I would like to introduce today. Lesser known means that they have not been mentioned on every "Tweak Firefox" article on the net - yet.

firefox persona themes

Change Firefox Themes instantly with Personas

The normal way of changing Firefox themes is painfully slow. You download and install the theme from the Mozilla website and activate it afterwards. Then, after activating the theme in the Themes menu you have to restart Firefox so that the new theme will be displayed after the next start.

bookmark backups

Firefox Bookmarks Gone! What now?

Bookmarks are like Gold in the online world. It can take years to compile a list of precious bookmarks and it is a huge catastrophe for most users if those bookmarks happen to be gone. There are several scenarios that I can think out of my head that would make the bookmarks disappear in Firefox.

create a ramdisk

Use a Ramdisk to speed up Firefox and improve privacy

If you choose to delete the cache whenever Firefox exits it's gone, right ? Wrong ! Sure, it got deleted from the hard disk but every file recovery utility, like Recuva, will be able to restore the deleted cache which means that everyone may take a look at each and every website that you visited during your last browsing session.

Sync Firefox Profiles

I'm using Firefox on my desktop computer and on my Toshiba notebook. They have been running independently for some time until I realized that it would make more sense to sync the Firefox profiles to use the same bookmarks, passwords and cookies on both computers.


Grab any color from your Firefox session

As an amateur HTML and CSS enthusiast I see colors and schemes that I really like sometimes and when I'm trying to find the best colors to suit my sites I want […]