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Firefox Web Browser Customization With AnyColor

Any Color is an add-on for the Firefox web browser that allows users to change the look and feel of the browser without the need to install themes. While you may not […]

Windows Vista ClearType Fonts In Firefox Web Browser

If you like the Cleartype fonts that Microsoft shipped with Windows Vista, you may be inclined to use them not only in the operating system itself, but also in the web browser. […]

Skip Screens on file download sites In Firefox Web Browser

Many websites, including many of the popular file hosting providers on the Internet, display intermediary pages during the process of selecting a file for download, and the actual downloading. Those display a […]

Force SSL HTTPS Connections In NoScript

SSL connections, which you can identify by the use of the HTTPS protocol in the address bar of the web browser that you are using, provide additional security in comparison to the […]

Open XML Docx Viewer

Open XML Viewer is a free extension for Mozilla Firefox that adds support for the new Microsoft Office 2007 XML formats in Firefox. The introduction of the new Microsoft Office XML formats […]

Latest Firefox Web Browser Vulnerable to 0-Day Exploit

Dante send me a tip about a 0-day exploit that affects the latest versions of the popular Firefox web browser. The exploit is described as a remote memory-corruption vulnerability that affects Firefox […]

Configure Firefox To Only Open Whitelist Websites

The best way of controlling which websites are opened in a web browser is to block all of them except those that are listed on a custom whitelist. This does require work […]

Flickr To Twitter Poster

If you want to post an image from your Flickr account as a status message on Twitter you need to do quite a few things to accomplish the task. First you log […]

Transfer Website Images To Image Hosting Websites

Image Transloder is a free browser extension for the Firefox browser that enables you to upload web images to various image hosts. If you stumble upon images on websites regularly that you […]

Firefox Page Scroll Marker

One of the nicest features that the Opera web browser supports is the so called Scroll Marker. This feature - when enabled - will display a transparent line at every page break […]

Automatic Web Proxy Server In Firefox

Web browser users can enable or disable web proxy servers in their browsers. There is usually no way to configure a different web proxy server based on the visited website, or an […]

How do you use your Firefox?

Since I always go through a lot of 'phases' in the way I use software, I am really interested to know how you guys use your browsers. Basically in the beginning I […]

Tweak Firefox with about:config

If you use Firefox you probably have had to enter the address about:plugins to see if the plugin you just installed actually did install. But did you know there is another "about" […]

The Ultimate Firefox Download Extensions List

Mozilla Firefox is a complete web browser. Its extensions, user generated add-ons for the web browser, heave it to the next level and make it a browser that sticks out of the […]

Check Firefox Bookmarks

Up until recently there was not a single add-on available for the Mozilla Firefox 3 web browser that would check the bookmarks for invalid or duplicate entries. Several add-ons existed that were […]

firefox site specific zoom level

Firefox 3 Site Specific Zoom

The last article about Firefox's zoom capabilities received several interesting comments that discussed the zoom functionality of the browser. What many users who commented did not know was that the zooming behavior […]


How To Zoom In Firefox

I recently had two conversations with Firefox users who did not know that Firefox came with the means to zoom in and out of a website. They were using external applications to […]

QuickWiki Integrates Wiktionary And Wikipedia Into Firefox

QuickWiki is a handy experimental Firefox add-on for users who often use Wikipedia and Wiktionary either actively or as a resource to look things up on the Internet. The Firefox add-on adds […]