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firefox location bar typos

Show Location Bar Results when correcting typos in Firefox 3

The location bar, also dubbed awesome bar, has already created some controversy among Firefox users. A group of Firefox users does not like the fact that bookmarks are displayed as suggestions when […]

5 Essential Firefox 3 Add-ons

While it is definitely true that some add-ons get a wider coverage and more downloads than others it is still a fact that each Firefox user had his own share of add-ons […]

Firefox 3 News Archive

Update: This is the news archive for all Firefox 3 updates that we have reviewed in the past. Firefox 3 is no longer supported by Mozilla. You can download the latest version […]

grab and drag scrolling

Grab and Drag Scrolling in Firefox

Grab and Drag is a Firefox add-on that provides several additional options to scroll pages on websites. The browser extension is only compatible with versions of Firefox released before Firefox 57. The […]

firefox themes

Firefox Themes Website Updated

Not long ago the Firefox add-on website was relaunched and users were slightly disappointed that the Firefox themes websites was not changed at that time as well. There is however no reason […]

Firefox 3 Location Bar Controversy

Most users who have tried one of the beta versions or release candidates of Firefox 3 like the new location bar also called the awesome bar. A group of users however who […]

firefox bookmarks

How to move bookmarks in Firefox

Firefox 3 changed the way bookmarks are stored on the computer. Before they were simply saved in a bookmarks.html file in the user's profile folder and it was easy to add the […]

firefox security extensions

Firefox Catalog of Auditing Extensions FireCat

FireCAT (Firefox Catalog of Auditing exTension) is a mindmap of the most efficient security auditing extensions for Firefox. This mindmap is constantly updated to reflect changes in existing add-ons and add new […]

firefox opml support

How to export live bookmarks in Firefox

After I realized that the Brief Firefox add-on was - at least partially - responsible for the high cpu and disk usage of Firefox every 45-60 minutes I had to find another […]

fix firefox resource usage

Fix Excessive Firefox 3 CPU and Hard Disk Usage

I switched from Firefox 2 to Firefox 3 a few days ago and love the speed of the new version of Firefox. It's not a speed gain that's only appearing in benchmarks […]

firefox location bar

All you need to know about the Firefox 3 Location Bar

The location bar (or address bar, awesome bar, smart bar) has one main function and that is to provide the user with a sophisticated tool to load websites. In old times the […]

firefox new addon versions

Firefox: what to do when add-ons don't work

Update: While the tip below refers to Firefox 2 and 3, at least some of it applies to newer versions of the Firefox web browser as well which means that it can […]

display google search results

Display Google Search Results while you type in Firefox

Awesome Search, which I reviewed two days ago, is probably the best application when it comes to Firefox extensions that display Google search results while you are still typing the search phrase. […]

passive recon

Firefox Passive Recon

Security professionals sometimes need to find out as much about a domain as they can without alerting the owner that someone is requesting all those information. Passive Recon is a Firefox extension […]

firefox download disable virus-scan

Disable Automatic Virus Scanning in Firefox

Firefox 3 is making use of the installed virus scanner on Windows to scan downloads automatically after they have been fully downloaded to the system. This feature is only available on Windows […]

firefox awesome bar search

Add Search to the Awesome Bar in Firefox 3

I'm getting some very good tips from readers of my blog lately, it's really appreciated. This time it was Dark Kosmos who tipped me of on a new Firefox 3 extension called […]

secure firefox with firekeeper

Secure Firefox with Firekeeper

Update: Please note that the project appears abandoned. It has not been updated for a long time and won't work in recent versions of the Firefox web browser anymore. Mozilla has added […]

email information firefox

Email Information directly from Firefox

If you send information regularly to friends or colleagues using email you may find the Email This extension for Firefox quite handy. Lets say you want to share a website you just […]