Is It Takes Two cross-platform?

Eray Eliaçik
Aug 13, 2023
Updated • Aug 11, 2023

Video games have the incredible power to bring people together, whether they're sitting side by side or connecting from across the globe. In the realm of cooperative gameplay, It Takes Two has emerged as a shining example of collaboration and camaraderie. This heartwarming title, developed by Hazelight Studios, has captivated players with its unique storyline and innovative gameplay. However, one question continues to buzz among fans: Is It Takes Two cross-platform?

So, is It Takes Two cross-platform? The short answer is no. It Takes Two is not cross-platform, meaning players on different gaming systems cannot join forces and embark on this whimsical journey together. If you're on PlayStation, your friend is on Xbox, and another is on PC, unfortunately, you won't be able to unite in the fantastical world of the game. But before you feel too disheartened, let's dive into the reasons behind this design choice.

Is It Takes Two cross-platform? No and here are the possible reasons

At the heart of It Takes Two's gameplay experience lies a myriad of innovative and distinctive features. From split-screen co-op to synchronized puzzles, the game's mechanics are finely tuned to create a seamless cooperative adventure. This intricate design, however, poses challenges when attempting to translate the experience across different platforms. Elements like split-screen co-op require both players to share a single screen, making it logistically complex to execute in cross-platform gameplay.

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In-person connection

It Takes Two is a celebration of friendship and collaboration. Hazelight Studios envisioned players teaming up in the same physical space, sharing laughter, strategies, and experiences. By focusing on local co-op, the developers aimed to strengthen the bond between players who are physically present, fostering an environment where communication and shared emotions are tangible. This design philosophy ensures that the magic of It Takes Two shines brightest when experienced together in person.

Cross-generation compatibility

While the game may not be fully cross-platform, there's a glimmer of hope for some players. It Takes Two supports cross-generation compatibility between Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. If you and your friend are fortunate enough to be on these specific platforms, you can still team up and explore the game's enchanting world side by side. This shows that while a complete cross-platform experience may not be possible, the developers have extended a bridge across certain platforms.

In conclusion, the absence of cross-platform play in It Takes Two is not a limitation but a conscious decision by the developers to craft an experience that is deeply rooted in personal connection and unique gameplay mechanics or just lazy coding and budget issues. Anyway, if you want to play it with your friends, you need to get the same device.

While you may not be able to team up with friends playing on different platforms, the game's emphasis on local co-op and cross-generation compatibility provides opportunities for shared experiences that are every bit as magical.

So gather your gaming buddies, grab your controllers, and embark on an unforgettable adventure through It Takes Two's captivating world. Remember, it's not about the platforms you're playing on; it's about the memories you create together.

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