Winja Virustotal Uploader for Windows

Martin Brinkmann
May 9, 2016
Updated • May 9, 2016

Winja is a redesigned version of Phrozensoft's classic Virustotal Uploader that has been released as a release candidate build recently.

Virustotal is without doubt one of the go-to services when it comes to scanning a file for viruses online. Its appeal is mainly based on the fact that it is using dozens of antivirus engines in file verifications. Instead of just relying on a single engine, it uses the collective intelligence of many. The main gain from this is that it is more likely that viruses get identified correctly.

The service itself maintains an uploader for Windows systems that you can make use of to send files directly from your local system to the service. The most recent version of it displays the list of running processes that you can send to the service right away.

Winja Virustotal Uploader

winja virustotal scanner

Winja needs to be installed on the system before you can start using it. The installer is clean however and does not push third-party offers.

The program displays its main functions right after start on the Home screen. There you find listed the following core options:

  • Select a file that you want Virustotal to scan. The file is uploaded automatically and scan results are displayed afterwards, all without leaving the program interface.
  • Download and scan to enter a file url directly. Winja will download the file to the local system, save it with a fake extension, and submit it to Virustotal for scanning afterwards.
  • Quick process scan displays the list of running processes so that you can pick one for a scan on Virustotal.

All selected files, downloads or processes are moved to the running scan tasks tab where they are listed. Tasks are moved to the session scan results tab if scans are successful and remain otherwise in the tasks listing from where you can restart the task or remove it.

Winja displays a toast notification when a report is available. You may disable that option in the program settings, or limit notifications if at least one of the scan engines detected an infection.

Each engine is listed with its name, version, last time of update, and result if it has detected malicious code in the file.

virustotal scan

You can't sort files by result though which would be helpful as you may need to scroll right now to look at the hits.

The program ships with a set of extra tools which require administrative rights. These have been part of the company's Virustotal Uploader application as well but they have been improved in Winja.

windows security processes

The first change is that additional information are displayed for each entry under Process Viewer. The program lists the information about the user, architecture, description and company name now.

The tree structure is another new feature which highlights process dependencies.

You can right-click on any process to submit it to Virustotal for scanning, kill it, open its properties or additional information (by selecting open in palette). These additional information reveal loaded modules and opened files of the process.

Task Scheduler displays the list of configured tasks and their state while Windows Startup and Registered Services do the same for startup programs and Windows Services.

Each entry can be submitted to Virustotal for scanning, and options are provided to delete entries or change their state.

Comparison to Phrozensoft Virustotal Uploader

Winja resembles Phrozensoft's previous program Virustotal Uploader in many regards. While functionality is nearly the same, there are a couple of differences that users of the previous program may want to know about.

One thing that is missing in the new program is the widget that allowed you to drag and drop files onto it to have them scanned by Virustotal.

Other options that the new version does not support right now include the old version's Incognito Mode which prevented the generation of activity logs, and the automatic opening of results in a web browser.

Information have been improved however and since this is only an initial version, it is possible that the remaining features are added at a later point in time.


Here are a couple of tips to get you started:

  1. You may want to disable the notifications that the program displays when scan reports are available or errors are noticed during the upload. You can disable them with a click on Phrozen > Program Settings.
  2. The program does not add a quick file scan option to Windows Explorer anymore by default. You can enable it in the Program Settings.
  3. You can add your own Virustotal API key if you have one there as well.
  4.  You can check the progress of any file or url by checking the running scan tasks or session scan results tabs.
  5. A right-click on a file in the results listing enables you to open its result page on the Virustotal website. This can be useful to check on the positive hits that Virustotal reported. It is however possible to double-click a file in the program to display the scan results right in the interface.

Closing Words

Winja is a feature rich Virustotal Uploader for Windows devices. The program is available as a free download from the developer website.

Winja Virustotal Uploader for Windows
Article Name
Winja Virustotal Uploader for Windows
Winja is a redesigned version of Phrozensoft's classic Virustotal Uploader that has been released as a release candidate build recently.
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  1. frank said on March 16, 2018 at 3:04 am

    Winja needs to be installed on the system before you can start using it. The installer is clean however and does not push third-party offers.

    OK fine. But where do you get it?
    Found no link or other place to download the thing from.

  2. ns said on May 26, 2016 at 2:16 am

    Hopefully this is not too off-topic, but Process Hacker lets you right click running processes and submit them to 3 different virus sites.

    1. Martin Brinkmann said on May 26, 2016 at 6:38 am

      No it is not off-topic. Process Explorer is a great program.

      1. Mayank Singh said on May 31, 2016 at 7:46 pm

        Process Explorer also comes in a lot handy when compared to the feature-less Task Manager[even on Win 8.1 and 10].

  3. Tom Hawack said on May 9, 2016 at 7:45 pm

    I’m presently using ‘VirusTotal Uploader’ 2.2 developed by VirusTotal itself which does not include a desktop client.
    There is also a Firefox add-on called VTzilla which allows the user to ask VirusTotal to scan a file given by its url.
    ‘Winja Virustotal Uploader’ performs both right from the user’s desktop.

    I’m not fond of desktop applications which manage what can be done from a browser, nevertheless this app can certainly be welcomed for its ease of use. A nice thing with ‘VirusTotal Uploader’ is that it considers the file’s checksum to compare it to those it already has in its database and if so avoids uploading the file, saving time & bandwidth mainly with large files of course. I wonder if ‘Winja’s VT Uploader’ proceeds in the same way.

    1. Martin Brinkmann said on May 9, 2016 at 8:03 pm

      Tom I think it does the same but have not verified it 100%.

      1. Tom Hawack said on May 9, 2016 at 8:14 pm

        Anyway, whatever the support I guess we’re many to call upon VirusTotal’s file checking before installing an application. I do it systematically and it’s just fine IMO that the service be reminded.

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