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network meter

Network Meter for Windows

Network Meter is a free portable software program for devices running Microsoft Windows that displays network statistics in its interface. The program is designed as a basic tool to monitor network traffic. […]

chrome extensions firefox

How many Chrome extensions will run in Firefox?

Mozilla announced some time ago that it would move away from the add-on system that played a role in making Firefox the browser it is today, to WebExtensions. The organization revealed last […]

ghacks articles

Ghacks in 2017, and a look back

It is the last day of the year, a good time to look ahead at what is in store for Ghacks in the year 2017, and to look back at the last […]

Android Games on the cheap on Google Play

I have to admit that I'm not a big gamer on mobile. While I did try a couple of free to play games on various Android smartphones that I owned over the […]

dopamin 1.2

Dopamine 1.2 audio player released

Dopamine 1.2 is the latest version of the popular audio player and music management software for the Windows operating system. The new version of the program is offered as a portable version […]

vivaldi tab pinning preview

Microsoft claims Edge is the only browser with pin & preview tabs support

Microsoft stated recently on the official Microsoft Edge Twitter channel that the company's Edge web browser was the only browser that supported a pin & preview feature for tabs. Most web browsers […]

windows 10 virtual machines

Windows 10 Virtual Machines

Microsoft released Windows 10 Virtual Machines on December 23, 2016 on the company's windows Dev Center website where they are listed as public downloads. The machines are intended for companies and individual […]

windows 10 anniversary update download

Windows 7 to Windows 10 upgrades still free

I had some time at hand recently to run a couple of tests regarding the purchase of Windows licenses on eBay, and upgrades of said licenses to Windows 10. As you may […]

Windows Update advanced options page 14997

Windows 10 Creators Update: Pause Updates feature added

A leaked build of Windows 10, version 14997,suggests that Microsoft will introduce a new pause updates feature in the Creators Update. Updating has changed significantly with the release of Windows 10. Not […]

windows 10 game mode

Windows 10 Game Mode may be a thing

Microsoft is working on the last bits of the Windows 10 Creators Update which it plans to release in March 2017 to the public. The name of the update reveals a major […]

browser font fingerprinting

Firefox 52: Better Font Fingerprinting Protection

Mozilla plans to integrate better font fingerprinting protection in Firefox 52; the new version of the web browser is scheduled for a March 7, 2017 release. The changes are already live in […]

macrorit disk partition free 4

Macrorit Disk Partition Free 4.0.0 released

Macrorit Disk Partition Free 4.0.0 is out; the latest version of the free disk partitioning software comes with an option to create bootable media to partition and manage hard drives and storage […]

ransomware simulator

RanSim: Test ransomware attacks on your Windows PC

Ransim is a ransomware simulator for Windows that simulates attacks of ten ransomware families against the computer system. Ransomware is without doubt a relatively new threat category that has gained some prominence […]

openvpn 2.4

OpenVPN 2.4.0 is out

OpenVPN 2.4.0 is the latest version of the cross-platform SSL VPN that enables you to create security point-to-point or site-to-site connections. The new version expands on the capabilities introduced in OpenVPN 2.3, […]


Your IoT devices may be turned against you

Internet of Things (IoT) devices are trending right now, and chance is good that more and more devices will come to market that may make things easier on the one hand, but […]

tiny hot corners

Tiny Hot Corners for Windows 10

Tiny Hot Corners for Windows 10 is a free lightweight program for Windows 10 that brings GNOME's hot corner functionality to Windows. The author of the program Tavis Ormandy, whom you may […]

blackbird windows privacy

Blackbird: Windows privacy, performance, security tool

Blackbird is another Windows privacy, performance and security tool in the seemingly unlimited arsenal of these tools that is been designed to improve user privacy on Windows machines. Privacy tools come in […]

wordpress enumerate users

WordPress: block anonymous Rest API access

The most recent version of WordPress ships with new REST API capabilities which plugins, apps, services, or the WordPress core can utilize. The WordPress development team pushes new features to WordPress all […]