Sauerbraten Summer Edition

Martin Brinkmann
Aug 22, 2007
Updated • Jul 30, 2013

Sauerbraten Summer Edition is an ego shooter that was created with the Open Source engine Cube 2. The game features single- and multiplayer game modes and looks incredible if you consider that this is an Open Source project and not a commercial one. The single player part of the game reminds me a little bit of games like Serious Sam and the original Quake games.

You start in an area and have to reach the end of the level to win or proceed to the next level. Enemies are appearing  and it is your task to get rid of them as fast as possible. Several weapons make your life easier, expect the usual assortment of weapons like Rocket Launchers, Miniguns and Shotguns.

The multiplayer part contains all the popular game modes such as deathmatch, base capturing, instagib and several others.

Sauerbraten Summer Edition is a nice game that is uncomplicated to play. Definitely worth a download. A roleplaying game using the same engine is in the making as well.

Update: Sauerbraten Justice Edition has been released in 2010 for Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OS X systems. The game has a size of around 450 Megabyte for each system.

The game features a console that you can use to run different commands like loading a map, talking to your team or all players, connecting to a server IP or disconnecting from a server.

Sauerbraten has a single player mode that pits you against a range of AI controlled enemies. I'd recommend to play a couple of single player games to get used to game mechanics and controls before you enter multiplayer battles. The game features two single player modes: basic mode works like other single player games where weapon pick ups vanish and enemies do not come back once you have eliminated them. Then there is deathmatch mode which works just like any other deathmatch mode in first person shooters.

Update 2: The latest version of the game is Cube 2: Sauerbraten which has last been updated in January 2013. The game has a size of about 600 Megabytes now. Like any good shooter, you can download maps, mods and other items for it to play on custom maps. There is also a professional league available if you fancy some competitive play.


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  1. dan said on March 8, 2009 at 7:04 am

    Roman shaRP i don’t get what you are talkin about. This game is as freeroaming as you want it to be. Straight forward? WTF. tell me what you mean by that

  2. breitresfjeia said on August 30, 2007 at 6:26 am

    Man this game is awesome!
    Here is a mini-review:

    The FPS part is okay, it isn’t great.
    The editing engine is incredible, you can make something in 5 minutes that would take you 3 hours on another game or engine.
    One of the online games is called coopedit, which lets multiple users edit one map at once. Depending on the users, I have seen an absolutely incredible great maps, and giant useless cubes in the sky.
    But the masters/admins on the server usually kick the people who “Mapwreck” (Mess up other people’s things on a map.)
    This mode alone offers weeks of constant fun.

    The shaders and graphics in this game are mindblowing, with more shader features then Doom 3.
    Materials look great, the lava rocks float and crack, the water reflects and refracts.

    I have not seen an easier source to work with.
    Not complicated at all, even though the game seems to be.

  3. Roman ShaRP said on August 26, 2007 at 11:30 am

    Too straightforward/linear for me. I like some less tight and with more free room to go.

  4. gnome said on August 22, 2007 at 11:08 am

    And let’s not forget there’s also the Cube2 RPG for those that are done with this most excellent FPS.

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