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The Google Chrome web browser was released in 2008 for Microsoft Windows and soon thereafter for Apple Macintosh and Linux systems as well. It quickly grew to become a popular web browser, depending on market share the most popular or second most popular browser, in the world. 

A large part of Chrome’s source code was released as an open source project Chromium which Chrome is still based on up to this day.

Google itself makes Chrome available in several different versions. The most used is the stable version of the web browser, but there are also versions released to the beta, dev and canary channel of the browser in addition to releases to the Chromium channel. The more experimental the versions get the higher the chance that you will run into bugs and issues, but you also have access to features that stable users of the Internet browser do not get access to for some time.

Google Chrome is generally regarded as a secure, fast and simple web browser, and while that has been changed somewhat with the introduction of the browser’s own extension engine, it is no where near as customizable as the Firefox web browser.

You find the list of Chrome articles, reviews, news pieces and tutorials listed below. A good starting point may be our Google Chrome Extensions reviews which you may find useful if you are already running the web browse

mutetab chrome

MuteTab introduced options to mute audio playing in Chrome before Google integrated native audio controls into the browser. The extension placed an icon on Chrome's main address bar that you could click on to display all noise making tabs in the browser, and to control the flow of audio. While not as convenient as Google's […]

chrome save image to

Save Image Router is a new browser extension for Google Chrome and Chromium-based browsers that enables you to configure multiple download directories for images. Google Chrome supports a single download location by default. All files, regardless of type, are downloaded to that location by default. While you may switch to another directory manually using the […]

netmonitor chrome

Netmonitor is a browser extension for Google Chrome and other Chromium browsers that highlights background requests web pages made after loading. Google Chrome, and other browsers for the matter, displays a loading indicator only on initial page load. Once a page has loaded completely, it won't highlight if a page makes additional requests, at least […]

microsoft personal shopping assistant

Personal Shopping Assistant is a free browser extension for Google Chrome designed to improve the shopping experience in several ways. Microsoft Garage is a place where Microsoft employees tinker and create new solutions based on ideas they have. The Chrome extension Personal Shopping Assistant is the latest product released by a Microsoft Garage project. Even […]

chrome cast

If you wanted to cast content using Google Chrome, you had to use a browser extension for that until now. This changes with the release of Chrome 51 and the integration of a native cast option. Google rolls out the feature currently which means that you may not see it yet in Chrome 51 or […]

google chrome scroll anchoring

Scroll Anchoring is a new feature of Google Chrome 51 and newer that prevents visible jumps of the active page when offscreen content changes. You may have experienced the following situation when using a browser like Google Chrome: you load a page and some text is loaded quickly. You begin to read the text and […]

chrome android downloads

When you check out the Chrome browser on Android, you may notice that it offers no option to manage downloads. The download listing that is part of the desktop version of Chrome is missing, and the internal URL chrome://downloads does not working either. When you check the menu, you will notice quickly that there is […]

scriptsafe fingerprint protection

ScriptSafe is a popular Google Chrome extension that works in many regards similar to the popular NoScript extension for the Firefox web browser. The extension is as feature-rich as it gets, listing a massive list of features on its options page. Apart from blocking certain elements such as script, object or iframe tags by default, […]

tabs limiter with queue

Tabs Limiter with queue is a browser extension for Google Chrome that has been designed to limit the number of open tabs in the browser. Google Chrome is not well suited for large numbers of tabs. Not only are tabs displayed as icons without any identification means when the tab counts reaches a certain threshold,  […]


Google dropped Chrome support for several older operating systems, including Windows XP and Vista, in April 2016. The company started to remove code from Chromium, the open source foundation of the Chrome browser, to reflect the change in support and to simply the browser's code base by concentrating solely on Windows 7 and newer versions […]

clipboard text manipulation

Websites and services can use JavaScript, and other technologies such as Flash if available, to manipulate text that is copied to the clipboard by users. Some sites use the feature to add a copyright note to the copied text while others may prevent copy operations to the clipboard entirely by erasing the copied contents before […]

chrome backspace key

Google implemented a change in Chrome 52 that blocks the back navigation functionality of the backspace key on the keyboard. Chrome users were able to use backspace on any page to navigate to the previous page in history with a tap on the button. That feature is no longer available with the release of Chrome […]

chrome flash click-to-play

Google announced last week that it plans to change the default state of the integrated Flash plugin of the Google Chrome browser to click-to-play. The company plans to set Flash to click-to-play in the fourth quarter of 2016 in the Chrome browser, and to use a whitelist for high profile Flash sites for one year […]

clear chrome history

Cuffing Season is a brand new browser extension for Google Chrome that allows you to specify sites that you want removed from the browser's history automatically. The main idea behind the extension is to provide the owner of the device with options to hide certain sites from the history if access to the browser is […]