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The Google Chrome web browser was released in 2008 for Microsoft Windows and soon thereafter for Apple Macintosh and Linux systems as well. It quickly grew to become a popular web browser, depending on market share the most popular or second most popular browser, in the world. 

A large part of Chrome’s source code was released as an open source project Chromium which Chrome is still based on up to this day.

Google itself makes Chrome available in several different versions. The most used is the stable version of the web browser, but there are also versions released to the beta, dev and canary channel of the browser in addition to releases to the Chromium channel. The more experimental the versions get the higher the chance that you will run into bugs and issues, but you also have access to features that stable users of the Internet browser do not get access to for some time.

Google Chrome is generally regarded as a secure, fast and simple web browser, and while that has been changed somewhat with the introduction of the browser’s own extension engine, it is no where near as customizable as the Firefox web browser.

You find the list of Chrome articles, reviews, news pieces and tutorials listed below. A good starting point may be our Google Chrome Extensions reviews which you may find useful if you are already running the web browse

hoeflertext font wasnt found

It is interesting from a purely scientific angle how attackers come up with new methods and schemes to distribute malicious payloads on to user systems. The "HoeflerText" font wasn't found is a recent attack that changes website text so that it looks as if a font is missing, to get users to download and install […]

local cdn

Local CDN is a browser extension for the Google Chrome browser that will load certain libraries from the local system instead of content distribution networks. The extension is a fork of the Decentraleyes add-on that is only available for Firefox, and brings the add-ons functionality to Chrome and Chromium-based browsers. If you monitor network traffic […]

adobe flash ppapi download

The following guide walks you through the steps of checking the installed Flash version in Google Chrome, and forcing it to update if an outdated version is used by the browser. All versions of the Google Chrome web browser ship with Adobe Flash installed natively in the browser. While Chrome does not support classic NPAPI […]

gmail sender icons

Gmail Sender Icons is a simple browser extension for Google Chrome that visualizes the sender's domain and favicon of the domain on Gmail's website. Gmail does not list any sender information besides the name when it lists emails received by connected accounts. Since names are picked by senders, they cannot be used reliably to identify […]

manage chrome extensions nooboss

NooBoss is a Google Chrome extension management add-on that supports automatic state changes, a history, and better management options among other things. This includes monitoring extensions for state changes, activating extensions only for select sites, checking the update history of extensions, and basic management options to activate, remove or configure Chrome extensions. Chrome itself offers […]

gmail basic html

Google, just like Microsoft and probably any other company on the planet that produces software, wants you to use the most recent version of their products and not older versions. The company tries to keep Google Chrome users current through various means, but most importantly updating services that will check for and download Chrome updates […]

chrome zero copy

Google announced yesterday that it has implemented several improvements in the company's Chrome web browser that improve how the browser renders content. While improvements in raw speed are always good, there is only so much you can do about that. This is why Google started to look at other methods to improve performance of Chrome. […]

chrome certificate details missing

Google is on a roll. After removing user control over some plugins installed in the browser, the company moved information about security certificates of sites to a place where most users may never find it. More and more sites on the Internet move to https. Doing so has advantages, but there is also a considerable […]

chrome plugins

Google made a change in Chrome 57 that removes options from the browser to manage plugins such as Google Widevine, Adobe Flash, or the Chrome PDF Viewer. If you load chrome://plugins in Chrome 56 or earlier, a list of installed plugins is displayed to you. The list includes information about each plugin, including a name […]

chrome throttle background pages

Google plans to roll out a change in Chrome Stable soon that will have the browser throttle timers in background tabs to improve battery life and browsing performance. The motivation behind the chance is that some pages consume a lot of CPU when they are in the background. Google mentions JavaScript advertisements and analytics scripts […]

blocked webrtc

The Google Chrome extension uBlock Origin Extra adds anti-content blocking capabilities to the popular uBlock Origin extension for Chrome. uBlock Origin is probably the best content blocker for the Google Chrome web browser at this point in time. The extension is updated regularly, and very powerful when it comes to content blocking thanks to options […]

adobe acrobat chrome extension

When Adobe released an update for the company's Adobe Acrobat Reader DC software in January, it installed alongside with it a browser extension for Google Chrome. This "feature" was not mentioned in the changelog, and users had no option to block the installation. Chrome's security mechanism when it comes to the installation of browser extensions […]

chrome tab annoyance

If you have a medium number of tabs open in a Google Chrome window, you may experience that new tabs that you open in the browser are not shown at all anymore in the interface. One big annoyance of Google Chrome is the browser's tab display behavior in my opinion. Chrome reduces the size of […]

worldbrain chrome

WorldBrain is a free browser extension for Google Chrome -- a Firefox add-on is promised -- that indexes all visited web pages and the bookmarks to add full-text search capabilities to the browser's address bar input field. Modern browsers don't index the full web page when it comes to making suggestions to the user based […]