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Mozilla Firefox is a free open source browser available for Windows, Linux, Mac and the Android mobile operating system. The browser development started in 2003 at a time when Internet Explorer dominated the browser landscape. First versions of Firefox, originally titled Phoenix, were released in early 2004. Firefox version 1.0 was released in November 2004 and new versions of the browser were released since then in regular intervals.

Firefox is currently the number three browser in the world market share wise only trailing Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Google’s Chrome browser which appeared on the scene in 2008.

Mozilla adopted Google’s release scheme by switching to a rapid release schedule in 2011 under which new versions of the browser are released every 42 days. The browser is currently available in four different channels, namely Stable, Beta, Aurora and Nightly. The majority of users are on the stable channel which offers the best stability but is the last to receive new features which are first introduced in Nightly versions of Firefox and then moved to Aurora and Beta releases before they make their way into the stable version of the Internet browser

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firefox quantum project

The browser world has changed considerably since the release of the first version of the Google browser Google Chrome. Google Chrome managed to snag a sizeable share of the browser market not only on the desktop but also on mobile. Google pushed Chrome hard on its properties and via third-party agreements (Flash pushes Chrome up […]

firefox fix flash games lag

Reports are coming in that the most recent version of the Mozilla Firefox web browser is not playing nicely with Flash game sites and games across the Internet. Users are reporting all kinds of issues including extreme lag and rendering issues, that the mouse wheel stops working, the mouse cursor is lost, and that mouse […]

behavioral keyboard privacy

Behavioral Keyboard Privacy is an experimental add-on for Mozilla Firefox that prevents you from being profiled based on how you type. Did you know that there are companies out there that track you based on how you type? They have developed methods that track your typing patterns; how fast you type, how long you dwell […]

firefox web compat

If you monitor your Firefox installation (or portable copy) closely, you may have noticed a new system add-on called Web Compat since version 49.x. System add-ons are similar to add-ons that you install. The main difference is that they are not installed by the user but ship with Firefox or are pushed to Firefox when […]

firefox 49.0.2

Mozilla has released an update for the stable version of its Firefox web browser that brings the version of it to Firefox 49.0.2. Firefox 49.0.2 is a bug fix and security release that fixes several issues in the browser, among them two that we talked about just yesterday. The new version is already available, and […]

firefox 49 system addons

Mozilla has started to distribute two new system add-ons for Firefox 49.0 and Firefox 49.0.1 to address two issues affecting Adobe Flash Player and graphics issues. The organization is working on Firefox 49.0.2 currently, but made the decision to release two new patches for the current stable version of Firefox as system add-ons to address […]

firefox browse free or die

Browse Free or Die is a campaign by Mozilla, makers of Firefox, that has been designed to reward Firefox users with a free sticker. Firefox users who answer questions on their first experience are mentioned explicitly on the project site over on Github. Users who answer a "first experience" question may trigger the sidebar. It […]

firefox account device management

Mozilla announced on Thursday that it started to roll out a new account management feature to Firefox account users. One core feature that Firefox Account users get is support for synchronization of Firefox data between devices.  This means that you may share passwords, the browsing history, bookmarks or other data between devices. That's great if […]

firefox 52 no plugins

If you run Firefox Nightly, currently at version 52, you may have noticed that plugins that you may have used in the past are no longer supported in the browser. So-called NPAPI plugins such as Java, Silverlight or Flash are on their way out. While the time frame varies browser by browser, all major browser […]

firefox secure connectio nfailed

Mozilla announced on September 30, 2016 that it made the decision to enforce stronger Diffie-Hellman keys in the Firefox web browser. Firefox users who visit websites that use weak -- now less than1023 bits -- will see a connection error message in the web browser instead of the actual site. The message reads "secure connection […]

firefox flash pepper plugin

Browser plugins are fading into obscurity, at least when it comes to those using the ancient NPAPI interface for integration with browsers. All major browser companies and organizations announced the end of support for NPAPI plugins. While some block plugins already (Chrome), others will do so in the near future (Firefox) or shipped without support […]

firefox page shot

Mozilla launched the three new Firefox Test Pilot experiments Page Shot, Min Vid and Tracking Protection today on the official site. The main idea behind Test Pilot is to showcase and test features that may one day be integrated into Firefox if feedback is positive. The new system offers several advantages over how features were […]

firefox os screenshot

Mozilla announced today that it has stopped the commercial development of the organization's Firefox OS operating system at the end of July 2016. The organization revealed in December 2015 that it made the decision to stop Firefox OS smartphone development and to concentrate on developing Firefox OS for connected devices instead. Today's announcement puts the […]