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Mozilla Firefox is a free open source browser available for Windows, Linux, Mac and the Android mobile operating system. The browser development started in 2003 at a time when Internet Explorer dominated the browser landscape. First versions of Firefox, originally titled Phoenix, were released in early 2004. Firefox version 1.0 was released in November 2004 and new versions of the browser were released since then in regular intervals.

Firefox is currently the number three browser in the world market share wise only trailing Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Google’s Chrome browser which appeared on the scene in 2008.

Mozilla adopted Google’s release scheme by switching to a rapid release schedule in 2011 under which new versions of the browser are released every 42 days. The browser is currently available in four different channels, namely Stable, Beta, Aurora and Nightly. The majority of users are on the stable channel which offers the best stability but is the last to receive new features which are first introduced in Nightly versions of Firefox and then moved to Aurora and Beta releases before they make their way into the stable version of the Internet browser

Below are all Firefox articles, tips and tricks, and reviews that we have published here on Ghacks. You may want to start browsing our Firefox Add-ons reviews or our selection of Firefox Tips.

pick save images

Pick & Save Images is a free browser add-on for the Firefox web browser that improves the browser's image downloading functionality significantly. All web browsers ship with built-in options to save images, or to browse the local Internet cache to pick them from there instead. While that is sufficient most of the time, you may […]

firefox developer tools system addon

Mozilla is investigating options currently to turn the built-in Developer Tools of the Firefox web browser into a system add-on. So-called system add-ons are browser add-ons that ship with core Firefox. Basically, add-ons that are not installed by the user but by Mozilla. Firefox users have less control over these system add-ons, even though it […]

firefox standard

2017 will be quite the interesting year for the Firefox web browser. Mozilla plans to make the switch to WebExtensions in that year, launch a new themes API that is based on that, and will introduce a new default Firefox theme on top of all that. The first changes have been pushed to the Nightly […]

firefox json viewer

Mozilla plans to enable the built-in JSON Viewer of the Firefox web browser for all browser channels including Firefox Stable in Firefox 53. The organization integrated the viewer in version 44 of the web browser, but did not enable it by default for all channels but the Developer Channel. Firefox's JSON Viewer displays structured JSON […]

cliqz test pilot firefox

Mozilla has published a new test pilot project for the organization's Firefox web browser that brings Cliqz suggestions to Firefox's address bar. Cliqz, available as a standalone desktop browser, mobile apps, and a Firefox extension, is a service that returns rich suggestions as you type. While most browsers support suggestions, they are limited usually to […]

adobe primetime firefox

Mozilla plans to remove the Adobe Primetime Content Decryption Module in Firefox 52 Stable. Adobe Primetime is a content decryption module that is only available for Firefox on Windows. It is designed to play back protected media streams. In other words, it is a plugin for DRM. Firefox did download the Adobe Primetime plugin automatically […]

sandboxing basic architecture

The year 2017 will be an interesting one for the Firefox web browser, Mozilla, and users of the browser. 2017 will see new technology being integrated in Firefox, and also some removed. The following guide lists those changes. It needs to be noted though that some may or may not happen. I mention that explicitly […]

chrome extensions firefox

Mozilla announced some time ago that it would move away from the add-on system that played a role in making Firefox the browser it is today, to WebExtensions. The organization revealed last month that it plans to only support WebExtensions in Firefox from the end of 2017 on. If the schedule holds, Firefox 57 will […]

browser font fingerprinting

Mozilla plans to integrate better font fingerprinting protection in Firefox 52; the new version of the web browser is scheduled for a March 7, 2017 release. The changes are already live in pre-release versions of the web browser. Font fingerprinting refers to one of the many fingerprinting options that websites and services have when users […]

keybinder disable firefox keyboard shortcuts

Keybinder is an add-on for the Firefox web browser that enables you to change, reset, or disable any keyboard shortcut in the browser. Certain keyboard shortcuts may get in your way when you use the browser. This is in my case for instance the case for Ctrl-B which opens the Bookmarks window. Ghacks is powered […]

firefox xp vista

Mozilla announced on December 23, 2016 that it will support the Windows operating systems XP and Vista at least until September 2017. The organization announced back in September 2016 that it plans to make Firefox 52 the latest major version of the browser that supports Windows XP and Windows Vista. Firefox 52 will be released […]

firebug firefox

Mozilla and the Firebug team announced today that development of Firebug as a separate Firefox add-on has been discontinued. Firebug, probably the most popular third-party development add-on for Firefox ever, has been available for Firefox for a very long time. I mentioned it here in 2008 for instance as one of the top five Firefox […]

snap links plus

Snap Link Plus is a long standing Firefox add-on that enables you to draw rectangles around links and other content to activate actions. You can draw a rectangle --using the mouse-- around links for instance to open them all at once in the browser. Very handy as you don't have to click on each link […]

firefox tab titles with dots

Mozilla plans to launch a change to the display of tab titles in the Firefox 53 web browser that gives title more room than it is currently the case. I like Firefox's tab behavior better than that of Chrome. The core reasons are that Firefox won't reduce tabs to an unidentifiable mess when you reach […]