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Mozilla Firefox is a free open source browser available for Windows, Linux, Mac and the Android mobile operating system. The browser development started in 2003 at a time when Internet Explorer dominated the browser landscape. First versions of Firefox, originally titled Phoenix, were released in early 2004. Firefox version 1.0 was released in November 2004 and new versions of the browser were released since then in regular intervals.

Firefox is currently the number three browser in the world market share wise only trailing Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Google’s Chrome browser which appeared on the scene in 2008.

Mozilla adopted Google’s release scheme by switching to a rapid release schedule in 2011 under which new versions of the browser are released every 42 days. The browser is currently available in four different channels, namely Stable, Beta, Aurora and Nightly. The majority of users are on the stable channel which offers the best stability but is the last to receive new features which are first introduced in Nightly versions of Firefox and then moved to Aurora and Beta releases before they make their way into the stable version of the Internet browser

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onion domain

Firefox 46.0 was released on April 26, 2016 to the stable channel. The new version of the web browser is offered as an update or as a separate download from the Mozilla website. Firefox releases run in sync which means that all channels of the web browser are updated at the same time and moved […]


YouTube works well most of the time if you use a relatively new device to access the site even if you push the available video resolution to the maximum. The same cannot be said for low power devices, for instance the majority of computers that are five or even ten years old. While YouTube works […]

firefox tls 1.3

Mozilla implemented support for the security protocol TLS 1.3 in Firefox 49 recently. TLS 1.3 is the most recent version of TLS (Transport Layer Security), the successor of SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). TLS is a cryptographic protocol used to improve communications security on the Internet. Most Internet users come in contact with TLS when browsing […]

google data saver firefox

Google DataSaver Proxy is a Firefox add-on that brings Google's popular data compression technology to the Mozilla browser. Google launched a data compression proxy for Chrome on Android in 2013, and has since then brought the technology as a browser extension to desktop versions of the Google Chrome web browser as well. Like Opera Turbo, […]

firefox simplify printing

A new feature has been added to Firefox 49 by Mozilla which improves the native printing process by utilizing the browser's reader mode. If you want to print web pages in Firefox currently, you either end up with elements on the printout that you don't require, or use extensions or bookmarklets to remove unneeded elements […]

firefox tab container

Container Tab is a new experimental feature that is available in Firefox 50 Nightly currently that can be best described as profiles lite. We talked about the feature back when it was called Contextual Identities. Firefox supports profiles which you can use to run different copies of the browser that are completely independent from each […]

firefox custom permissions visibility

Firefox 50 ships with a new custom permissions indicator in the address bar that reveals if custom permissions are set. The Firefox web browser puts you in control when it comes to permissions that you give web pages and web applications. You may change default permissions, which are then active for all sites and apps, […]

vivaldi fox

Vivaldi Fox is a Firefox add-on that brings Vivaldi's color changing user interface feature to the Firefox web browser. One unique feature of the Vivaldi web browser is its ability to change the browser user interface (UI) by painting it in the dominant color of the active web page. While some may find the feature […]

firefox resource leak

Any website can access a selection of Firefox resource files to find out more about the web browser that is used to connect to the site. Firefox and add-ons use the resource:// scheme to load resources internally, but some of the information are available to sites the browser connects to as well. It is unclear […]

classic opera search

Mozilla rolled out a new feature in Firefox 50 Nightly today that improves the page search functionality of the web browser. Firefox users can tap on F3 to run searches for words or phrases on the active page.  The first search results is highlighted by the browser once you start typing, and controls are provided […]

google chrome 3

Mozilla Firefox is a great browser. Not everyone may agree with me on this but that is fine and expected. Firefox is the browser that gives users the most control over their browsing experience. It has the strongest add-on ecosystem of the three, and is backed by an organization that for the most part seems […]

firefox multi process

Mozilla plans to make Firefox 49 the first stable version of the web browser in which the browser's new multi-process architecture Electrolysis (E10S) is enabled by default for a major part of the browser's userbase. It seems that the never ending story of making Firefox a multi-process browser will soon come to an end, as […]

firefox 47.0

Firefox 47 has been released on June 7th, 2016 to the stable channel. Firefox users can upgrade to the new version using the update functionality of the browser, or by downloading Firefox 47 from the Mozilla website. All Firefox channels that Mozilla maintains are updated on the same schedule which means that Firefox ESR, Beta, […]

youtube plus

YouTube Plus is a free add-on for the Firefox and Google Chrome web browser that provides you with dozens of configuration options to improve your YouTube experience. Additionally, it is also available as a userscript for you to install in other web browsers that support these scripts. If you spend enough time on YouTube watching […]

firefox default volume

Mozilla has added a new feature to Firefox 49 -- currently available if you run Firefox Nightly -- that allows you to set a default HTML5 video volume in the browser. While it is usually possible to change the volume of audio or video content using an interface that is provided on sites, browsers usually […]