Pale Moon

Pale Moon began as a fork of Firefox on the web, sharing similar features as the original browser. In this section, you’ll find the main differences between the two, reviews on the functions, news, and some helpful tips on how to use it effectively.

pale moon 25.3

Pale Moon 25.3 is out

A new version of the popular web browser Pale Moon has been released. Pale Moon 25.3 is a feature and performance upgrade for the browser that fixes several security issues in addition […]

pale moon new star tpage

This is Pale Moon's new start page

If you have started or installed the Pale Moon browser recently you may have noticed that it ships with a new default start page. The start page, or homepage, is the page […]

pale moon about config

Pale Moon Tweaks

Pale Moon and Firefox are two popular web browsers that share many features. Most Firefox add-ons run perfectly fine in Pale Moon for example and the same is true for the majority […]

pale moon compatibility mode-firefox

This is what Pale Moon's Firefox Compatibility Mode setting is all about

The Pale Moon 25.0 update released earlier this month was a major one as it cut another tie with Firefox. Up until this point, Pale Moon used a Firefox compatibility setting to […]

pale moon 25

Pale Moon 25 available now, introduces major changes

Pale Moon is a popular web browser that is probably best described as a spin-off of the Mozilla Firefox web browser. It has seen a rise in popularity recently as it did […]

palemoon for android

First public beta of Pale Moon for Android now available

When Mozilla launched Australis, several readers of this blog moved away from Firefox by installing Pale Moon instead. The Pale Moon browser is Firefox in essence but with several notable differences. Probably […]

pale moon

Pale Moon author confirms that browser will not ship with EME, ads or Australis

There is no doubt about it that Mozilla has improved the Firefox web browser a lot ever since it switched to the rapid release cycle. I'm referring to performance and web standards […]


Pale Moon 24.3 introduces Intel Atom optimized builds

Pale Moon is based on the Firefox web browser but specifically optimized for the Microsoft Windows operating system. What sets it apart from Firefox is the fact that its author builds 32-bit […]

palemoon 24

Pale Moon 24 ships with many new - and old - features

Just like there are several Chromium-based browsers out there, Iron or the recently reviewed privacy-centered Epic Browser, there are several browsers that are based on Mozilla Firefox. Pale Moon is one of […]

pale moon profile migration tool

How to migrate a Firefox profile to Pale Moon

The idea behind the web browser Pale Moon was to create an optimized web browser based on Firefox's source code for the Windows operating system. While it has been initially designed for […]



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