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ProtonVPN: privacy-focused VPN with strong security and features

Proton VPN is a Swiss-based Virtual Private Network (VPN) service that puts a strong focus on privacy and security.  It offers a strict no-logging policy, apps that are open source and audited, […]

Split or Merge PDFs with PDFsam Basic free

Split or Merge PDFs with PDFsam Basic, an open source program for Windows, Linux and macOS

PDFs have long been a commonly used format for eBooks, digital manuals or documents thanks to how content is presented regardless of operating system that is used and great support for PDF […]

nnn is an excellent command line based file manager for Linux, macOS and BSDs

nnn is an excellent command line based file manager for Linux, macOS and BSDs

The program nnn is one of the lightest file managers available for Linux, macOS, BSDs. It is not your traditional file browser though as it lacks a graphical user interface. Tip: if […]

OBS Studio is an open source video recorder and streaming app for Windows, Linux and macOS

OBS Studio aka Open Broadcaster Software Studio is very popular among YouTube users. You can use it to broadcast gameplay streams live or use it to record videos (which you may then […]

teamviewer web management console

TeamViewer 8 Beta now available

If you are working in support you have probably heard about TeamViewer or even used it in support sessions. TeamViewer has a strong business side, but can be as useful in a […]

blurry photo

SmartDeblur restores defocused or blurred photos

Photos may become blurry or defocused for a number of reasons, and it is likely that the majority of digital camera owners have had to deal with blurred images taken by their […]

skype 6.0

Skype 6 released

The desktop version of Skype for Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh computer systems has just been released. You should not confuse the version with the Skype app for Windows 8 which will […]

png gaunlet resize images

PNG Gauntlet: compress png images without quality reduction

When you make available images on the Internet, be it embedded on a website, in documents, or by sending images as email attachments, you and the target audience often benefit from reduced […]

cant be opened

Bypass can't be opened messages on Mac OS X Mountain Lion

Apple has integrated a new security feature into the newest version of its Mac OS X operating system that acts pretty much the same way as Microsoft's SmartFilter technology. Apple basically divides […]


ProXPN: VPN Provider with user friendly policies, good free offering

Just yesterday I reviewed the Hideman VPN service and found its free offering to be limited by a number of factors. Today it is a review of proXNP, a service that is […]


Sleipnir Update brings push to phone option

The developers of the Sleipnir web browser have released a new version of the browser for Windows and Macintosh operating systems. The new version of Sleipnir is now also supporting the WebKit […]


ShareMouse Lets You Control Multiple Computers With One Mouse and Keyboard

I have been using the excellent Mouse Without Borders in the past months to control multiple PCs in the same computer network with one mouse and keyboard. This is especially useful if […]

Microsoft and Apple working on Secret Anti-Google Cloud OS

Nobody really foresaw the rise of Google as an operating system maker and though it's not all been successful for the company (got a Chromebook anyone?) on tablets and smartphones nobody can […]

generate strong password

Dashlane, A New Password Manager For Windows and Mac

Just yesterday we have reviewed the Norton Identity Safe password manager which had been released as a beta version earlier this month. Today, I'm going to look at another password manager that […]

folder quick links

Add Folder Quick Links To Windows Explorer

Microsoft has improved Windows Explorer in recent versions of Windows. The ability to add custom folders and libraries to the left sidebar pane is used by many to quickly access folders that […]


Synchronize Google Docs documents With Local PCs

Google Docs users have quite a few options to synchronize their online documents with local computer systems. Among them Gladinet Cloud Desktop, the Microsoft Office add-in OffiSync or DocSyncer. Insync is a […]

pogoplug remote desktop access

Shoot to the Clouds with Pogoplug Remote Access Software

It seems that techies want to yell louder and louder about cloud computing every day. It’s apparently the way of the future, exhilarating, terrifying, and the best and worst things you can […]


MakeMKV, Rip DVD, Blu-Ray Discs To Your Computer

Computer users have different requirements when it comes to ripping DVD and Blu-Ray movies to their computer system. All obviously want the ability to rip any DVD or Blu-Ray disc, regardless of […]

apple firmware downloader

IpswDownloader, Download Apple Firmware

New Firmware often adds new functionality and improvement to devices. Firmware is recorded on computer chips and therefor an integral part of the device. The best known firmware is probably the bios […]