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Windows 7 Enterprise Security is better than OS X

Researchers at Black Hat have said that they've found Windows 7's Enterprise security to be better than that of Apple's OS X operating system. The problems for OS X seem to stem […]

Apple to pioneer USB Drive Software

I'vee been waiting patiently for this moment for years and it comes as no surprise to me that it's Apple leading innovation in the software sales market.  The company launched their new […]

iPad Passes 1% of all Browsing, Can Apple's Rise Ever be Halted?

The iPad's rise and rise has now surpassed 1% of all web browsing, according to figures released by NetMarketShare. While Internet Explorer, in its various guises, has dropped again in market share to […]

Which Tech Company are you most Aligned to?

The computing industry is unlike any other in the way that it divides people into one camp or another. People sometimes become fanatical about the way they follow one company, and they […]

Apple Drops Black MacBook Air for Being Disgusting

Apple last year had problems making its black iPhone 4 white, and now it appears the company has also had issues making it's lovely silver Macbook Air black. It's been rumoured for […]

Apple's iCloud Service Not Supporting Windows XP

Apple introduced their new cloud hosting and synchronization service iCloud two days ago. We have covered Apple's iCloud service on the date of announcement, but we have looked at the features mostly. […]

Is OS X Lion hinting at a Mac Tablet?

Yesterday Steve Job's unveiling of a host of new Apple products and services was very well received, including the official product tour for the next version of OS X on the Mac […]


Apple To Patent Anti Piracy Technology

Have you ever seen people at concerts holding an iPhone up in the air, trying to record the live performance (and probably uploading it somewhere later on as well)? But they usually […]

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Apple’s Growing Up and Getting Big Boy Scareware

A couple of weeks ago word started spreading to Apple forums that there was malware installed on some systems. Discussion has continued to grow, and even security companies have reported that there […]

Watch out! The Future is Coming!!

There's been so much news in recent weeks about stuff that's going to turn into our computing future that I'm hardly surprised most people have failed to join the dots. If you […]

Steve Jobs Official Biography Coming in 2012

Publisher Simon & Schuster have announced that the first official biography of Apple supremo Steve Jobs will be published early in 2012. "iSteve: The Book of Jobs" from Walter Isaacson marks the […]

Nothing Important Happened Today

I took delivery of my new Windows 7 Tablet today, an ExoPC Slate, on the day ironically when Apple unveiled the iPad 2 to the world.  It's thinner, lighter and has two […]

Does Apple show how Shadow Copy is supposed to be done?

Tech blogger Long Zheng has today published an article directly comparing the Previous Versions feature in Windows 7 to the Versions function in OS X Lion, the forthcoming update to Apple's desktop OS. He […]

Are Apple Prepping LightPeak for the Next iMacs?

When Intel first announced its new LightPeak device connection technology the sweaty masses got very excited indeed.  This replacement for USB would be based on fibre-optic technology and offer gigabits of data […]

Apple Considers Cheaper iPhone

It's been the question that people have now been asking for a couple of years.  Why do Apple just have one iPhone on the market at a time?  If you look at […]

Apple Shareholders Want Jobs Succession Plan

A proposal from Apple shareholders has been backed by the influential US investor advisory firm, Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS).  The proposal wants Apple to lay out a succession plan for the company […]

Apple's Retina Display is Perfect, Stop Trying to Beat it!

I'm not known for applauding Apple so I'll give you a moment to pick yourself off the floor before I get into the thrust of this article.  I genuinely believe though that […]

Steve Jobs to Take Leave of Absence from Apple for Health Reasons

It's been announced by Apple that CEO Steve Jobs will be taking a leave of absence on the advice of his doctors. He will remain in the position of CEO and continue […]