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appleApple Inc. is best known for consumer electronic products like the Apple Macintosh computer, the iPhone smartphone, the Apple iPod, and the iPad, a tablet computer.

The company after more than a century of decline managed to return back to profitability in 1998, and the release of the first iPod, a music player with digital flash storage, paved the company’s way to success back in 2001.

Several iPod generations were released by Apple before the company shifted its focus towards the smartphone market where its iPhone, a modern smartphone with touch-input, made a lasting input and managed to repeat the success story that began with the Apple iPod line of products.

The iPad, a touch-based tablet device followed soon thereafter and it too managed to become an instant success. While not the largest maker of phones, Apple today – 2013 – is one of the largest phone makers in the world and the only company that manages to keep its market share during the rise of Google’s Android operating system. Apple’s iPad is the number one tablet in the world right now.

Those of you who know me will know that I'm not a fan of the ongoing patent wars in which, rather than try and either beat competitors with innovation, outstanding product design and excellent quality customer service or, heaven forbid, realise that the market is actually big enough for everybody and live side by side […]

Steve Jobs famously was Apple.  He ignored focus groups in favour of his own gut instinct and, as such, the latest rumour doing the rounds could well turn out to be completely true. The Times newspaper in the UK has reported that before his death last week, Steve Jobs left a clear four year product […]

Apple co-founder and the man responsible for making the company so successful in recent years has died at the age of 56.  Jobs had been suffering from pancreatic cancer since 2004.  He took medical leave from the company in January this year before handing over the role of CEO to Tim Cook in August. In […]

When Microsoft unveiled Windows 8 yesterday they said what most people were expecting them to, that a new tablet-friendly interface would be the default way to interact with the new version of the OS.  This new Metro UI would load when you start Windows and that Microsoft expected most people to interact with Windows 8 […]

It's being reported, and this news is coming in live as I type this, that Apple founder and Chief Executive Officer Steve Jobs has tonight resigned as the head of the company.  According to the AFP news agency he's to be replaced by Tim Cook, the company's current Chief Operating Officer. Steve Jobs has been […]

If you ever wondered who Apple consider its biggest rival the answer probably lies in the dutch judicial system with an injunction the company has brought against Samsung. In the documents reported on today by Cnet, Apple is trying to ban, so it would seem, every Samsung smartphone and tablet product including the Galaxy Ace, […]

The first glimpses of Apple's new proposed Cupertino HQ appeared the other month, but now more images have appeared courtesy of Techcrunch The new building, known as Campus 2, will take up 2.8 million square feetm contain a 1,000 seat auditorium and research facilities civering 300,000 square feet. Currently the building, which vaguely resembles an […]

Researchers at Black Hat have said that they've found Windows 7's Enterprise security to be better than that of Apple's OS X operating system. The problems for OS X seem to stem from user privileges.  While Windows 7 isn't perfect, OS X seems to have more "soft spots" according to a report by Network World.  […]

I'vee been waiting patiently for this moment for years and it comes as no surprise to me that it's Apple leading innovation in the software sales market.  The company launched their new OS X Lion operating system update as a download through the new Mac App Store.  What they also announced however was that this […]

The iPad's rise and rise has now surpassed 1% of all web browsing, according to figures released by NetMarketShare. While Internet Explorer, in its various guises, has dropped again in market share to just 53.68% of the overall market, Safari owns 7.48%. This means that Safari and Google's Chrome operating systems are the only web browsers […]

The computing industry is unlike any other in the way that it divides people into one camp or another. People sometimes become fanatical about the way they follow one company, and they can be completely scathing about others. The example you'll all be able to recognise here is Apple fans who will sometimes go to […]

Apple last year had problems making its black iPhone 4 white, and now it appears the company has also had issues making it's lovely silver Macbook Air black. It's been rumoured for a while now that the company was prepping a black sleek Air to add to its line up in the next few weeks. […]

Apple introduced their new cloud hosting and synchronization service iCloud two days ago. We have covered Apple's iCloud service on the date of announcement, but we have looked at the features mostly. To paraphrase what has been written: Apple iCloud will give iTunes users online space to store their purchases in the cloud, to access […]

Yesterday Steve Job's unveiling of a host of new Apple products and services was very well received, including the official product tour for the next version of OS X on the Mac desktop.  Some of the features don't seem to fit well with the current Mac lineup though and this has left me wondering if […]