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Martin Brinkmann
Sep 29, 2007
Updated • Dec 2, 2012

I heavily rely on Everton from Connected Internet who sends me new interesting ways to monetize my sites from time to time. Today he was sending me a link and a short description of TNX which basically sells links on your website. Unlike other sites that sell links the links from TNX are sold on a per page basis. Every sold page earns the user points which can be either exchanged into cash or used to buy links as well.

The value of a link depends on the pagerank of the site, the total amount of incoming links, the category of the website and the number of outgoing links. A calculator on the TNX website gives webmasters a rough idea on how much they could make from TNX with their site.

The amount of backlinks is fetched automatically. Webmasters need to edit the website category and amount of pages that have a certain pagerank. Ghacks for instance has a link popularity of 99862 and 2290 pages. At the beginning all those pages were assigned a pagerank of 0 which resulted in a monthly income of $10.91.

While this does not seem very impressive it becomes so when adding pages with a higher pagerank to the calculation. I was not able to find out the pagerank of all of my internal pages. If my site would have 100 PR5 links it would earn more than $450 per month if all links were sold and one link would be displayed on each page. The maximum amount of four links would lead to $1839.

This means the average webmaster will be able to earn more from TNX than from Text Link Ads or other advertisers.The links can be placed as php code which should be suitable for most webmasters and have to be visible and not be placed at the bottom of the site. Placing them below your articles for instance should be fine.

A great feature are the payment methods, paypal, check and wire for instance are supported.

Adding Sites to TNX:

Adding sites to TNX's network is pretty easy. Add the php code to your website first. WordPress users can add the code for instance to their single.php file which means that every article page will contain the code automatically.

After adding the code you have to add the site to the system itself. Just add url and several other parameters like site language and you are ready to go. It takes between 1-3 days to get a site accepted - or rejected. When the site is accepted you are ready to earn money with TNX.

The main advantage for webmasters is that advertisers only select a category, the amount of sites and the pageranks that they want to buy. Everything else is done automatically by the TNX script. This means that it does not matter if you are John Chow or John Doe, no one will have advantages in this system.

Pages cost a certain amount of points to order which can be exchanged into cash, here is how much each page costs and brings.

Minimum Link Prices:

PR 0: 0001 point ($0,00114)
PR 1: 0050 points ($0.057)
PR 2: 0100 points ($0,114)
PR 3: 0200 points ($0,228)
PR 4: 0500 points ($0,57)
PR 5: 1000 points ($1,14)
PR 6: 2500 points ($2,85)
PR 7: 5000 points ($5,7)

This means that advertisers can buy 20000 PR0 pages for a little bit more than $11.

Minimum Earnings:

TNX's commission is 12.5% which means that you earn 0,85 points per PR0 link and 875 points for every PR5 link.

Referring other webmasters:

If you refer other webmasters you do earn 13,5% of the points that they earn (lifetime earnings) which can sum up quite nicely over time. You will also receive 5% of all payments made by those referred webmasters.

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  10. Tobey said on September 30, 2007 at 12:54 pm

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  11. gnome said on September 30, 2007 at 12:53 pm

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  12. Martin said on September 29, 2007 at 7:21 pm

    Current payouts are $0.61 per 1k point. It is however possible to trade points with other webmasters who would like to buy links on the network.

    It would be possible to sell them at the TNX forum or at webmaster forums such as namepros or digitalpoint

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