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This category lists all music and audio related articles, guides, tutorials and editorials that we have published here on the site. You will find a wide range of articles here, from articles covering online services such as Grooveshark or Spotify to reviews of desktop programs and how to articles that tell you how you can download music from the Internet for free.

You will also find out how you can merge, edit or split audio files, how to increase your music library legally, and where you find the best locations to listen to music while on your desktop PC or on the go.

The majority of programs covered here are for the Windows operating system, while online services are not limited to specific operating systems but maybe sometimes to web browsers that support a technology that is required to make audio or video contents available on the web.

radio maximus

RadioMaximus is a free portable program for Microsoft Windows devices that you may use to play and record Internet Radio. The program is available as a free, limited version and a pro version. The free version supports all the basic features that you would like to see in an Internet Radio application: you can browse […]

rip music options

If you are using Windows Media Player as your default audio and video player on Windows, or do not have a third-party CD ripping program at hand, you may use the program to rip audio CDs to mp3 or Windows audio format. While it is usually better to use a program like CDex for that, […]

lyrics finder

Lyrics Finder is a free program for Windows and Mac OS that you can use to add missing song texts (lyrics) to your music collection. Depending on how you listen to music, you may find it useful that song lyrics are displayed for each individual song in your music player of choice. This provides you […]

youtube music radio

YouTube's popularity and size makes it a prime choice for all things music. If you are looking to play a particular song, chance is you find it on YouTube in one version or the other. The related videos that YouTube displays on its video pages may also be a great source of discovering new music, […]


It became known in November that AOL was planning to shut down Winamp, all services related to the player, and Shoutcast. The reason behind the decision was not made known by the company, and while AOL planned to shut down the service on December 20, 2013 initially, it did not happen on that day. Techcrunch […]

band of the day

I like music discovery solutions as they often lead to me coming in contacts with bands and artists that I would not were it not for them. My music related application repertoire is growing constantly on my Android with. Only recently, I started to make active use of Bandsintown Concerts to track bands I'm interested […]

winamp lite

When AOL announced the closure of the Winamp website, media player and the Shoutcast Internet Radio directory back in November 2013, I asked why the company did not make any efforts to sell the brand instead. Even thought the media player may not be at the height of its game anymore, it is still an […]

spotify differences account

When it comes to music streaming services that you subscribe to, Spotify is without doubt one of the popular services on today's Internet. The service is available for a variety of platforms, including desktop computers, the mobile platforms iOS and Android, and also as as web-based version. The company behind Spotify made an announcement recently […]


The Internet is probably the greatest resource ever when it comes to music. There are thousands upon thousands of music services out there, some big, like Spotify or Jamendo, and others niche-focused. When it comes to technologies, there is also a wide assortment of possibilities. From watching music videos on YouTube, listening to Internet radio, […]

aimp remote playback

The excellent AIMP is my music player of choice for Windows and Android. It offers an impressive set of features, is rather resource friendly, and plays nearly every music format that you throw at it without problems. One of the features of AIMP is its plugin engine, that works similar to the one in Winamp. […]

spotify cache

Spotify is a popular music streaming service that is available as a free and premium service for most operating systems. The service uses a cache on the host system which can fill up rather quickly, depending on how actively the service is being used. While that may not be an issue for most users, it […]

lyrify lyrics for spotify

Spotify is a popular music service that you can use for free or unlimited if you subscribe to it. If you use its desktop player for Windows, you may find the third party add-on Lyrify useful as it adds lyrics for the songs you are playing automatically to the client. That may not be helpful […]