Windows Vista Critics Love Windows Mojave

One way to improve a product is to invite critics (common folk, not the usual computer experts) to give them a sneak peak of it's successor and use their criticism to build […]

Vista Part 3

Well I don’t think I’ve ever had so many responses as I have to these Posts on Windows Vista =) But obviously it’s a controversial subject. Now I realise that many of […]

Vista vs. XP

300 Words into replying to some comments made by Rarst on my post yesterday about Microsoft I decided I may as well publish it like so as a new post… that’s what […]

manage favorite links

Manage Favorite Links In Windows Vista

Windows Vista users may be surprised to know that they actually have two different versions of the places bar in Windows Explorer. The places bar provides access to several links on the […]

windows updates downloader

Windows Updates Downloader

I have covered various applications before that download all related Windows Updates from Microsoft to a computer. Some that I mentioned are the Autopatcher Updater, Project Dakota and Offline Update. It's never […]

vista start menu

The Windows Start Menu

It took me a little while to adapt, but I soon grew to find the Vista start menu far more useful and productive then XP's ever was. Granted I've read the comments […]

A Few Useful Tweaks

Since this is a subject we have touched on a couple of times recently I decided to share a a few useful registry tweaks. These apply to Windows Vista. 1) Stop UAC […]

windows longhorn

Windows Longhorn Blog

It may be a little late to be discussing leaks of Windows Longhorn seeing as the project was reset over 4 years ago and we are now looking at Windows 7 on […]

Speed up Vista

When I first got Windows Vista about 7 or so months ago it did seem to be pretty slow compared to Windows XP. After checking out all the online tech websites I […]

wireless migrator

Wireless Migrator

Tamir contacted me today per email describing how he was looking for an easy way to backup and restore the wireless network profiles. He actually discovered some netsh commands but nothing that […]

Started something too big

Windows 7 will be the Microsoft’s 7th incarnation of their OS kernel, hence the name (yep, pretty clever). As it evolved with time each successive Windows release still contained many UI elements […]

Customize your Vista Desktop

You can do a lot more than simply changing your background and Screensaver in Windows Vista. Unfortunately you'll need some 3rd party applications to do it. Microsoft decided nearly a decade ago […]

Microsoft releases Vista vs. XP comparison

If a company releases a product and a successor of that product a few years later and then a document comparing the features of both products; what would you expect from that […]

Change the Language in Windows Vista

Changing the language in Windows Vista can be quite a problem depending on the available edition of Windows Vista. By default it is not possible to change the language of menus, dialog […]

advanced run

Advanced Run

It is sometimes required to run a command or software as another user in Windows. Say you followed the advice that is posted on many sites to work with a regular user […]

STOP 0x0000000A Error on Windows Vista Installation

I think it is quite interesting to read about problems that can arise when one tries to install a newer, in this case Windows Vista, operating system. One would assume that the […]

Enable or disable the Windows Firewall with one click

The Windows firewall in Windows Vista and newer versions of Windows cannot be disabled or enabled quickly. A user who wants to enable or disable it would have to open the Control […]

Yuck new Windows Vista Ultimate Extras

There were basically two editions of Windows XP for home users, namely Home and Professional. While this was confusing for some it turned out to be a minor problem. When0 Vista launched, […]