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Avira Free Security for Mac is an excellent security software for Apple Macintosh devices

Avira Free Security for Mac is a free antivirus, security and privacy solution for Apple Macintosh devices that protects Macs reliably from attacks. Macs do need security software as devices running Mac […]

windows vista support

Windows Vista Mainstream Support Ends Today

Microsoft offers support for three client based Windows operating systems currently: Windows XP, which was first released in 2001 by the company is in the extended support phase which will end on […]

windows vista extended support end date

Microsoft Extends Vista Extended Support Cycle To 2017

Microsoft initially planned to end support for some Windows Vista versions, Windows Home Basic and Ultimate for example, in April 2012. The effect would have been devastating for customers running those editions […]

Vista To Windows 7 Upgrade Downgrades IE9 To IE8

Windows Vista users who have been testing the beta of Microsoft's latest web browser Internet Explorer 9 may be in for a surprise if they upgrade their Vista installation to Windows 7. […]

Internet Explorer Application Compatibility Virtual PC Images

Web developers have several options to test their web projects in different web browsers. Among the available choices are virtual operating system images that provide access to specific web browsers. Microsoft has […]

System Update Readiness Tool For Vista

I spend most of the day yesterday preparing a notebook with Windows Vista installed to hand it over to a family member today. The notebook had not been in use for quite […]

DirectX 11 For Windows Vista Released

Unlike Microsoft's previous try to make Windows Vista more attractive to gamers by bundling DirectX 10 exclusively with the operating system the company from Redmond decided that it was time to change […]

Endless Reboot Vista To Windows 7 Upgrade Problems

Reports about upgrade problems from Windows Vista to Windows 7 began to appear on Friday on several forums and support websites. Users who experienced these difficulties mentioned an endless reboot cycle after […]

Windows Vista Service Pack 2 Released

Microsoft has just released the second service pack for the Windows Vista operating system; users and admins can download Service Pack 2 for Vista as a standalone package or via Windows Update. […]

Extend Windows Vista Laptop Battery Life With Aerofoil

Aerofoil is a free program for Microsoft Windows devices to extend the battery life by managing features that affect battery on the device. It is a well known fact that it is […]

5 Reasons Why You Might Want To Switch From XP To Windows 7

Windows XP is an excellent operating system. The majority of Windows users are still running Windows XP followed by Windows Vista and other variants. XP is leading the field by a ratio […]

Windows Vista ClearType Fonts In Firefox Web Browser

If you like the Cleartype fonts that Microsoft shipped with Windows Vista, you may be inclined to use them not only in the operating system itself, but also in the web browser. […]

Windows Vista Taskbar Resize

Windows 7 changes the appearance of the taskbar quite drastically. One of the new visual changes to taskbar items is the height of each item. While it is possible to change the […]

Vista Services Optimizer

Vista Services Optimizer is a free Windows Vista software program for computers running the Microsoft Vista operating system. It can be used to diagnose and tune the Services configuration of the system […]

Microsoft Vista Answers

Microsoft Vista Answers is a beta web service that copies the functionality of Yahoo Answers and makes it available to the Windows Vista user base. Narrowing down the niche does not necessarily […]

Install Vista Themes Without Patching The System First

Microsoft is protecting the Windows Vista operating system from unsigned third party themes. The protection prevents the installation from Vista themes if they have not been signed by Microsoft. The usual way […]

Windows Vista Sidebar For Windows XP

One of the more visible changes of the Windows Vista operating system was the Windows Vista Sidebar which made it possible to put so called gadgets on the Windows Desktop. Gadgets are […]

Aero Snap For Windows XP And Windows Vista

Aero Shake and Snap was one of the new Windows 7 features that came to light during the Professional Developers Conference 08 in Los Angeles. The two features provide better windows management […]

Microsoft Touchless

Microsoft Office Labs are always good for a surprise. For anyone who does not know what Microsoft Office Labs is about: It basically is used to publish software programs created by Microsoft […]