Windows Vista

Microsoft Windows Vista was released by the company on January 30, 2007, more than 18 months after its announcement on July 22, 2005. The successor of the popular Windows XP operating system suffered from a five year long development time, the longest Microsoft ever needed to develop and publish a desktop operation system.

To put this in perspective, it took Microsoft less than three years to create and publish Windows 7, Vista’s successor which was released in October 2009 to the public. Windows Vista introduced several new features into the Windows family. This included Windows Aero, a new visual style, the search component Windows Search, tools like Windows DVD Maker or a new sidebar for gadgets.

The operating system suffered from high system requirements, new forms of digital rights management, and the User Account Control security system which aimed to improve the overall security on the system but annoyed many users as it was being displayed far to often in the beginning.

Service Packs improved the situation but they were released at a time when users were already aware of the upcoming operating system and therefore too late to turn around the operating system. Windows Vista is generally considered a failure for Microsoft.

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