The games industy is vast, spreading over PC, browser, and mobile platforms with various ways to download or play them. This section covers news from the top gaming developers and publishers, as well as some tips on how to install and configure them.

Weekend Fun Stranded 2

Have you asked yourself what you would do if you were in a situation like the castaway Robinson Crusoe, the famous protagonist of Daniel Dafoe's novel ? What would be your first task, find water, food or shelter ? How would you fight of wild animals, make fire or create tools ?

Weekend Fun Punishment 1 and 2

Don't worry about the game title. Punishment is definitely not a punishment because it is really a unique experience. One of those games that does not look good but makes it up with incredible gameplay. Another one of those games that prove that graphics mean crap if the gameplay rocks.

Seven entertaining unique Flashgames

I love to play flashgames when I'm on breaks or have some time at hand. The best thing in my opinion is that they are most of the time short enough to entertain you for a few minutes and that they can even motivate non-gamers to give it a try.. or two.

Weekend Fun A Tale of Two Kingdoms

A Tale of Two Kingdoms is a graphic adventure for Windows PCs and Linux that reminds me a lot of old classic Sierra adventures such as Kings Quest or Leisure Suit Larry. […]

Weekend Fun Fighting Fantasy Project

I read several Fighting Fantasy books when I was younger and it was always pure excitement because it was possible to direct the story in a certain way. Let me explain the principle if you have never heard about Fighting Fantasy before. The books were about 400 pages in size telling a fantasy story that reminded of Dungeons and Dragons or Tolkien books.

Video Game Systems Modchip Hysteria

Modchips are evil and are the main reason that the game developers are making less money than they should. This is the number one argument against modchips brought forth by a phalanx of game developers, Industry lobbyists and government officials. The question remains if this holds true or if there are other motives behind using modchips on video game systems.

Five Free Games for Geeks

I'm sometimes surprised by the release of an excellent game created by independent developers. You can tell that those developers love their games which is probably the number one difference between games from companies who earn a living from developing them.

Weekend Fun Open Arena

The year is 1999. Two shooters are competing for the crown of the ultimate shooter. Their names: Unreal Tournament and Quake III Arena. I have to admit that I fell in love with Unreal Tournament and did not play Quake III Arena that much which was still a good game but not that good, hehe.


My Nintendo Wii Highlights for 2007

I'm really happy that I decided to buy a Nintendo Wii. It is the ideal system if you like to play games with 1-3 friends instead of playing them alone. I was very interested in the E3 2007 announcements for the Nintendo Wii and decided to write about my top picks for the Nintendo Wii that come out this year.

Weekend Fun Space Interceptor

You have to hurry if you want to grab the game Space Interceptor because it is a budget game which is available for free today at the Game Giveaway of the day website. The normal price of the game is $19.99 and you can download it free today without registering somewhere or giving away personal information.

Weekend Fun Freddy Pharkas

Freddy Pharkas, Frontier Pharmacist was an adventure in four acts created by Al Lowe, the creator of the Leisure Suit Larry series, for Sierra On-line back in the days when adventures were one of the hottest genres on the planet. This game is a usual Sierra On-line with stunning graphics, sounds and a point system that rewards you for puzzles solved (and gets you crazy if you miss some points and can't find the way to get them).

Weekend Fun Alien Breed Obliteration

The Alien Breed series was a successful action game series on the Commodore Amiga back in the good old days and several guys decided that it would be great to rewrite Alien Breed '92 from scratch and make it available on PC's as well. The game has been released for some time and really catches the Amiga spirit.

Weekend Fun Purgatorio

The game for this weekend is a rather dark adventure called Purgatorio created with the Adventure Game Studio. It features an Irish soldier of the peacekeeping forces who gets shot in his arm during active duty only to wake up wounded in a strangely familiar looking town not able to remember how he went there.

desktop tower defense

Desktop Tower Defense Upgrade

The popular Desktop Tower Defense game has been upgraded from version 1 to 1.5 bringing new excitement and frustration to the already excellent game. Several new enemies and towers have been included that make the game more enjoyable although I think that it did not rise in difficulty that much.

I can only talk about the medium mode that I tried today which I passed at first try and the challenge mode to beat 100 levels which is tough as always. I was not able to beat the challenge mode though, it becomes extremely difficulty at levels 75+ at least with the strategies that I have tried.

The five most embarassing ways to die in an FPS

I had a good laugh when I read the article "The five most embarassing ways to die in an FPS" which describes five entertaining (for the others) and embarassing (for the one being killed) ways to die in first person shooters.

I have been playing pro level Unreal Tournament for about two years and it was always a pleasure to witness an embarassing death. Unreal Tournament however was not the only game that I was playing. I also enjoyed Quake 3 Arena, Counter Strike (Source) and many other PC shooters.

Weekend fun Starshine

Starshine is a neat little browser game suitable for all ages. It is a relaxing addictive puzzle game with 50 levels. The screen consists of a outer ring that is used to fire one shooting star at neatly placed stars that send out additional shooting stars. You need to create a chain reaction to hit all stars of the level with your shooting star.

Hurrican Final a Turrican Remake

Turrican was one of the great plattform shooters on the Commodore 64 featuring awesome music, gameplay and graphics. It spawned numerous successful sequels and a group of enthusiasts decided to create a Turrican remake which they called Hurrican. They began working on the remake five years ago and released the final version today.

Weekend Fun Vector Tower Defense

It is Friday again and as usual I'm writing about one great game for the weekend that will keep you occupied for hours or even days. This time it is another Tower Defense type of game. These games have become extremely popular in the online community and we will most likely see a lot of those games in the next months.

Vector TD is a better Tower Defense game. Your objective is to destroy the enemy vectors before they can reach the exit of the level. You loose one life for every vector that reaches the exit. The game ends when you have no lives left or when you beat all the levels of the game.

Weekend Fun JRisk

When I was a child I played Risk many times with my friends. I could not get enough of this game. We even created our own house rules to make the game more exciting. I have been playing JRisk every now and then since it was released and think that it is a nice Risk clone with some great features.

What I really like about is that you have the choice to either download it or play it on the developers website. You do need Java to play the game but this should be installed on most computers anyway. The version that can be downloaded should be best suited for most users because it plays definitely faster and has an option to save and load games.

Play the original Lemmings in your browser

I enjoyed the original Lemmings game on my Commodore Amiga 500 but lost interest when the series evolved. Let me explain the rules in case you never heard about Lemmings before. Your task is to complete all the levels of the game by directing enough Lemmings from the entrance of the level into the level exit.

Weekend Fun Trackmania Nations

Trackmania Nations is a free racing game for Windows that distinguishes itself from normal racing games by introducing a number of additional elements to the tracks. Do you remember Stunt Car Racer for instance ? The game where you were driving through loopings and made big jumps across the screen.

This game introduces all those elements again to a racing game but provides normal tracks as well. You may start with the 90 solo missions that remind me a little bit of the Gran Turismo missions. They are divided into Beginner, Advanced and Expert Training missions and award medals if you beat the tracks in a certain amount of time. This alone is very challenging.

Weekend Fun Last Scenario Game

If you are looking for a great roleplaying game for the weekend you should definitely take a look at the excellent Last Scenario game. It reminds me a lot of those old SNES and Sega Genesis roleplaying games that were so much fun to play back then.

Last Scenario puts you in charge of a self proclaimed town protector named Hilbert who is nothing more than a boy at the beginning of the game who is soon to become the savior of the world. If this sounds a little bit to cliched for your taste you should wait and see how the story unfolds.

Cute little Ninja flash game

I was always a little bit obsessed with Ninjas since the first Shinobi game by Sega. This continued with Tenchu on the Playstation and numerous Ninja games and movies. It was always my childhood dream to become a stealthy deadly assassin, hehe. Well, I found a nice - but short - flash game that lets you play, I think you guessed it already, a Ninja.

You have to make it through ten levels to rescue a woman (princess, geisha ?). To do this you have to cross the levels and beat all the enemy guards who are defending the captured woman. You only have a limited assortment of techniques at your disposable. Amongst them are the infamous wallrun, the backflip and the quick short slash.

Fix for black screen in Nintendo Wii virtual console games

The following fix should help users who do have problems with some virtual console games for the Nintendo Wii that display only a black screen after starting them while the sound remains normal. This does not work in all occasions but should work if you get the Wii menu when you press Home and works only for games that received an update for the interlaced mode.

Try out the following to see if this fixes the issue. Start the game normally until you see the black screen. Connect the Nunchuck to the Wiimote and press Home to see the menu options. Now press A + 2 + Z together which should result in a short "ping-like" sound.

This should have activated the interlaced mode. Leave the menu and you should see the normal game screen and not the black screen anymore. To change the mode again press A + 1 + Z using the same method as above.

xbox 360 console has been banned

Is Microsoft banning modified Xbox 360 consoles from Live?

The first news about Microsoft possibly banning modified Xbox 360 consoles from the Xbox Live service started to emerge yesterday in some known Xbox 360 forums. It is possible to modify the firmware of the Xbox 360 drive to be able to play backups which of course includes pirated games. There has been no official confirmation from Microsoft about this issue but the frequency of the posts can only lead to the conclusion that Microsoft is actually banning Xbox 360 systems with modded firmwares.

Games for the Weekend Online Boardgames

I grew up playing boardgames like Risk, Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit and witnessed that board games evolved almost as much as computer games did. I would like to introduce one of my favorite online boardgames websites where you can play about 50 excellent boardgames online. Boardgames include Settlers of Catan, Carcassone and Thurn and Taxis. All boardgames of the year and of course playable in multiplayer.

More Angry Videogamer Videos

I really enjoy the shows from this guy. He is reviewing all those bad video games that came out for classic gaming systems such as the Nintendo Entertainment System and the Sega Genesis. It is pure fun to see how he bashes the video games into oblivion showing lots of in game footage. The technique behind his videos is getting better as well which makes it a pleasure to watch his rants. Be advised that this is not really suitable for minors.

Weekend Fun The Last Stand Flashgame

Finding great flash games is not as easy as it sounds. I found the game The Last Stand at the donation coder blog and was blown away by the gameplay. It looks like your typical shoot all incoming enemies type of games also known as base defender gamers. At second look it introduces several strategic elements that make every approach different. You have to defend your barricades against Zombies at night and search for better weapons and other survivors at daylight. The goal is to hold out as long as possible and hope that someday a rescue team will come and get you out of this situation.

Weekend Fun Bontago

I'm presenting a new game as usual on Fridays and this time it is Bontago. Bontago is a real time strategy game that can be played against computers or human opponents. Players start evenly on the area and can place blocks to expand their reach from their current position. The task of the game is to encompass all flags that are placed in the level. The initial area of control for a player can be expanded by adding new blocks to the territory under control. The height of the blocks that you can place on top of each others determines how far the influence is expanded.

Replaced Xbox 360 Troubles

Every now and then a shiny Microsoft Xbox 360 gaming system will stop working and has to be send in for repair and eventual replacement. Replacing the old Xbox 360 with a new one sounds great on first glance but you have to consider something before you make up your mind on this. If you did download arcade games and other stuff from the Xbox 360 Marketplace you are in for a nasty surprise.

Weekend Game World of Padman

World of Padman is a multiplayer ego shooter that is using the Quake 3 engine which is a very capable engine. Just imagine the game Quake 3 without the adult science fiction theme but a theme that resembles a game for children. Not saying that World of Padman is actually a children's game. Action is as fast paced as in Quake 3 and the game mode is still deathmatch. Frag the others before they frag you. Levels look really detailed and the style of the game is pretty unique as well. Before you begin you can select a character that you want to play and customize it a little bit.

Weekend Fun Rooms

Rooms is an excellent puzzle game. The objective is to move the character from the start of the level to the door that exits it. This can be done by either moving the character himself if there is space to move or by moving the different rooms that make up the level. Take a look at the screenshot below to get a better impression of how a typical level looks like. Several rooms make up each level and you can only move the room that you are standing in at the moment.

Nintendo Wii Unbiased Review

I bought the Nintendo Wii gaming system the first day it came out. Besides the system itself I bought a second pair of controllers, a classic controller, 2000 download points and the game Wii Play. After a while I added new games to the list including Red Steel, Rayman Raving Rabbits, Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz and Korinpa. I purchased games from previous systems including Mario Kart 64 and Mario 64 and played an extensive list of Gamecube games including Resident Evil 4 and Mario Party 7.

I think that I have a good overview of what is currently going on in the Nintendo Wii "world" and would like to describe how I feel about the Nintendo Wii and what I expect of it in the future. I know that some of my friends already sold the Wii again because of the lack of good games following the launch - I personally think that this decision is understandable, the lack of games is obvious at this point.

Starcraft Origami

I still believe that Starcraft is the best real-time strategy game that was ever produced and hope that Blizzard will one day create a second part of at least a MMORPG out of it. Starcraft is part of my past, I used to meet with friends back then and play it in local lan games all night long. It was perfectly balanced and much better than Command and Conquer in my opinion. Someone - I suppose another fan - has created an unbelievable amount of Starcraft Origami and uploaded pictures of them to Flickr.

Weekend Fun Veck Special Edition

I forgot the weekend fun thread last Friday and promised myself that this would never happen again. Today I'm going to present a great arcade shooter called Veck Special Edition which looks and plays like a mix of many of the classic aracade games including Asteroids, Robotron 2084 and Smash Tv. This version is packed with 15 levels each lasting one minute. Every minute your spacecraft gets an weapon upgrade that makes it more powerful while at the same time more powerful enemies emerge that want to destroy you.

Wiimote + Games + PC = Ultimate Fun

If you thought it would be fun to play games on the Nintendo Wii you should see the following Youtube videos to get an impression of what I consider ultimate fun. Developers have already been able to use basic applications like Google Earth in conjunction with the Wiimote and they finally managed to get some games working as well. All you need is a Wiimote, a Pc that has Bluetooth, some games that are supported and of course the software GlovePie.

Wii outselling PS3 in Japan Three to One

Media Create published up to date figures for hardware sales in Japan and the figures demonstrate a astounding success for the Nintendo Wii in Japan. Nintendo sold 1.041.975 Wii systems this year while Sony managed to sell 353.823 Playstation 3 gaming systems. Not to forget Microsoft with 79.013 in this year with their Xbox 360. It should be noted that Sony is loosing money with every system produced and sold while Nintendo gains money.

Echoes new game from Binary Zoo

Back then when I started writing articles for ghacks I was writing about a freeware game that blew my mind. The game was called Mono and had such an addictive fascinating gameplay that I played it for endless hours. The creators of Mono developed a new game which is called Echoes that uses many of the addicting elements that made Mono famous. Echoes is an Asteroids clone on steroids. That is probably the best way to explain the basic principle of the game. The developers put it that way when they describe Echoes: "Yeah, it's a bit like Asteroids hyperactive, drug crazed brother displayed in blur-o-vision© and viewed through psychedelic sunglasses in a cheap nightclub."

NullDC a new Dreamcast Emulator for PC

Many gamers think that the Dreamcast was the best gaming system of the last generation. It featured many unique games that never made an appearance on other systems. I sold my Dreamcast a while ago but still have a few games here that I did not sell with the system. Games like Samba de Amigo or the incredible Soul Calibur made a big impact on the gaming community. Yesterday NullDC was released which is a Dreamcast emulator for PC. It is supposed to be the emulator with the most playable titles running Dreamcast games at full speed.

Wiikey - Testing the Nintendo Wii Modchip

Wiikey is one of the modchips that are available for Nintendo's Wii gaming system. The modchip Wiikey is able to play backups from the same region which means Wiikey can play backed up PAL games on European systems and backed up NTSC games on Japanese and US Wii systems. It is possible to play Japanese games on US Wii systems and vice versa but it is currently not possible to play all NTSC games on European Wii systems with Wiikey. You can also play backed up and imported Gamecube games with Wiikey as well as Gamecube homebrew discs.



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