Fortnite UEFN v24.30 update is here!

Emre Çitak
May 2, 2023
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The latest version of Unreal Editor for Fortnite, UEFN v24.30 update, is finally here, bringing along a range of new features, improvements, and fixes. Here's what to expect from the latest update.

What is new in Fortnite UEFN v24.30 update?

Fortnite UEFN v24.30 update brings new features, improvements, and fixes for Unreal Editor, such as 366 unique icon textures and improved memory calculation. The editor has been updated with consistent user experience and new options for island documentation.

Several fixes have been made, including issues with item icons, character settings, and module preparations. Verse has also been updated with custom prop spawning and character state queries. Fixes have been made to the Creator Portal, including publishing flow fixes and UI improvements.

Let's take a look at some of the most important changes in Fortnite UEFN v24.30 update together.

Editor updates

In terms of editor updates, the New Level From Island window has been updated to match the Project Browser, providing a better user experience.

The ocean in imported islands is now located at a fixed height near the origin.

Users can now also provide URLs to documentation about their islands using the exposed docsUrl property in the .uefnproject file.


Several issues have been fixed with this update, including the Conditional Button not updating item icons in UEFN for live-edit sessions for icons other than the default icon, and the Character Rimlight Intensity setting not rendering properly in different settings.

The Class Designer devices are no longer marked as needing to be saved when no options were adjusted.

Editor fixes

Build HLODs now generates HLODs without any errors when running UEFN with the Shipping target. Users should no longer get stuck on the Preparing phase when there is a large amount of modules present. Additionally, the project name no longer appears as the Project Title when converting a Fortnite Creative island to UEFN.

The Unreal Revision Control Invalid Project Name sync issue for converted Fortnite Creative islands has been fixed, as well as the Unreal Revision Control team-owned projects sync issue for converted Fortnite Creative islands.

The red cube for missing assets now shows up during live edit. Lastly, Fortnite Creative islands that have been converted in UEFN are now hidden from the Golden Rift.

Fortnite UEFN v24.30 update
Fortnite UEFN v24.30 update includes various editor fixes - Image courtesy of Epic Games

Verse updates

With UEFN v24.30, users can now spawn their custom props with Verse, in addition to being able to spawn predefined Fortnite props. Any custom prop created will behave the same way as a predefined Fortnite prop, both in code and in the editor when exposed from your Verse-authored devices.

Users can also now query the state of a fort_character, including whether they are crouching, on the ground, in the air, in water, falling, gliding, or flying.

Users can now use a transform when they call SpawnProp() and MoveTo() with their prop. vector2 and vector3 now have component-wise vector division.

Verse fixes

The update also brings fixes to several Verse issues, including the completion of TeleportTo() and MoveTo() with props, and dynamically spawned props no longer being incorrectly removed from the world. The issue with prop quota calculation has also been fixed.

Creator portal updates

A banner has been added to alert creators to manage projects as Listed or Unlisted for Creator Page visibility purposes.

Fortnite UEFN v24.30 update_2
The creator portal has been overhauled with the Fortnite UEFN v24.30 update -Image courtesy of Fortnite

Creator portal fixes

UEFN v24.30 includes several publishing flow fixes across backend systems and services, reducing instances of trouble when attempting to publish projects. Additionally, the Auto-Activate release feature now works as expected.

The "Oops!" UI state and automatic rejection/resubmission for projects where content review is taking too long (12h+) has been fixed. The empty state for the Projects page when there are no projects visible has been fixed, and projects can no longer have ownership transfers initiated when a release is pending.

This is just a small part of the Fortnite UEFN v24.30 update. If you're a Fortnite mod developer, you can use this link to learn everything new in the Fortnite UEFN v24.30 update.


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