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firefox ads new tab page

Firefox with ads on New Tab Page

Reports indicate that the Firefox browser displays advertisement on the browser's New Tab Page to some users of the browser. Update: Mozilla provided the following statement. According to the statement, the placement […]

mozilla labs

Mozilla revives Mozilla Labs

Veteran Firefox users may have fond memories of Mozilla Labs, an experimental platform for all things Firefox. Projects like the Firefox Sync, the excellent Ubiquity or Prospector, Persona, Test Pilot, or Firefox […]

firefox tab search

How to search open tabs in Firefox

Firefox displays only a handful of open tabs at the same time in the tabbar of the browser. The browser reduces the width of open tabs up to a certain point and […]

librefox firefox privacy

Librefox: Firefox with privacy enhancements

Librefox is an open source project designed to provide anyone with a copy of the Firefox browser that comes with privacy and security enhancements included. Librefox is not a fork of Firefox […]

firefox sidebar container tabs

Manage Firefox tabs, bookmarks and containers in the sidebar

Sidebery is a new extension for the Firefox web browser to manage browser tabs, bookmarks, and containers in the sidebar. The default sidebar of the Firefox web browser may display bookmarks or […]

firefox tab stacks multiple tabs

How to bookmark multiple tabs in Firefox 64+

Firefox 64 was released this week; the release brought along with it a number of changes including support for multi-tab operations. Firefox users can Shift-click or Ctrl-click on tabs in the browser's […]

captcha buster

Buster promises to solve captchas automatically

Buster: Captcha Solver for Humans is a browser extension for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and related browsers to make captchas less frustrating on the Internet. Websites may display captchas for verification to […]

firefox 64 crash skip version android

Firefox 64.0 for Android canceled, 64.0.1 incoming

Mozilla cancelled Firefox 64.0 Stable for Android because of a crash bug that it discovered; the organization plans to release Firefox 64.0.1 later this week. Mozilla published Firefox 64.0 to the Stable […]

firefox 64.0 release

Firefox 64.0 Release Information

The Firefox 64.0 Stable release data is December 11, 2018. Mozilla published Firefox 63.0 in October 2018; Firefox 64 is the last major release of the web browser in 2018. Our release […]

firefox check for add-on updates

How to update Firefox extensions manually

Extensions play an important part in the Firefox ecosystem; they add functionality to the browser, may improve privacy of users, or add features to sites that users visit in the browser. Mozilla […]

ghacks rel noopener

Firefox security: rel=noopener for target=_blank

Mozilla is testing a new security feature in Firefox Nightly currently that adds rel="noopener" automatically to links that use target="_blank". Target="_blank" instructs browsers to open the link target in a new tab […]

mozilla firefox classic extensions gone

It appears that Mozilla removed all classic extensions from Firefox Add-ons

We knew that the day would come on which Mozilla would remove all classic extensions, Mozilla calls them legacy, from the organization's AMO website. Legacy extensions are not compatible with recent versions […]

Firefox 65 supports MSI installers

Mozilla plans to offer Firefox MSI installers for Windows systems with the release of Firefox 65. MSI installers will be offered alongside regular Firefox installers offered as .exe files for Windows PCs. […]

mozilla revenue expenses

Mozilla revenue rose by over $40 million in 2017

Mozilla published the State of Mozilla 2017 report yesterday which includes financial information for the year 2017. The organization managed to increase revenue by over $40 million U.S. Dollar in 2017 and […]

firefox exit warning

Mozilla changes Firefox's Warn on Quit logic

Mozilla plans to change the "warn on quit" logic of the Firefox web browser in the upcoming Firefox 65 release. Current versions of the Firefox web browser warn users under certain conditions […]

tor browser without tor

Can you use the Tor Browser without Tor connection?

Tor Browser is a web browser specifically designed for privacy and anonymity. The web browser is a modified version of Firefox ESR that includes privacy tweaks and even some extensions to improve […]

firefox cookieman

Firefox CookieMan: manage Firefox cookies with this external program

Firefox CookieMan is a third-party program for Microsoft's Windows operating system to manage cookies. Firefox includes a good set of tools to control and manage cookies and site data. Users of the […]

firefox set tabs aside

Save Firefox tabs with Set Aside

How do you use your web browser? Do you keep tabs open when you close it and reload the session to continue where you left off? Start with a blank page and […]