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firefox about performance update

This is Firefox's upcoming about:performance page (huge improvements)

The Firefox web browser will ship with a redesigned and improved about:performance page and related functionality soon. Mozilla developers are currently working on the redesign and have enabled it partially in recent […]

firefox update audit

Firefox Update security audit results published

One of the core components of the Firefox web browser is the integrated updating system. Designed to check for new updates regularly and download & install new updates automatically, it is a […]

firefox old new notifications windows 10

Firefox gets native Windows 10 notifications support

Mozilla plans to switch the notification system that Firefox uses on Windows 10 devices to the operating system's native notification system soon. Firefox users who run a Nightly version of the web […]

firefox screenshots online save

Mozilla plans to change confusing Screenshot Tool terminology

The built-in screenshot tool of the Firefox web browser was added to the web browser in 2017 after it was released as a Firefox's Test Pilot before. The screenshot tool was not […]

firefox 62.0.3

Firefox 62.0.3 is a security update

Mozilla released Firefox 62.0.3 to the Stable channel of the web browser on October 2, 2018. The new version of the Firefox web browser is a security update first and foremost; it […]

firefox color version 2.0

Style Firefox with Firefox Color version 2

Mozilla released Firefox Color in early June 2018 to the public. The Test Pilot Experiment enables Firefox users to change the appearance of interface elements of the browser. Firefox users needed to […]

custom favicons

Custom site icons in Chrome and Firefox

Favioli is a browser extension for Google Chrome, Firefox, and compatible browsers, that lets you replace a site's favicon with a custom icon. Most websites make use of so-called favicons that web […]

hide comments

Hide Web Comments by default with Comment Blocker for Firefox

Shut Up: Comment Blocker is a browser extension for the Firefox web browser that hides comments on the majority of websites that you visit. The extension is based on a CSS style […]

firefox accounts recovery

How to create Firefox Account Recovery Keys

Firefox users who use a Firefox Account to sync data between devices and the cloud use a combination of a username and a password for authorization. Users may enable two-step authentication to […]

reaper firefox crash

This Firefox bug may crash the browser and your operating system

A newly discovered bug in the desktop version of the Firefox web browser may crash the browser and under certain circumstances the entire operating system. Discovered and revealed by security researcher Sabri […]

firefox tracking protection

Firefox 65: New Cookie Jar Policy to block tracking

Mozilla plans to launch a new anti-tracking method in Firefox 65 that blocks tracking resources from accessing storage on all desktop platforms. The new policy is designed specifically to limit cross-site tracking […]

firefox 62.0.2

Mozilla Firefox 62.0.2 is out

Mozilla released Firefox 62.0.2 on September 21, 2018 to the Release channel. The new version of the web browser is a minor update that addresses bugs and security issues in Firefox Stable. […]

Mozilla wants to estimate Firefox's Telemetry-off population

Mozilla Firefox is one of the few web browsers out there that gives users and system administrators options to turn off Telemetry. Telemetry, which Mozilla introduced in Firefox 7 back in 2011, […]

firefox autoplay prompt

Firefox gets improved autoplay blocking soon

The Firefox web browser will soon block autoplaying media on webpages visited in the web browser more reliable. Mozilla added options to control HMTL5 video autoplay in 2015 in Firefox and while […]

browser memory usage

What you can do if your browser uses too much Memory

While web browsers were never the leanest applications memory-wise, memory usage of web browsers seems to have exploded in recent time. It is not uncommon anymore that browsers such as Chrome or […]

firefox block autostart windows 10

Prevent Firefox from reopening on Windows 10 start

Microsoft added a feature to the Fall Creators Update of Windows 10 that restarts select applications that were open when the restart or shutdown command was activated. The feature lets users continue […]

firefox webrender

Mozilla enables WebRender on qualifying Firefox Nightly installations

Mozilla enabled the new WebRender component of the Firefox web browser by default on Firefox Nightly installations that meet the system requirements. WebRender is a new technology that makes better use of […]

configure firefox tab open after close

Configure what Firefox does when you close a tab

What happens when you close a tab in the Firefox web browser? If only one tab is open, Firefox will close. If multiple tabs are open, Firefox will open the last activate […]