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fx cast firefox chromecast

fx_cast brings Chromecast streaming to Firefox (early look)

If you use Chromecast, a Google's device to stream content to displays, e.g. to stream a video from your PC to your television, you may have noticed that Firefox is not officially […]

textarea cache

Never lose text input in Firefox again with Textarea Cache

Textarea Cache is a browser extension for the Firefox web browser that caches text input automatically so that you may recover it if the browser crashes or something else that is unforeseen […]


Firefox 67: automatically unload unused tabs to improve memory

Mozilla plans to introduce a new feature in Firefox 67 Stable that aims to improve the browser's memory usage in low memory conditions. Browsers use a lot more memory than they did […]

firefox 65.0.2

Firefox 65.0.2 fixes a geolocation issue

Mozilla released a new version of the stable version of its web browser Firefox to the public yesterday. Firefox 65.0.2 is already available as an update for existing Firefox installations. The new […]

block container addon rules

Firefox: Block sites outside Firefox containers extensions

Block sites outside container is a new extension for the Firefox web browser that extend the container functionality of the browser. Containers, first introduced as a Test Pilot experiment for Firefox and […]

firefox web compat overrides interventions

Firefox's new Web Compatibility page

Firefox Nightly features a new internal Web Compatibility page that lists Firefox compatibility modifications for Internet sites and services. While it is usually in the best interest of webmasters and companies to […]

firefox root-certificates dark matter remove

How to remove DarkMatter Certificates from Firefox

Cyber-security company DarkMatter, based in the United Arab Emirates, applied to become a top-level certificate authority in Mozilla's root certificate program recently. Certificates are a cornerstone of today's Internet; HTTPS ensures that […]

add custom search firefox

Add custom search engines to Firefox

Add custom search engine is a free extension for the Firefox web browser to add any search engine to the Firefox web browser. Firefox users have quite a few options when it […]

firefox old addons manager

A first look at Firefox's updated Add-ons Manager

The add-ons manager of the Firefox web browser is an essential component; Firefox users may use it to manage installed extensions, themes, and language packs. Mozilla is in the process of removing […]

firefox monitor warnings

Firefox 67 to display breach alerts

Mozilla plans to extend the functionality of Firefox Monitor by displaying breach alerts to users of the browser. The organization ran a Shield Study back in 2018 to test Firefox Monitor in […]

firefox picture-in-picture mode

Mozilla working on Firefox Picture in Picture mode

Mozilla plans to integrate a picture in picture mode in the organization's Firefox web browser to play videos in a separate always-on-top frame on the desktop. Picture in Picture mode offers two […]

extension storage firefox migrated

Firefox Extensions to use different storage type in Firefox 66

Firefox 66 is the upcoming stable version of the web browser by Mozilla. The version is currently in the Beta channel and will be moved to Stable on March 19, 2019 according […]

smartadblock filters

SmartAdblock updated: memory optimizations and custom filter support

The developers of the free cross-browser adblocker SmartAdblock have released an updated version of the extension that introduces a number of improvements and optimizations. We looked at the initial release version of […]

distill web monitor

Monitor webpage changes with Distill Web Monitor

Distill Web Monitor is a free browser extension for the Google Chrome and Firefox web browsers that you may use to monitor webpages for changes. Internet users have some options when it […]

firefox 65.0.1

Here is what is new in Firefox 65.0.1

Mozilla released Firefox 65.0.1 to the browser's stable channel yesterday. The new release is a bug fix and security release and as such a recommended update for all stable users. It is […]

autofill logins

Firefox 67: password manager improvements

Mozilla plans to launch several password manager and password related enhancements in the upcoming Firefox 67 Stable release. The features, which are already implemented in Firefox Nightly, the cutting edge development version […]

project fission

Firefox's Project Fission: better security and more processes

Mozilla is working on a new process model for the Firefox web browser to enable full site isolation in the browser once rolled out. Firefox's current process model runs the browser user […]

firefox cryptominers fingerprinters

Firefox 67: Cryptomining and Fingerprinting protection

Mozilla plans to launch cryptomining and fingerprinting protection in Firefox 67 to improve user privacy. Cryptomining and fingerprinting protection block JavaScript cryptominers and certain attempts by websites to fingerprint the user. The […]