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firefox error

Firefox 59.0.3 fixes Windows 10 April 2018 compatibility issue

Firefox users who run the stable version of the web browser and plan on updating to the April 2018 Update version of Windows 10 in the coming days may want to make […]

google container

Google Container for Firefox to isolate Google

Google Container is yet-another add-on for Mozilla Firefox that uses the new Container technology of the browser to isolate sites from the rest of the browsing. As the name implies, Google Container […]

dark night mode firefox theme

These are the Firefox Quantum Extensions Challenge Finalists

Mozilla changed the add-ons system of the Firefox web browser with the release of Firefox 57. The organization dropped the classic add-on system and switched the system over to WebExtensions. Mozilla was […]

firefox share backported

Get Firefox Share back with Share Backported

Mozilla removed the Share icon and functionality from the Firefox browser when it launched Firefox 57, generally known as Firefox Quantum. Share integrated sharing functionality directly in Firefox. Instead of having to […]

firefox notes

Firefox Notes get a big update with multi-note support

Remember Firefox Notes? Mozilla launched Firefox Notes as a Test Pilot project back in mid 2016 along with the Voice Fill and Send experiments. Firefox Notes added note taking capabilities to the […]

dynamic weather theme

Dynamic Weather Theme for Firefox

Dynamic Weather Theme for Firefox is a new extension for the Firefox web browser that changes the theme of the browser based on the weather conditions of a location in the world. […]

video speed controller

Video Speed Controller for Firefox

Video Speed Controller is a Firefox add-on that adds shortcuts to the web browser that you may activate to control the playback speed of HTML5 videos on sites like YouTube and others. […]

firefox tls version

Mozilla starts to enable TLS 1.3 on Firefox Stable

Eagle-eyed Firefox users and administrators may have noticed that Mozilla dropped a new system add-on on systems running the stable version of Firefox recently. First spotted by Bleeping Computer creator Lawrence Abrams, […]

tabwalk firefox

TabWalk for Firefox: move between recently active tabs quickly

TabWalk is a new browser extension for the Firefox web browser to switch to recently active tabs quickly with the help of keyboard shortcuts. The extension is developed by Giorgio Maone, best […]

youtube container

YouTube Container for Firefox isolates YouTube in the browser

YouTube Container is a free extension for the Firefox web browser that isolates YouTube domains that you open in the web browser from the rest to improve privacy. The extension is a […]

firefox ftp insecure

Firefox 61 will block FTP subresources

Mozilla plans to disable support for FTP subresources (subresource requests) in the stable version of Firefox 61. Firefox 61 will be released on June 26, 2018 to the stable channel according to […]

mozilla amo spam

Another wave of spam add-ons hits Mozilla Firefox AMO

When you list available extensions for the Firefox browser based on recency right now on Mozilla AMO, the official Mozilla Add-ons repository store, you will stumble upon a list of extensions that […]

add search engine to firefox

Firefox 61: add search engine in Page Actions menu

Mozilla removed the classic search bar from new Firefox installations with the release of Firefox 57 but did not touch the search bar in existing Firefox installations. Mozilla added so-called one-off searches […]

firefox reality

Mozilla releases Firefox Reality for Virtual Reality scenarios

Mozilla unveiled a new web browser today called Firefox Reality. Firefox Reality has been in development for some time as a web browser for virtual and mixed reality headsets. Mozilla believes that […]

firefox network trr dns over https

Configure DNS Over HTTPS in Firefox

DNS over HTTPS is a relatively new feature to improve the privacy, security and connection reliability of DNS look-ups; the feature is currently in draft status and tested by companies such as […]

facebook container prevent tracking

Facebook Container extension prevents Facebook tracking in Firefox

Facebook Container is a new browser extension for Firefox by Mozilla that isolates Facebook from the rest of your browsing history to prevent tracking. Internet and computer users are exposed to different […]

firefox 59.0.2

Firefox 59.0.2 release information

Mozilla released Firefox 59.0.2 to the stable release channel on March 26, 2018 for all supported operating systems. The new version of the web browser includes security fixes and patches for several […]

firefox legacy addons recommendations

Preparing for Firefox ESR 60.0

Mozilla plans to release the next Extended Support Release version of the organization's Firefox web browser, Firefox ESR 60.0, on May 9, 2018. Firefox 59.0 would have been the original target for […]