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web security

Mozilla bans 23 snooping Firefox extensions

Mozilla purged 23 Firefox extensions from the official Firefox Addons website Mozilla AMO and browsers the extensions were installed in today. The ban affects 23 extensions for Firefox that were installed by […]

stylish new privacy

Stylish add-on makes a return

Stylish, a web browser extension to load so-called userstyles in supported browsers that modify looks and layout of webpages, has returned to the official Mozilla Add-ons Store for Firefox after its removal […]

active policies firefox

Firefox's about:policies page

Mozilla added a Policy Engine to Firefox 60.0 to help organizations with the deployment of the Firefox web browser. Aimed at organizations, most policies are available in home environments as well. While […]

web security

Mozilla recommended privacy extension had "phone-home" feature

A browser extension for the Firefox web browser that Mozilla recommended on its official Firefox blog as one of the extensions to make the "Firefox browser a privacy superpower" had phone-home functionality […]

noscript interface

NoScript guide for Firefox 57+

The developer of the popular Firefox security add-on NoScript launched a Firefox 57 compatible version of the extension shortly after the release of the Firefox 57 browser. He worked with Mozilla to […]

local sheriff

Local Sheriff reveals if sites leak personal information with third-parties

Local Sheriff is a browser extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox that reveals to you if sites you visit share or leak personal information with third-parties. The main difference between Local […]

firefox 61.0.2

Firefox 61.0.2 release information

Mozilla released a new version of the organization's Firefox web browser to the release channel on August 8, 2018. Firefox 61.0.2 is a bug fix release for the most part but it […]

firefox advance

Firefox experiment recommends articles based on your browsing

Mozilla launched a new Test Pilot project for Firefox today called Advance that provides article recommendations based on your browsing. The new experiment is a cooperation between Mozilla and Laserlike. Laserlike is […]

firefox 63 downgrade

Don't downgrade Firefox 63

Mozilla plans to change the backend for the storage.local API to indexedDB from JSON to improve performance in Firefox 63. The migration happens in the background and Firefox users who run Firefox […]

firefox about profiles

A detailed look at about:profiles in Firefox

The Firefox web browser supported profiles for a very long time. Profiles are separate browsing profiles that run independent of each other. User generated content, bookmarks, installed add-ons, or the browsing history […]

firefox network trr dns over https

Is Mozilla's new DNS feature really dangerous?

A story on the Ungleich blog claims that Mozilla integrating two new DNS related security and privacy features into Firefox is dangerous. The two features discussed in the opinion piece, DNS over […]

chrome enable av1 video decoder

AV1 Codec support in Firefox and Chrome

The web browsers Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox will soon support the open video codec AV1. Google and Mozilla released support for the new codec in development versions of the browsers and […]

firefox out-of-process linux

Firefox 63: Linux out-of-process extensions

Mozilla plans to enable out-of-process extensions for Firefox running on GNU/Linux systems in Firefox 63. The organization plans to release Firefox 63 on October 23, 2018 for all supported desktop and mobile […]

firefox design system two

Mozilla wants feedback on Firefox rebrand

It feels like it has been just a couple of months ago that Mozilla updated the logo of the Firefox browser. Today the organization announced a new project to evolve the Firefox […]

firefox 63 language switching

Firefox gets improved interface language switching and spell checker support

Mozilla plans to improve the way Firefox users can switch the default interface language of the browser and the spell checker that comes with it. Firefox users have to download language packs […]

livemarks dynamic bookmarks

Livemarks restores Live Bookmarks support in Firefox

Livemarks is a brand new browser extension for the Firefox web browser that restores Live Bookmarks functionality in the web browser. Mozilla announced plans recently to remove Live Bookmarks support from the […]

firefox updates options

Mozilla makes it more difficult to block Firefox updates

Current stable versions of the Firefox web browser support three states when it comes to checking for and installing updates in the web browser. The default setting checks for updates automatically and […]

firefox bookmark descriptions

Mozilla plans to remove bookmarks descriptions

Mozilla plans to remove bookmarks description support in the Firefox web browser according to bug listings on the official bug management site. The organization plans to do the removal in two steps: […]