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noscript 10

NoScript 10 WebExtension is out

Giorgio Maone, the developer behind the popular Firefox security add-on NoScript, released NoScript 10, the first "pure" WebExtensions version today. NoScript 10 did not make it in time for the release of […]

firefox library remove highlights

How to hide Highlights in Firefox

Firefox 57 was released this week, and with it came changes to the browser's New Tab Page, and a new library icon in the browser's main toolbar. Mozilla added a highlights section […]

firefox default search

Mozilla drops Yahoo as Firefox's default search provider

Mozilla released a major new version of the organization's Firefox web browser on November 14, 2017. The new version of Firefox promises better performance and stability, came with a theme refresh, and […]

firefox pioneer

What is Firefox Pioneer?

Firefox Pioneer is a feature of SHIELD, a system that Mozilla implemented in Firefox to test new features and changes on a subset of Firefox users. Firefox Pioneer is an opt-in feature […]

legacy extensions

How to move Firefox legacy extensions to another browser

Mozilla Firefox 57 will be released today; we have reviewed the new version of the web browser yesterday already. The new version comes with light and shadow; light, because it is faster […]

firefox quantum 57

Firefox 57 release overview

Mozilla plans to release Firefox 57.0 to the stable channel on November 14, 2017. The new version of the web browser is a major release as it introduces big changes to the […]

classic firefox 57

Customize Firefox 57 with CSS

Custom CSS for Fx is a collection of CSS styles for Firefox 57 and newer by the author of the popular Firefox add-on Classic Theme Restorer. Firefox 57 won't support Classic Theme […]

classic add-ons archive

Firefox Classic Add-ons Archive

Classic Add-Ons Archive is a new add-on for the Firefox web browser that can be best described as a local catalog of classic Firefox add-ons. The current version of the catalog lists […]

migrate custom rules adblock-plus-ublock origin

How to migrate from Adblock Plus to uBlock Origin

If you want to migrate from the content blocker Adblock Plus to uBlock Origin, you may be able to do so in mere seconds depending on whether you have added custom rules […]

tracking protection

Firefox 57: full Tracking Protection functionality included

Surprise, surprise. Mozilla slipped Firefox's built-in Tracking Protection feature into the Firefox 57 stable release next week. Tracking Protection was integrated into Firefox back in 2014, and made available in release versions […]


What's going on with Xmarks for Firefox?

Xmarks, once a popular solution to sync bookmarks between different devices, is not working correctly anymore for many users of the service. Xmarks (formerly known as Foxmarks) was released as a Firefox […]

adblock plus 3 webextensions firefox

Firefox add-on Adblock Plus released as a WebExtension

Adblock Plus, the -- by far -- most popular browser extension for the Mozilla Firefox web browser, has been released as a WebExtension. Firefox 57 will be released in eight days to […]

tor browser file ip leak

Tor on Linux/Mac may leak IP (update available)

Tor users who use the Tor browser on Linux or Mac OS X devices may want to update the program to version 7.0.9 as soon as possible to plug a potential IP […]

firefox addons

Mozilla launches redesigned Firefox Add-ons website

Mozilla launched a redesign of the official Firefox Add-ons website recently which changed the look and feel, and some functionality of the site. Firefox Add-ons, or Mozilla AMO, is the central repository […]

bandwidth hero

Bandwidth Hero: compress images to save data in Firefox and Chrome

Bandwidth Hero is a free extension for Chrome and Firefox that compresses images before they are sent to the browser that requested them. Images can make up quite a large chunk of […]

firefox 58 android quantum css

Firefox 58 for Android: enable Quantum CSS engine

Mozilla plans to release the first major bits of Project Quantum, the organizations new web engine in Firefox 57 Stable on the desktop. The new technology makes Firefox two times as fast […]

firefox canvas image data

Firefox 58 warns you if sites use Canvas image data

Mozilla plans to display permission prompts if websites or services attempt to use HTML5 Canvas Image Data in the Firefox web browser. Canvas fingerprinting is a byproduct of the HTML5 Canvas technology […]

firefox extensions mozilla unlock

How to enable Firefox WebExtensions on Mozilla websites

One of the limitations of the new WebExtensions add-on system of the Firefox web browser was up until now that these extensions would not work on some websites operated by Mozilla. Only […]