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firefox sync new backend

Mozilla improves the reliability of Firefox's Sync service

Firefox users may use built-in sync functionality to synchronize data between instances of Firefox. These instances can be on the same computer, e.g. different profiles, or on different local or remote machines. […]

firefox send final

Mozilla retires Firefox Send and Firefox Notes services

Mozilla shut down Firefox Send on September 17, 2020 and plans to shut down Firefox Notes no November 1, 2020. Firefox Send was launched as an experiment in 2017 to improve the […]

Browse the web, scroll, search, manage tabs, using keyboard shortcuts with the Vim Vixen extension for Firefox

Browse the web, scroll, search, manage tabs, using keyboard shortcuts with the Vim Vixen extension for Firefox

Have you tried using keyboard shortcuts instead of the mouse whenever possible? It can make you work more efficiently, especially in browsers and text editors that support a huge number of shortcuts. […]

firefox 82 android permanent address bar

Firefox 82 for Android with option to display the address bar permanently

An upcoming version of the new Firefox web browser for Android will feature an option to make the address bar permanent in the browser's user interface. Currently, if you use the Firefox […]

audio equalizer firefox chrome

Add an Audio Equalizer to Firefox, Chrome and other browsers

Audio Equalizer is a free cross-browser extension that adds an audio equalizer to the browser to get better control over the output of sound. The extension is available for Firefox, Chrome, Opera […]

Mozilla Add-ons developers may soon pay Mozilla for reviews and promoted listings

Mozilla announced the introduction of the "Promoted Add-ons Pilot" program on September 9, 2020 on the official Add-ons blog. The pilot program will run between September and November 2020, and may be […]

SingleFileZ tab bar context menu

SingleFileZ is a fork of the SingleFile Firefox and Chrome extension with better file compression

Want to save an entire web page for offline reference? There are add-ons which can help you, such as SingleFile, or its fork SingleFileZ. All you have to do is click on […]

firefox 81 downloads

Firefox 81 for Android gets much needed Downloads interface

When Mozilla released the new Firefox web browser for Android, it appeared rushed in several regards and while users liked the improvements done to web compatibility and performance, others criticized Mozilla for […]

firefox automatic tab closing

Firefox 81 for Android gets an automatic tab closing option

The next version of the new Firefox mobile browser for Google's Android operating system includes a new automatic tab closing features. Tab opening and closing behavior differs highly between two major groups […]

nightTab is a highly customizable new tab replacement extension for Firefox and Chrome

nightTab is a highly customizable new tab replacement extension for Firefox and Chrome

There are lots of ways to customize the new tab experience. Some like using custom CSS or display a blank page, others rely on extensions like Group Speed Dial or Tabliss. Want […]

firefox 82 automatic download iframe

Firefox 82: new automatic downloads protection

Mozilla plans to introduce a new security feature in Firefox 82 that prevents the automatic downloading of files under certain circumstances. The feature will block downloads that are initiated by sandboxed iframes, […]

firefox-nightly android addons support

Firefox Nightly for Android to get full add-ons support

The Nightly version of the new Firefox web browser for Google's Android operating system will soon get full add-ons support according to a post by Mozilla's Add-ons Community Manager Caitlin Neiman on […]

firefox browser 80.0.1

Firefox 80.0.1 will be released today. Here is what is new

Mozilla plans to release a new stable version of the Firefox web browser on September 1, 2020. Firefox 80.0.1 is a minor upgrade to the stable channel that fixes several issues that […]

firefox one-off searches

First look at Firefox's upcoming address bar update

Mozilla plans to release an update for Firefox soon that changes several address bar related features, including the behavior of one-off searches and search aliases. Called Design Update 2, some of the […]

Copy Selected Tabs to Clipboard - Markdown List example

Extract the URL and title from multiple tabs with the Copy Selected Tabs to Clipboard extension for Firefox

We have seen add-ons which can help you copy all your tabs to the clipboard, e.g. Copy All Tab URLs for Firefox. What if you wanted to only copy some links, and not […]

Here is what is new and changed in Firefox 80.0

Mozilla released Firefox 80.0 to the Stable channel and Firefox ESR 78.2 / Firefox ESR 68.12 to the Extended Support Release channel on August 25, 2020. Note: if you are reading this […]

future deep speech

The future of Mozilla's Speech to Text project DeepSpeech is uncertain

Following the layoffs at Mozilla and rumor that the organization would be able to extend its search deal with Google for another three years, it became clear quickly that things needed time […]

firefox pioneer 2

Firefox Nightly 81 with integrated Pioneer v2 data studies module is now available

A recent Firefox Nightly update introduced native support for Pioneer v2, an updated version of Mozilla Firefox's voluntary data sharing feature. One of the core differences to version 1 is that version […]