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save in firefox

Save In: use multiple download folders in Firefox or Chrome

Save In... is a browser extension for the Firefox and Chrome web browser that you may use to add multiple download folders to Firefox or Chrome to switch between the folders when […]

firefox bookmarks organizer 2.0

Bookmarks Organizer 2.0 for Firefox released

Bookmarks Organizer 2.0 for the Mozilla Firefox web browser is a major update to the bookmarks management WebExtension that Sören Hentzschel, the developer of the add-on, launched last year. Bookmarks Organizer is […]

firefox 59 stable

Firefox 59.0 release overview

Firefox 59.0 was offered to the stable channel of the browser on March 13, 2018. It is the second major update after the release of Firefox 57.0 Quantum which introduced major changes […]

in-page popup

Mozilla wants to do something about annoying in-page popups

In-page popups can be quite the annoyance on the Internet. These popups appear on the active page and not in form of a new windows displayed over or under the current browser […]

firefox screenshots image editor

Firefox 59: Firefox Screenshots gets image editing functionality

Mozilla plans to improve the built-in screenshot tool of the Firefox web browser in Firefox 59 Stable by adding image editing functionality to the server uploaded images are hosted on. Update: The […]

session boss firefox

Save and restore Firefox tabs with Session Boss

Session Boss is a free browser extension for the Firefox web browser to save and restore Firefox tabs for safekeeping, backups or working with different tab sets. The well-designed extension saves sessions […]

firefox policies

Firefox 60 ships with Windows Group Policy Support

Mozilla is working on integrating Group Policy Support for Firefox running on Windows devices in the upcoming Firefox 60 release. Firefox 60 is the next Extended Support Release of the web browser […]

nordvpn firefox

A look at NordVPN's browser extensions

NordVPN is a fairly popular VPN service provider that supports many of the features that users come to expect from a service of its kind this day and age. It claims that […]

firefox fingerprint protection

A history of Fingerprinting protection in Firefox

Fingerprinting is a common technique used predominantly by advertising agencies and marketing companies to track people on the Internet. Mozilla introduced the preference privacy.resistFingerprinting in Firefox 41 as part of the Tor […]

firefox addon beta versions

Mozilla discontinues support for Firefox extension beta versions

Jorge Villalobos announced on the official Mozilla Add-ons blog today that Mozilla will stop supporting beta versions of extensions. Firefox add-on developers could upload beta or development versions of their extensions to […]

firefox disable sync identity.fxaccounts.enabled

Firefox 60: Disable Firefox Sync integration

Mozilla added a new customization option to Firefox 60 that gives an option to users of the web browser to disable the browser's Firefox Sync integration. Firefox Sync is a data synchronization […]

firefox cookies management

Mozilla removes individual cookie management in Firefox 60 from preferences

The most recent version of Firefox Nightly, currently at version 60, comes with changes to Firefox's cookie management. Mozilla merged cookie settings with site data in the web browser which impacts how […]

youtube video blocker firefox

Block YouTube Channels, Videos and comments with Video Blocker

YouTube is an excellent resource for video content, but it is also plagued by spam, trolls, and lots of video content that you dislike. The trending and recommended video sections on the […]

firefox security.mixed_content.upgrade_display_content

Firefox 60: HTTPS upgrade for Mixed Content

Mozilla plans to launch a new feature in Firefox 60 that upgrades optionally-blockable mixed content on HTTPS sites to HTTPS if possible. The migration to an HTTPS powered World Wide Web is […]

firefox search multi tabs

Search across all Firefox tabs with Search Multi Tabs

Search Multi Tabs is a new extension for the Firefox web browser that enables you to search across all open Firefox tabs at once. Veteran Firefox users may remember extensions such as […]

bitdefender trafficlight for firefox

Bitdefender TrafficLight for Firefox version 2.0 released

Security company Bitdefender has releaser Bitdefender TrafficLight for Firefox 2.0, a security extension for Mozilla's Firefox web browser today. The new version of Bitdefender TrafficLight for Firefox is the first version that […]

dark reader

Dark Reader dark theme extension for Firefox

Dark Reader is a popular browser extension for Google Chrome which its developer, Alexander Shutov, released for Mozilla Firefox recently. The basic idea of the extension is to turn any website design […]


Firefox 60 with new preference to disable FTP

Mozilla plans to release Firefox 60 with a new preference to disable support for the FTP protocol. The preference is disabled by default so that FTP sites can still be accessed in […]