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keep delete bookmarks

Give your Firefox bookmarks the Tinder treatment

Keep or Delete Bookmarks is a Firefox add-on by Sören Hentzschel designed to bring order to the browser's bookmarks in a playful way. Instead of just going through long lists of bookmarks […]

Group Speed Dial is a free, customizable new tab page manager for Firefox

Group Speed Dial is a free, customizable new tab page extension for Firefox

Not to take anything away from Opera's iconic speed dial, but Group Speed Dial for Firefox has possibly the best customizable new tab page I've ever used. When Mozilla made WebExtensions the […]

firefox 68.0

Firefox 68.0 release information

Firefox 68.0 is a new major version of the Firefox web browser. The release date of the new stable version of Firefox is July 9, 2019. All Firefox channels are updated on […]

LanguageTool is a free, open-source, grammar and spell checker

LanguageTool is a free, open-source, grammar and spell checker for Firefox, Chrome and Windows

As a writer, I've a personal arsenal of writing tools, which I like to tinker with from time to time. Most of these are now available as web-apps/extensions, and one of them […]

firefox ESR profile

Firefox 68 ESR: what administrators need to know

Mozilla Firefox will be upgraded to version 68.0 next Tuesday. The new version is the base for the next Extended Support Release (ESR) version of the Firefox web browser. Organizations and home […]

firefox preview 1.0

Firefox Preview 1.0 (Fenix) is now available

Mozilla released Firefox Preview 1.0 for Google's Android operating system on Google Play after publishing an earlier version in May 2019. The organization put a lot of work in the redesigned version […]

firefox new quantumbar address bar

This is Firefox's new QuantumBar Address Bar design

Firefox 68 will be the first stable version of the web browser that features the rewrite of Firefox's address bar. The new component, called QuantumBar -- matching Mozilla's use of the Quantum […]

firefox updates bits windows

Firefox will use BITS on Windows for updates going forward

Mozilla plans to change the updating technology that the organization's Firefox web browser uses on the Windows platform. The organization plans to use BITS, the Background Intelligent Transfer Service, on Windows to […]

firefox fission autostart

Firefox 69 Nightly: Fission can now be enabled (for testing)

Mozilla added an option to recent Firefox Nightly version, version 69 at the time of writing, to enable Fission in the web browser. I talked about Mozilla's ambitious Project Fission in February […]

firefox cpu architecture information user agent

Mozilla omits CPU architecture information from Firefox's user agent

Mozilla plans to omit CPU architecture information from Firefox's user agent and several supported APIs to reduce the digital fingerprint of Firefox users. Web browsers reveal information automatically to websites that users […]

firefox tracking protection panel

Mozilla plans far-reaching changes to Protective features in Firefox

Mozilla plans to improve the protective features of the Firefox web browser further by making user interface changes, introducing social blocking as a new tracking protection feature and protection reports, and launching […]

firefox 68 add-ons manager

Firefox 68 features a new Add-ons Manager

Firefox's Add-ons Manager is one of the core components of the web browser, at least for Firefox users who install browser extensions, themes, or language packs. Mozilla plans to launch a redesigned […]

firefox 67.0.3

Firefox 67.0.3 fixes 0-day vulnerability

Mozilla released a new update for the Firefox web browser, Firefox 67.0.3, on June 19, 2019 to address a 0-day vulnerability in the browser. A new Firefox ESR, Extended Support Release, version […]

firefox generate password

Firefox 69 gets a password generator

Mozilla is working on a new feature for the Firefox web browser that helps users generate random secure passwords when they create new accounts on the Internet. The feature is part of […]

firefox autoplay video audio block

Block autoplaying video and audio in Firefox 69+ natively

Most modern web browsers mute audio content that plays automatically on websites that users visit on the Internet. Firefox started to block autoplaying audio automatically with the release of Firefox 66 which […]

firefox restore previous session

Firefox's Session Restore code is changing, bugs possible

Firefox users may experience bugs and issues related to the browser's Session Restore feature while Mozilla is working on changing the feature's code. Session Restore is a core feature of the Firefox […]

firefox focus android

Firefox Focus not a high priority currently

Mozilla released quite a few web browsers for Android in the past and is working on a new mobile browser for the operating system at the time of writing. One question that […]

firefox logins json corrupt

If you lost all passwords in Firefox, read this!

Reports are coming in by Firefox users from all over the world that saved passwords are no longer available when they start the web browser. Firefox, just like any other modern browser, […]