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firefox voice retirement

Mozilla retires Firefox Voice and Voice Fill extensions

Mozilla announced the retirement of the two Firefox extensions Firefox Voice and Firefox Voice Fill yesterday. Firefox Voice was labeled beta all the time. Mozilla released the source code of both extensions […]

firefox 85 stable release

Here is what is new and changed in Firefox 85.0

Mozilla will release Firefox 85.0 Stable and Firefox 78.7 ESR later today to the public (if you are reading this on January 26, 2021). The new Firefox versions are distributed via the […]

firefox skeleton ui windows

Firefox Nightly uses a new skeleton UI on start on Windows

If you are using Firefox Nightly on Windows 10, you may have noticed a new more-or-less blank user interface that gets loaded on the very first start of the browser. Mozilla calls […]

Search and Manage tabs from multiple windows with ease using Tab Manager V2 for Firefox and Chrome

Search and Manage tabs from multiple windows with ease using Tab Manager V2 for Firefox and Chrome

Do you have too many tabs open in your browser? Sometimes it can get really difficult to locate the tab you need, and the more tabs you have, the worse it becomes. […]

firefox multiple picture-in-picture videos

First look at Firefox's Multiple Picture-in-Picture video feature

Most web browsers support a picture-in-picture video feature to watch a video in an independent window on the screen. One of its main purposes is to watch a video while doing something […]

firefox addons scary message

Mozilla ends the Promoted Firefox Add-ons Program

Mozilla Add-ons Product Manager Jorge Villalobos announced the end of Mozilla's Promoted Add-ons pilot for the Firefox web browser on January 21, 2021. The organization decided not to move forward so that […]

firefox tabs design refresh proton not final

First non-final Tabs redesign courtesy of Proton lands in Firefox Nightly

Mozilla is working on a Firefox design refresh under the codename Proton. The project is in its early stages but the general plan appears to be to refresh pretty much any user […]

firefox android addons extensions support

Firefox for Android is still miles away from full extension support

When Mozilla launched the redesigned Firefox mobile browser for Android, codename Fenix, in 2020, it knew that the new browser did not support all the features of the previous one. The organization […]

firefox-print multiple pages per sheet

Firefox to support the printing of multiple pages per sheet

Mozilla's Firefox web browser will soon support the printing of multiple pages per sheet. The new functionality is available in Firefox Nightly, the development edition of the Firefox web browser, already and […]

firefox save bookmarks 85

Firefox 85 remembers the last used bookmarks folder and gets other bookmarking improvements

Firefox 85 Stable will be released next week, and the browser includes a number of new features and improvements. We looked at the browser's new network partitioning feature, support for importing passwords […]

easyGestures N is a user-friendly, mouse gesture navigation extension for Firefox

easyGestures N is a user-friendly, mouse gesture navigation extension for Firefox

Gesturefy and FoxyGestures are incredible add-ons which allow you to control your browser with the mouse. The gestures do take some time to get used to; if you want something simpler, you […]

firefox import passwords keepass bitwarden

Firefox 85 supports the import of KeePass and Bitwarden passwords

The next stable version of the Firefox web browser supports the import of passwords from the password managers KeePass and Bitwarden, and password managers that use the same format. Current stable versions […]

google images default

Google Images Restored restores the classic Google Images web interface

Google Images Restored is an extension for Chromium-based and Firefox-based web browsers that restores the classic Google Images web interface and its functionality. Google started to tinker with the interface on Google […]

Firefox 86: AVIF support enabled by default

Mozilla plans to enable support for the AVIF format in Firefox 86 Stable so that AVIF image files will be displayed just like any other supported image format in the web browser. […]

Quick Commands is a Firefox extension that works similar to Vivaldi's shortcuts

Quick Commands is a Firefox extension that works like Vivaldi's shortcuts

Vivaldi users may be familiar with a feature called Quick Commands. These are keyboard shortcuts which allow you to do various things quickly like switching tabs, finding a specific tab, do an […]

firefox backspace key navigate back

Firefox 86 will block the Backspace-key to go back action by default

The Firefox web browser is one of the few web browsers left that supports using the Backspace-key to go back. Hit the Backspace-key on the keyboard to go back to the previous […]

mozilla firefox 84.0.2

Firefox 84.0.2 is a security update

Mozilla plans to release Firefox 84.0.2, a new version of the organization's stable version of the Firefox web browser, to the public on January 6, 2021. Firefox 84.0.2 is the first stable […]

project bergamot firefox translation

What is the status of Firefox's client-side translation feature?

Work on a project called Bergamot started in 2019 to develop client-side translation in a web browser. The project, run by several European universities and Mozilla, aims to create a translation service […]