Why Dedicated Media Players are still cool

With all the cell phones to come out in recent times packing video players, mp3 players and a whole host of other media functionalities, its not hard to see why MP3 players […]

Three Things That Are Holding Back The Sony PS3

It has been 2 ½ years since the PS3 has launched and since that time it has been trailing both the Wii and Xbox 360 in sales. Granted it has been doing […]

Microsoft And Yahoo Finally Strike Deal

Well it seems that both Yahoo and Microsoft have reached an agreement regarding their search deal. You might remember that it has been close to two years that both companies have been […]

Why you should not be an early adopter

Every so often you have a gadget or technological device that sets the wire news on fire. Recently we’ve been hearing much ado about Windows 7, iPhone 3GS, OSX Snow Leopard, SSD […]

Palm Mojo SDK Released

Its not everyday that you have a phone that lives up to its hype, a few that have in recent years has been the iPhone, Razr, Omnia, Touch HD and more recently […]

Microsoft Reinventing Itself

2008 was Microsoft’s worst year to date in terms of press coverage. In no small part to Vista, Windows Mobile (lack of development), XP downgrade fiasco and not to mention all the […]

Google Needs Standards Too

After taking a look at the latest set of devices and gadgets to make it to the market, one thing is becoming clear. We are in desperate need of some gadget standards. […]

Android vs. webOS

So far we’ve heard quite a bit of comparisons between the webOS platform and OSX (for the iPhone), as well as Android vs. OSX. But so far, comparisons between both Android and […]

Archos 9 Tablet

Archos has been known for making tablets for ages, but recently they have been turning heads with their talks about contributing something to the Android iniciative as well as working on a […]

Why Blackberry and Windows Mobile isn’t going anywhere

iPhone sells 1,000,000 devices in its opening weekend, Palm sells 300,000 Pre’s in 3 weeks, T-Mobile has 1,000,000 G1’s in circulation. You’d think with these numbers Microsoft and RIM would be pacing […]

5 Things we’re still missing from our Smartphones

With the iPhone, Pre, and a whole host of Android devices out the door, the race for the control of the cell phone market is heating up. As things usually go in […]

The Windows Marketplace Advantage

It has been known for some time that hardly any innovation goes into the technology world these days. While many will debate as to whether this is true or not, a quick […]

T-Mobile myTouch

Although the first Google Android phone was a success (albeit moderate) it was eclipsed by more prominent players in the industry such as Apple, Blackberry (Storm) and most recently Palm with their […]

Apple iPhone 3GS

The iPhone 3GS! By now you’re probably familiar with the device and the name, (S stands for SPEED!). But in case you had a few questions regarding OS 3.0 or the new […]

Disney Netpal

It’s not everyday you see a partnership like this. But taking into consideration the current economic times, the popularity of the netbook as well as Disney’s quest to control the digital lives […]