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svchost process

Analyzing the svchost.exe processes

I more than once asked myself why I had so many svchost processes running when opening the task manager which displayed no additional information on the process. I needed another software that would help me analyze the svchost processes and determine if they were really needed or even malicious.

windows updates december 2017 security

Microsoft Security Updates December 2017 release

This overview offers information on security updates and non-security updates that Microsoft released for Windows, Office and other company products in December 2017. The guide is divided into different parts: it starts […]

svchost service host

Analyze Service Host high CPU usage

High CPU usage of a process on Windows can slow down other operations to snail like pace. While that is sometimes caused by user run programs, say a taxing computer game or […]

exploit protection windows defender

Configure Windows Defender Exploit protection in Windows 10

Exploit protection is a new security feature of Windows Defender that Microsoft introduced in the operating system's Fall Creators Update. Exploit Guard is a set of features that includes exploit protection, attack […]

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Microsoft Security Updates August 2017 release

Microsoft released security updates for all supported versions of Microsoft Windows and other company products on August 8, 2017. This guide provides you with detailed information on these updates. It lists the […]

servicev hosts

Windows 10 Build 14942: hide app listing, Registry Editor, svchost changes

Microsoft pushed out a new Windows 10 Insider Build -- version 14942 today - that brings along with it a number of interesting changes. The new version is available via Windows Update […]

task manager

Do You Know What is Running on Your System?

The programs running on your computer are not limited to what shows up as tabs on you taskbar and icons in your system tray. A lot of programs are running in the […]

Svchost Process Analyzer

Svchost Process Analyzer is a free software for Windows devices that offers information on the Windows Svchost.exe process. Svchost.exe looks like one of the most secretive processes on the Windows operating system. […]

Fport Maps Ports To Applications

Fport is a portable command line utility that will report all open TCP and UDP ports to the user. The port analyzer maps each open port to an application which distinguishes it […]

Make Firefox Search For Terms With Periods In The Location Bar

When a user types a search term in the Firefox location bar (address bar, awesome bar) it is determined if the entered term is an actual web address or a search term. […]

Svchost Viewer review

Svchost Viewer is a Windows program that has been designed to reveal the services behind specific svchost.exe processes on machines running Windows. The software program of choice to analyze processes is Process […]

exe files

Check Exe Files on Your Computer

If you open up your task manager and navigate to the processes tab, you will see a bunch of entries with the extension ‘exe’. While entries with application names on them tell […]

procx process manager

What is connecting to the Internet

If you want to find out which programs have established an Internet connection on your system you can use the software Procx for that. Procx is a process and module manager much […]

hate mozilla

I dnt hate Mozilla but use IE or else…. Worm

I dnt hate Mozilla but use IE or else... is what I got when I tried to start Firefox sometime back. Just as the window opened, a box with this message popped […]

process explorer malicious

Find out if a process is malicious

You see lots of processes when you start your taskmanager, svhost.exe, csrss.exe, winlogon.exe and many more. A user who never dealt with those executables before has a hard time figuring out which are safe and which could be malicious because normally you can't say which program is using those files. A question like "Is svhost.exe a virus, is it safe ?" is normal and can be answered using the methods described below.