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Sync your Evolution contacts with UbuntuOne

How many machines do you have? How many contacts do you have? How many machines do you try to keep your contacts in sync on? There are a lot of ways to […]

Burn your newly purchased Ubuntu One Music Store Music

I'm on a roll with Ubuntu One Music Store and I thought I would finish it by showing you how to burn those purchases songs/albums onto CD. Of course, if you haven't […]

Manage your Ubuntu One account

Yesterday I wrote about the Ubuntu One Music Store (see my article "Ubuntu One Music Store has arrived"). This little feature is starting to drum up a lot of excitement throughout the […]

Install and use Ubuntu One

Recently I previewed the up and coming release of Ubuntu, Karmic Koala ("Ubuntu Karmic Koala Preview".) In that article I covered some of the new features in the upcoming release. Once of […]

Thunderbird Email Client News Archive

If you are an early adopter and don't want to wait a few more days to download and install the email client Thunderbird you could head out to the Mozilla ftp and download it for your operating system and language right away. The Mozilla team is usually upping the latest version of either Thunderbird or Firefox on their ftp mirrors to ensure that they can serve the server load when they publish the links on the official program pages. This is indeed a good way to download Thunderbird 2 fast because the servers will not be that populated at this time.