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This is the internal category here on Ghacks Technology News. Here you find announcements, for instance if we run a giveaway in the future or about the site’s most recent anniversary or birthday, but also website or server related information that you may find interesting. This for instance includes information about server down times, explanations why that happened for instance, questions that we’d like to discuss with our readers – that is including you – or other related information that we like to make public.

I have seen the topic make the Digg frontpage and I was wondering why it exactly did make it. A little bit of common sense which every webmaster should have is all that is needed to know what this new spam preparation comments are all about. If you do run a website you might have […]

wp-cache enabled, google analytics off

I was planing to run some benchmarks on my website with various settings to find a result that would reduce loading time for my website for every visitor. I had one script and one plugin in mind that I wanted to test. The first one was the Google Analytics script which I used to be […]

July has passed pretty quickly for me with two vacations and it was a rather unspectacular month in regards to ghacks as well. My earnings remained pretty stable throughout the month with the usual fluctuation in Adsense earnings. I'm really not sure why the difference between the worst day (Saturday, July 14, 2007 - 2,44% […]

I'm creating and maintaining Internet websites for a very long time and can look back to almost two years of successful blogging here at ghacks. While there is not much that I would change if I had the chance there are a few things that I would definitely made different if I had the chance […]

Everton and several other users are publishing their blog earnings every month and I thought that I would do a similar thing with the exception that I will not publish the absolute numbers but only the percentage of what the service is earning. I feel not that comfortable to reveal my earnings in dollars because […]

It seems that currently a blog tagging game is making its rounds and finally reached me thanks to my friend Everton Blair who tagged my blog. Everyone who gets his blog tagged has to write about 5 things that his readers did not know about yet and tag 5 additional blogs afterwards to keep the […]

I recently received some emails asking about the kind of hosting that I was using for and I decided that it would be a nice idea to write about it in an article. Ghacks is running on a dedicated server provided by the German company Hetzner with the following details: AMD Athlon 64 3700+ […]

With Amazon unleashing its Unbox on the world and Apple close to start their movie paradise the question for the last poll was almost obvious: How much would you pay for a DVD download ? Amazon charges up to 19,99€ for a movie download and 1,99€ for TV Episodes. Looking at the poll results this […]

This poll results did not came unexpected: 41% of all voters stated that they feared the death of net neutrality the most, followed by trojans and virii (17%), spyware, hackers and nothing (10% each), phishing (5%), spam (4%) and finally Worms with 3%. This is an overwhelming result and I thought I explain the net(work) […]

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A warm welcome to everyone! is the direct result of a thread posted @ about some advanced search options with the google search engine.