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This is the internal category here on Ghacks Technology News. Here you find announcements, for instance if we run a giveaway in the future or about the site’s most recent anniversary or birthday, but also website or server related information that you may find interesting. This for instance includes information about server down times, explanations why that happened for instance, questions that we’d like to discuss with our readers – that is including you – or other related information that we like to make public.

We have moved the site Ghacks to a new hosting company, Kinsta, yesterday, and also switched to a new CDN provider KeyCDN in the process. I talked about the need to move the site to a new server a couple of days ago. I was quite apprehensive about the move, as things go wrong usually […]

ghacks new theme

I would like to provide you with information on changes that have been implemented already on Ghacks, or are upcoming in April 2017. I first thought about publishing this article on April 1, 2017, but the April Fool's epidemic made me re-consider that quickly. Note that the schedule may change depending on how things progress […]

ghacks new theme

You have probably read about it already: we are planing to release a new theme for Ghacks soon. Since this is a rather delicate thing to do, not only to avoid angering or irritating users of the site, but also making sure that functionality is retained, that everything loads fine, that there are not any […]

ghacks articles

It is the last day of the year, a good time to look ahead at what is in store for Ghacks in the year 2017, and to look back at the last year. I'd like to begin with the last year, but before I do, I'd like to thank each and every one of you […]

I have published quite a few articles over the years in which I analyzed the rise and decline of operating systems or web browsers, but never really revealed how the situation looks here on Ghacks. What's the top web browser that visits Ghacks, the number one operating system, or the top mobile operating system? This […]

adobe links legal

I received a legal document from Adobe Inc two weeks ago requesting the removal of deep links pointing to Adobe's own official FTP server. The article referenced in the document linked to Adobe Reader X downloads on the FTP server which Adobe requested to be removed immediately. Failure to comply would result in them throwing […]

ghacks deals

One of my core efforts this year is to reduce Ghack's dependency on a single service or traffic source. Ghacks Deals is a new optional service here on this site that lists -- discounted or even free  -- software packages, services and tech gadgets. I think it is a great fit for the site not […]

load all comments

Update: We have deactivated the commenting plugin for now as it had too many issues. We will take another look at it once it offers missing features. The native WordPress comment system is limited in many ways. There is for instance no option to subscribe to comments or edit your own comments once you hit […]


When I started in 2005 I never imagined what a ride it would be. The site became popular quickly and allowed me to quit my day job to become a full time blogger. This worked well for the first years and Ghacks went from one high to the next. I have always operated Ghacks […]

The other day my colleague Martin Brinkman wrote a bit about what he uses every day. Surprisingly, given we both do essentially the same job, we are somewhat separated in what we use. While Martin touched on software, I wanted to mix things up a bit and mention the hardware as well. This isn’t, by […]

ghacks theme

You have probably already noticed that we have a new theme here on the site. It is not really that different from the old theme in regards to looks, I think, so that it should not be too uncomfortable getting used to it. I plan to run the theme for a week to see how […]

I was asked about my daily workflow in regards to this site and also about the services and programs that I use throughout the day. While I do not think that you will find anything spectacular in my workflow, it may still be interesting to some. First to see how I as a full time […]

Yesterday I started to show flu symptoms from one minute to the next. My body was aching and feeling heated up, then cold again, headaches, and a sore throat. While it came abruptly, it did not really interrupt work on that day. I did not feel good, but I decided to work through that as […]

Some of you may already be in the new year, while others may be waiting patiently for the clock to reach midnight to celebrate the beginning of the new year. Looking back I have to admit that it was a year of ups and downs here on Ghacks which I can almost solely attribute to […]

October 3, 2005, that's when it all began. Back then I had no idea that this little pet project of mine would turn into something that would change my life fundamentally forever. Ghacks back then was my first blog. It was not my first Internet site, as I had been running a popular hacking related […]

godaddy down

You may have noticed connection issues to websites such as and thousands of others in the past couple of hours. Responsibility for this has been claimed by a Twitter user associated with Anonymous. Fact is, the main Godaddy website and DNS servers are down, affecting sites that are hosted by Godaddy and domains that […]