Known as one of the top companies for electronic products, Apple has left a big impression in the tech industry. In this section, you’ll find broadcasts of its latest updates where they relate to new features, tools, and apps for PC and mobile.

app store $2 billion

App Store's anti-fraud measures halt more than $2 billion in 2022

Apple has shared a new blog post saying that the App Store anti-fraud measures have prevented fraudulent activities and transactions worth more than $2 billion in 2022. Apple makes sure transactions and […]

Apple introduces new concert discovery features for Apple Maps and Apple Music

Apple introduces new concert discovery features for Apple Maps and Apple Music

Music fans, rejoice! You can now discover concerts near you using Apple Maps and Apple Music. The Cupertino company has introduced a couple of new features that will provide information about upcoming […]

applecar china

Former Apple engineer charged for selling AppleCar tech to China

One of the former Apple engineers named, Weibao Wang has been charged with six counts of theft and attempted theft by the Department of Justice. Wang is believed to sell the autonomous […]

Apple previews various accessibility improvements in macOS and iOS

Apple previews Assistive Access, Personal Voice, Live Speech and other accessibility improvements in macOS and iOS

Apple has previewed accessibility features that it plans to bring to users this year. The features are likely to arrive in macOS 14 and iOS 17. New Accessibility features in macOS and […]

cheaper apple mixed-reality headset

Apple's mixed-reality headset plans still include a cheaper model

Rumors showed that Apple considered launching a cheaper Apple VR headset in 2025, and we now have more leaks that the company has made its decision and will roll out two different […]

iphone 16 pro periscope lens

iPhone 16 Pro: Periscope lens brings a bigger display

More leaks on the iPhone 16 are coming even though we have more than a year before the product launch. It is rumored that the iPhone 16 Pro will have a larger […]

apple patent

Apple's secret patent application: New health features

Apple's recent patent application for wearable tags has been revealed, and it was noticed that Apple kept it a secret for quite some time before officially using the company name on the […]

iPhone 15 camera

Rumors about the iPhone 15 camera are exciting

Recent rumors say that the standard iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus will have a 48-megapixel rear camera lens, just like the current Pro models. We have seen many leaks and rumors […]

Apple Headset

Prepare to be blown away by the Apple Headset

The Apple Headset is expected to launch soon, at WWDC 2023, and some of its features might blow you away as it is said to "far exceed" the rival devices. According to […]

Apple M3 Pro chipset could have 12 CPU cores

Apple M3 Pro chipset could have 12 CPU cores

Apple is said to launch a 15-inch MacBook Air M2 next month at WWDC. The Cupertino company has already begun testing its next-gen chipset, the specs of the Apple M3 Pro have […]

Apple's Emergency SOS via Satellite is now available in Australia and New Zealand

Apple's Emergency SOS via Satellite is now available in Australia and New Zealand

Apple has introduced support for Emergency SOS via satellite in Australia and New Zealand. The feature is now available in 14 Countries around the world. The Cupertino company announced Emergency SOS via […]

Apple Watch won't charge: How to fix it

You, the owner of an Apple Watch with an empty battery, may have experienced the vexing problem of a device that refuses to charge. Whether you use your watch for notifications, fitness […]

How to forget a network on MacBook?

If you have connected to a Wi-Fi network on your Macbook before, you may want to forget it for various reasons. For example, you may have changed your network password or moved […]

How to reset Apple ID password?

With this article, you can learn how to reset your Apple ID password easily. Your Apple ID password is a key that unlocks many features and services on your Apple devices. If […]

steve jobs check

Check with Steve Jobs' signature fetches sublime price

A check signed by Steve Jobs from Apple Computer Company sold for $106,985 at an auction conducted by RR Auction. Jobs filled up and signed the check back in 1976, and it […]

Facebook confirms end of support for Messenger for watchOS

Facebook Messenger will stop working on Apple Watch from next month

Do you use Facebook Messenger on your Apple Watch? If so, you may not like this, the app will stop working on the wearable at the end of this month. Users have […]

Shazam apple music classical

"Shazam" the classics on Apple Music Classical

With the latest 15.33 update, Shazam has enabled support for Apple Music Classical. One of the most used music apps in the world, Shazam, now offers support for Apple Music's latest classical […]

Apple shows new Apple Watch Pride Edition bands

Apple is marking the ongoing progress in the global movement to safeguard and promote equal rights for LGBTQ+ communities with a fresh announcement. The tech giant is set to launch a new […]

Apple Weather App Experiences Outages

Apple Weather App Experiences Outages and Inaccurate Data: Third Time in a Month

The Apple Weather app faces multiple outages and inaccurate data issues, leaving users in search of alternative sources for reliable weather information.

iOS 16.5 RC rolls out to public beta users and developers

iOS 16.5 RC rolls out to public beta users and developers

Apple has released the iOS 16.5 RC update to users who have opted into the public beta and developer program. The Release Candidate version fixes a few bugs that were unearthed in […]

Apple has good news for creators on-the-go

Apple's announcement that Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro will be available on the iPad via subscription models later this month is a game-changer for creators. Both apps are expected to feature […]

iOS 17: Apple Maps may get a smaller widget on the Lock Screen

Apple will reportedly introduce a new lock screen experience for Apple Maps in iOS 17. Leaked concept renders of the new design show a smaller widget that can be resized. Let's talk […]

apple watch series 9 processor

Apple Watch Series 9 to come with a new processor

Mark Gurman said that the new Apple Watch Series 9 will feature a better processor based on the A15 chip, which was first used in iPhone 13. Apple Watch is expected to […]

iphone 16 leaks

First iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max leaks have surfaced

The first iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max leaks surfaced before the iPhone 15 family is revealed. The iPhone 16 Pro family that will be revealed in 2024 will come with bigger […]

Buffett: Apple outshines Berkshire's top holdings

During Berkshire Hathaway's annual meeting today, Warren Buffett, the company's chairman and CEO, expressed his admiration for Apple, stating that it is the best company owned by his conglomerate. Additionally, he remarked […]

Apple Watch Fall Detection

Apple Watch Fall Detection saves another life

Apple Watch Fall Detection has saved a woman's life who collapsed after suffering from a ruptured aorta. Thanks to the feature, 911 was alerted instantly, and the paramedics rushed to the scene to […]

Cook Apple Savings

Cook is happy with Apple Card Savings' launch

During Apple's quarterly earnings call, Tim Cook talked about the new Apple Card Savings feature and praised the initial response as it has been "incredible." Apple recently held its quarterly earnings call, and many […]

How to right-click on a Mac: A comprehensive guide

With this article, you can easily learn how to right-click on a Mac. For individuals who are unfamiliar with Mac or MacBook, executing a right-click on their device might seem perplexing in […]

Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade grows its catalog with 20 new games

Apple Arcade has expanded its catalog with 20 new games. The service already had over 200 games, and the number keeps increasing. Apple Arcade lets users play affordable and entertaining games on […]

Tim Cook layoffs

Check out what Tim Cook says about mass layoffs

In a recent interview, Tim Cook said that Apple is still not considering mass layoffs as the company is currently at a stable place despite all the economic difficulties in today's world. […]

apple union

Unionized Apple store employees demand 10% raise and tips

The unionized Apple employees represented by the Association of Machinists & Aerospace Workers are in talks with Apple to get a 10% raise, more vacation time, bereavement leave, and a new tipping […]

Apple Maps

New Apple Maps features rolled out in three countries

The latest Apple Maps update is now being tested in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Slovakia. Apple is adding more countries to expand the list every month, and there will be more live […]

Apple devices

Apple bids farewell to these two devices

Apple will add the Thunderbolt Display and the original iPad Air to the obsolete products list on May 31. This means that these two devices are no longer eligible for repairs or […]

Apple Google tracking

Apple and Google join forces to fight unwanted tracking

Apple and Google have joined forces to prevent unwanted tracking through devices like AirTags and other Bluetooth trackers. Apple and Google have unveiled a new collaborative proposal for an industry-standard protocol that […]

Apple Savings accounts

Apple Savings accounts almost reached $1 Billion in four days

Apple recently announced its new Savings Account feature, and it reached the $1 billion milestone in only four days. The company partnered with Goldman Sachs to offer a new Savings account feature […]

Safari second browser

Safari surges back to second spot in browser race

Apple users' favorite choice, Safari, has become the second most-used web browser in the world, placing right behind Google Chrome. Millions of people use Apple's built-in web browser on a daily basis. […]

Apple rolls out its first Rapid Security Response Update for iOS 16.4.1 and macOS 13.3.1

Apple rolls out its first Rapid Security Response Update for iOS 16.4.1 and macOS 13.3.1

Apple has released its first ever Rapid Security Response Update for iPhone, iPad and Mac devices. The update is available for iOS 16.4.1, iPadOS 16.4.1 and macOS 13.1.1 Ventura. Apple releases first […]

iOS 17 concept renders reveal redesigned interface for Wallet, Health and Wallpapers

iOS 17 concept renders reveal redesigned interface for Wallet, Health and Wallpapers

Apple will be introducing several changes in iOS 17. The company is reportedly redesigning some important apps for iPhone such as Health, Wallet and Wallpapers. Twitter user Analyst941 created some concept renders […]

How to rename iPhone

How to rename iPhone: Easiest way

If you think your iPhone's name is private, you are wrong. iPhone names are used in different areas, mainly in data sharing occasions like Airdrop or car Bluetooth. In this guide, we […]

Apple wants Widgets to be a core part of watchOS 10

Apple wants Widgets to be a core part of watchOS 10

watchOS 10 will have a major impact on how people will use the Apple Watch. One of the areas that Apple has focussed its effort on is Widgets. It is not a […]



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