Microsoft is betting that digital pens are here to stay

I recently wrote an article on Ghacks titled “Is Samsung Giving up on the S-Pen?”, which argued that Samsung is shying away from releasing many new devices that feature the famous “S-Pen” […]

Bitrix24 workplace social intranet – now free for unlimited users

Ever dreamed about having your own Facebook-style social network for the workplace? Bitrix24 is exactly that and a lot more: a private social network where you and your colleagues, co-workers, and collaborators […]

Is Samsung giving up on the S-Pen?

Samsung’s line of Galaxy Note phablets and tablets have a single important feature that is unavailable in any other Android or iOS device: the built in S-Pen that fits inside the device. […]

Ten software trends that are (or should be) dying

Let’s pretend that you’re a tech savvy individual who’s always been interested and followed software, and that you had gone into a coma about ten years ago and just woken up. You’d […]

Sterjo Chrome Passwords

Recover almost any password with SterJo freeware

If you’re remotely tech savvy or follow tech sites like this one, then you already know that there are numerous utilities that can recover all sorts of stored passwords and registration keys. […]

Why I Am Losing My Faith in Freeware

Imagine, for a moment, that you publish a site about freeware and free software, and that you’ve been doing it for 10 years. Now imagine telling people about it, acquaintances that you’ve […]


Monitor your website with Montastic

When you first start a blog and you’re slowly building your audience and your traffic, your site’s uptime/availability is not something that you often think about. When your audience is still small and your blog is down for one or two or even ten hours it really doesn’t matter that much, as the potential number of people who might have tried to visit and failed is small, and most of them at that point are friends or are somehow connected to you and will likely come back again.

Once you have grown your traffic to a fairly decent amount, however, downtimes that affect your site are a complete different story, a nuisance that can mean that hundreds of people are unable to get to your site, most of whom are likely to never come back again. In my experience, even when my hosting company promised 99.8% uptime, this began to increasingly seem like meaningless marketing hype when I started getting emails from friends and strangers alike informing me that my site was down at such and such an hour (many of which downtimes occurred in the early am hours when I wouldn’t have been online anyway).


Free Music Downloads with We7

While there is no shortage of sites that offer mp3 downloads, both legal and illegal, the concept of a site for legitimate free mp3 downloads that is completely supported by ads remains elusive. The latest site to take a stab at making this model work is We7, a new site with a prominent backer in the form of no other than Peter Gabriel.

Currently the site is still in the early stages and the range of (DRM-free) mp3s available for download is still quite small (I counted 8 artists and 19 tracks, but I guess you have to start somewhere).

spam protected contact form

Cloak your Email with Emailcloaker

If you have a website or blog you may have found yourself contemplating a typical dilemma: how to publish your email address for your audience to contact you without having your email address fall prey to the numerous spam bots harvesting websites for emails.