Music and Video

The music and video industries are massive, and there’s plenty of online resources for enjoying them. In this section, we’ll cover various applications for downloading or streaming, the latest brand or tech news, and managing your huge collections.

VLC 3.0 Chromecast support

VideoLAN, the company behind the powerful cross-platform VLC Media Player, revealed on Wednesday that VLC Media Player 3.0 will ship with Chromecast support. Chromecast is a device created by Google that allows […]

netflix improve video quality

Improve Netflix's cellular data video quality

If you are using Netflix occasionally when connected to cellular networks, you may have noticed a change of quality recently that may impact your viewing experience. Netflix announced last week that it […]

youtube unplugged tv

YouTube Unplugged Online TV service may be coming

YouTube is without doubt the most popular video hosting and streaming website on the Internet, and even though that is the case, Google did not make any money from the service last […]

youtube modern design

Preview YouTube's Modern Design refresh

Google tests a Modern Design refresh of its video streaming service YouTube currently that is going to be launched later this year if the test shows promising results. These tests, regardless of […]

vlc 223 media player resume

VLC 2.2.3 fixes Resume feature

VideoLAN, makers of the popular media player VLC, have just released VLC 2.2.3 which can be best described as a bug fix release as it does not introduce new features to the […]

foobar 2000 mobile

Foobar2000 Mobile for Windows 10

Foobar2000 Mobile for Windows 10 is a new mobile version of the popular music player for Windows designed specifically for Windows 10's Universal Windows Platform. The developer of Foobar 2000 held a […]

Netflix's proxy block is not perfect yet

While most Netflix users are probably fine accessing content the service makes available to the country they are living in, some at least have used various means to access content only made […]


SMPlayer Media Player Review

SMPlayer is a free media player for Windows operating systems and Linux that uses the free media engines MPV and MPlayer for playback. Like most media players nowadays, SMPlayer ships with built-in […]

kolor eyes watch vr videos

Kolor Eyes: Watch VR videos in 2D

Kolor Eyes is a free video player for Windows, Mac, and mobile operating systems that you can use to watch Virtual Reality (VR) content on 2D screens. I'm interested in Virtual Reality, […]

netflix remove continue watching

Remove continue watching items on Netflix

The following guide explains how to remove continue watching items on Netflix so that they don't show up anymore on the site's frontpage. As soon as you start watching movies or TV […]

netflix activity

Find out if someone accessed your Netflix account

A hacked Netflix password can be purchased for as little as $0.25 on black market sites, and it is often the case that account owners or users don't realize that their account […]

netflix parental controls

Netflix's Parental Control system could be better

One of Netflix's most interesting features is the ability to watch shows using the service on multiple screens at the same time. That's great for families or shared apartments, as each household […]

netflix error unblocker

Netflix crackdown on VPN services has begun

If you are currently using a virtual private network, unblocker or proxy to access Netflix, you have likely been greeted by an "whoops, something went wrong..." message on the site on stream […]


AnyDVD alternatives

Slysoft, makers of the popular DVD and Blu-Ray copying software AnyDVD has closed shop effectively immediately. The official homepage contains a short statement why AnyDVD is not available anymore: "Due to recent […]


Search across all Netflix regions for movies and TV shows

Flixed is a free service that allows you to search across all Netflix regions to find movies or TV shows that you are interested in. While Netflix touts itself as a global […]

remove selected

Top AIMP Plugins

AIMP is a popular music player that has the look and feel of a modern Winamp in my opinion. The player has been updated to version 4 recently, featuring a new interface […]


Netflix plans to block VPNs and proxys

Netflix announced recently that it will start to block VNP and DNS proxy services soon that customers use to circumvent geo-restrictions set in place. The company, which operates in almost 200 countries […]

video time reversal

Play movies backwards with Video Time Reversal

Video Time Reversal 2 is a specialized video conversion program for the Windows operating system that enables you to convert video files so that they run backwards. From Led Zeppelin to the […]

netflix hd playback

Want 1080p playback on Netflix? Don't use Firefox or Chrome

Netflix is without doubt a very popular service that allows you to watch TV shows and movies by streaming them to devices you are using. The service is a lot cheaper than […]


Netflix: one step closer to a global TV network

Netflix announced yesterday that it launches it services globally yesterday offering it to more than 190 countries adding 130 new countries in the process. While that is still not all countries of […]

New Winamp in Early 2016, but don't get your hopes up

A former Winamp employee revealed on the official Winamp forum that a new version of the popular music player will be released in early 2016. It looked like Winamp would be a […]


Web unblocker Proxmate reveals subscription costs

Proxmate, the web unblocking service that enables you to access geo-restricted content on the Internet, revealed the service's subscription costs on the newly launched website. The service, which was provided for free […]

Winamp: Vivendi becomes major Radionomy Stakeholder

The never ending Winamp story continues. AOL, the then-owner of Winamp announced back in 2013 that it would shut down the platform and software but changed those plans in early 2014 by […]

aimp 4 final

AIMP 4.0 final for Windows is out

The developers of the popular audio player AIMP have released AIMP 4.0 final after pushing out four beta releases and three release candidate builds of the program. AIMP 4.0 is a major […]

yahoo video guide

Yahoo Video Guide: search for movies and TV shows across streaming services

Yahoo Video Guide is a new application for Android and iOS that provides you with the means to browse and search movies and TV shows across streaming, rental and shopping services in […]


Tunlr first look: watch TV worldwide on the Internet

There is certainly no shortage when it comes to solutions to watching Internet TV that you are blocked from accessing because of your geographical location in the world. The three main solutions […]


Why fragmentation ruins the TV streaming experience

For a brief moment, a couple of years ago, it seemed as if established media companies understood the Internet for the first time. Customers had been battling with companies over restrictions, availability […]

YouTube Red mobile app

Would you pay $9.99 per month for an ad-free YouTube?

Google revealed the much-anticipated subscription service YouTube Red official at an event in Los Angeles today. YouTube Red, which will launch officially on October 28, will be a subscription-based service that provides […]

browser popcorn

Browser Popcorn: Popcorn Time as a web service

The free application Popcorn Time made big waves when it was first released. Depending on who you'd ask, it was either the future of watching content on the Internet or yet another […]

the paramount vault

Paramount's Vault on YouTube brings you dozens of classic movies

While YouTube always had its fair share of movies that you could watch on site if you knew how to find them, the selection of movies from official sources has increased significantly […]


Twitch fires back at YouTube: video uploads incoming

After Google failed to acquire the streaming service Twitch it began to implement, update and release streaming features on the company's own YouTube video platform. While YouTube is not there yet when […]

deepnut video convert compress mp4

Convert and shrink multiple videos to mp4 with Deepnut

Video files can have extreme sizes depending on formats, resolution and quality settings. If you have ever captured a game video of a game running in 1920x1080 in 30 or 60 fps, […]

kmplayer 4.0

KMPlayer 4.0 ships with minor improvements

Media players, there are so many out there for Windows that it is nearly impossible to compare them all to find out which is best. To name a few popular ones, there […]


Google, Microsoft, Mozilla and others partner-up to create next-gen video formats

A conglomerate of streaming media providers, web browser makers and hardware manufacturers have partnered up to create next generation royalty free video formats. The member list reads like the Who is Who […]


Spotify tries to clarify its new terms without scaring away customers

Music streaming service Spotify recently announced it would be changing its terms of service and stressed it would be better. However, what followed apparently scared users and now the company is trying to […]


Baboom Music Streaming launches: focus on independent artists

When you launch a music streaming service these days, you need to distinguish yourself from established and competing services to survive. Most services offer similar functionality, millions of songs to play, web, […]

aimp 4

First look at AIMP 4.00

AIMP is a popular audio player for the Windows operating system that ships with an impressive feature set and a plugin system to extend its functionality further. The developers of the music […]

vlc for windows

VLC Media Player for Windows updated

VLC Media Player is one of the most popular all-in-one players for Windows. It is available as a desktop program but also as an app in Windows Store on Windows 8.1 and […]

petrucci music library

The Petrucci Music Library is classical music heaven

If you like classical music, then you may want to pay a visit to Petrucci's Music Library as it is one of the greatest free classical music resources the Internet has to […]

google play music radio

Google launches free ad-supported radio on Google Play in the US

Google announced yesterday that it has launched a new service on Google Play that brings ad-supported radio to Google users from the US. There is certainly no shortage when it comes to […]



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