YouTube is a platform home to thousands of content creators and streamers producing videos for entertainment and education. As one of the companies owned by Google, there’s many tips, news, scandals, features, and tools we’ll share for you to read.

youtube gray bar

Subscription Bar Remover For Youtube

One thing that's been annoying YouTube users for quite some time is the subscriptions bar that may be automatically displayed at the bottom of the screen. Many users refer to it as […]

google video

Google Video Closing Down, What You Need To Know

Before Youtube, Google tried to conquer the video hosting niche with a service that they called Google Video. When they discovered that they could not compete with Youtube, they bought that service […]

YouTube Goes Live!

It's been on the cards for a couple of years now but today YouTube has launched its new Live service.  New live streaming video can be found at and they follow several […]

youtube tv mode

Youtube TV Mode, Automatic Fullscreen Youtube Videos

YouTube is without doubt currently the most popular and known video hosting website in the world. The site, despite its popularity, lacks several features that may improve a visitor's usability considerably. Two […]

youtube homepage

Youtube Homepage As It Was Meant To Be Userscript

YouTube recently changed the homepage after an initial tryout phase. The developers "removed some of the less-used modules such as "Videos Being Watched Now", moved modules like featured videos to the right […]

Chrome Window Expander For YouTube

Chance is that your visit the popular video hosting site Youtube with different window sizes of the browser. Some users may always visit it maximized but the majority is probably visiting it […]

divx hiq player

DivX HiQ, Replace Video Player On Youtube, Other Video Sites

Current Adobe Flash versions cause a heavy load on many computer systems during video playback. This will change with the upcoming Adobe Flash Player 10.2 which is currently available as a beta […]

auto hd youtube

Auto HD For YouTube

Many videos on the popular video hosting site YouTube are available in multiple video qualities. Why is that you may ask? The video quality depends largely on the source video that gets […]

youtube xl

Youtube XL Brings Videos To The Big Screen

If you have ever tried to use Youtube on a big television screen you may have noticed that the controls of the standard page are not that easy to use as on […]

youtube subscriber limit

Youtube Introduces Subscriber Limit, Too Many Subscriptions Messages Appear

It is sometimes hard to keep up with all the change that is going on. YouTube recently introduced a subscriber limit for their users, in order to fight sub4sub spam. As you […]

youtube instant

Youtube Instant

Fast, faster, instant. It seems that speed is a popular factor nowadays. Youtube Instant is a new third party example how speed can change a service. The developer, Feross, inspired by Google […]

detach video

Detach Videos From Browser Window

I sometimes like to watch a video, or a series of videos in the background while doing other stuff on the computer. To do that I usually reduce the size of the […]

youtube movies

Youtube Movies Section Expanded

Last year Youtube started to expand their offerings of user uploaded video clips to include shows and movies. The offer back then was limited, especially movie wise. Today Youtube announced the availability […]

youtube autoplay

How To Stop Video Autoplay On Youtube

Have you ever opened multiple YouTube videos at the same time? The cacophony of sounds has probably been unbearable. YouTube videos start to play automatically, and there does not seem to be […]

Youtube Ups Video Limit to 15 Minutes, So What?

Google announced just a moment ago on the official YouTube blog that the length of videos on YouTube for regular users on the site has been increased by the company. The maximum […]

Youtube Adds HTML5 Embedding To Videos

The popular video hosting site YouTube has offered limited beta HTML5 viewing capabilities for some time now on their website. HTML5 video playback was limited to Google Chrome and Safari, and only […]

youtube music

Youtube Revamps Music Page

If you are at the top you have to keep up with the demand, if you are not it is likely that someone else will snag that position right from you. Youtube […]

4k videos youtube

4K Videos Coming To Youtube

Youtube is raising the bar once again with the announcement that the video hosting site will support 4K videos in the near future. Less than a year ago Youtube enabled full HD, […]

Google fixes YouTube xxx spam flaw

YouTube owner Google has been forced to act quickly to fix a flaw on it's YouTube video sharing website that allowed hackers to bombard users with pop-up messages, redirecting them to adult […]

Pakistan Blocks YouTube

There have been an increasing number of internet censorship instances in the last couple of years including China blocking access to news sites during the Beijing Olympics to that terrible opponent of […]


Zoofs Finds Viral Youtube Videos On Twitter

Have you ever wondered what the trends of tomorrow will be? What people will be talking about? You can now get a headstart with Zoofs, a brand new service that scans Twitter […]

Spammers Flood Youtube With Junk

It seems that spammers have finally found a new target for their campaigns: YouTube. If you have performed a search on the video hosting platform lately and decided to sort the results […]

YouTube Search For Google Chrome

If you want to search for videos on Youtube you can either go directly to the site and hack your search phrase into the search form offered there, use a search engine […]

Put The Focus On Videos With Turn Off The Lights

Most video portals like YouTube or Dailymotion display lots of content next to the videos that they host on the website. This includes advertisement, user comments, the site navigation and other features […]

Automatic Captions On YouTube

Back in November of last year Google announced that it would start to add automatic captions to videos uploaded to the video hosting site YouTube. Google planned to use a voice recognition […]

Check Streaming Video Speed With Youtube Test Video

Google released a YouTube Test video back in 2010. The test video was designed to help Youtube users who are experiencing problems playing back videos on the popular video hosting website. Different […]

Youtube Disco

Find, Mix and Watch. That is the slogan of YouTube's newest addition YouTube Disco. The new feature is basically a music exploration service. It begins by entering an artist, band or song […]

youtube movies

Youtube Movie Rentals

Google announced today that it will start offering movie rentals on the company's popular video portal YouTube. The five initial movies from the 2009 and 2010 Sundance Film Festival will be available […]

Watch Youtube Videos With Your Friends With Synchtube

I sometimes wish that I would be there when my friend, a family member or colleague watches a YouTube video that I have discovered. It sometimes happens if the url of the […]

YouTube Feather Beta

YouTube is not really optimized for low bandwidth Internet connections nor for slow computer systems like netbooks. Most computer users who access YouTube with that hardware notice that the experience is not […]

Youtube Videos: Playback Problems And Fixes

YouTube users experience a wide variety of problems and issues on the popular video hosting portal. Probably the most common issues for most users are playback problems while playing YouTube videos. This […]

YouTube To Add 1080p HD Videos

YouTube and other video portals on the Internet have come a long way since the beginning of the online video boom. What started with low resolutions of 320x240 or even more low […]

How To Loop Youtube Videos

Note: The first method outlined below is not working anymore. Both the autoplay and loop parameters stopped working some time ago and cannot be used anymore. The scripts listed below are also […]

YouTube Insight: Find Out Who Is Embedding Your YouTube Videos

YouTube Insight is a function of YouTube that displays video statistics to video uploaders on the YouTube website. It is practically a traffic analyzer that creators can use to get accumulated statistics […]

In Plain English

If you have to explain a concept to someone you better make sure to match their proficiency level so that they actually understand what you are talking about. If you work in […]

Youtube Comment Cloud Firefox Add-On

Comments can be very useful wherever they are allowed. To many comments on the other hand make it complicated to get a good overview of the opinions in the comments especially if […]

Force High Or Low Quality On Youtube Automatically

The various video qualities on the YouTube video portal are confusing part of the site's userbase. YouTube videos can be viewed in the original quality, in a screen resolution of 320 x […]

Visual Wikipedia

Visual Wikipedia is a visual mashup of Wikipedia information and Youtube videos. The service works much like the regular Wikipedia website with the difference that it adds additional data sources and visual […]

Windows Live To Youtube

We have already covered the Windows Live Facebook plugin today which made it possible to upload photos from the Windows Live Photo Gallery application directly to Facebook. The Live Upload To Youtube […]

Youtube High Quality Playback

If you visit Youtube you might have noticed the "watch in high quality" link beneath some videos on the video portal. The high quality link leads to a video with a better […]



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