YouTube is a platform home to thousands of content creators and streamers producing videos for entertainment and education. As one of the companies owned by Google, there’s many tips, news, scandals, features, and tools we’ll share for you to read.

Access YouTube Experimental Design from any Browser

Google is famous for their Labs, which rolls out lots of experimental software, but they also test lots of different designs for their big web properties like Reader, Gmail, YouTube and more. […]

google takeout youtube

Download your YouTube video history from Google Takeout

Google Takeout is an official service that enables Google users to export data from their Google account to their local computer system. Users can either download all account related data at once, […]

youtube homepage swap

YouTube Swap: switch between YouTube's current and future homepage

If you are following this blog regularly you know that Google is constantly working on the design of its products. The majority of these changes are usually tested using a-b tests, so […]

youtube html5

Automatically use HTML5 players on Amazon, YouTube and Vimeo in Chrome

Update: It is 2018 now and things have changed dramatically. HTML5 replaced Flash on most sites already so that it is no longer necessary to use extensions that enforce the use of […]

youtube new carousel design

Want to try YouTube's Carousel Look? Then do this

It seems like Google is constantly trying out new designs and testing them on the live side by randomly selecting a percentage of the user base. The latest design that is currently […]

start using your full name on youtube

YouTube combating spam problem with switch to real names?

Reports have appeared on a number of websites that YouTube seems to display prompts to users of the site at the moment that is asking them to start using their full name […]

youtube editor blur faces

YouTube Editor now with face blurring option

Google has been pretty busy lately on the YouTube platform, releasing several design and layout changes to the site as well as new features to various parts of it. Today YouTube announced […]

youtube new video design

YouTube testing new video page design, try it now

Google appears to be working constantly on some of the company's most popular properties. An example where new designs are tested regularly is the Internet's most popular video hosting and watching destination […]

youtube redesign white

Another YouTube redesign? Enable it right now

I stopped counting the redesigns and design changes that Google made on its properties in the second half of 2011 when they started to be launched in a much faster interval. It […]

convert youtube video to audio

Get Your White Noise, Sleep Sounds Fix On YouTube

I'm always on the look out for free white noise and sleep sounds. This explains the number of articles that I have written about that particular topic over the years. Some of […]

opera click to play

How to Stop Two YouTube Videos From Playing Simultaneously

If you have ever opened two web pages with embedded Youtube videos you know that it can happen that both videos start buffering and playing at the same time. That's obviously a […]

youtube video history

YouTube Video History Monitor and Notifier for Chrome

With so many YouTube extensions available for all web browsers, it is hard to come by an original add-on that brings something to the table that the majority of extensions do not […]

fancytube youtube extension

FancyTube Adds Much Needed Features To YouTube for Chrome

For the world's most popular video hosting site, YouTube is really short on options and settings that it provides to its users. While that may be one of the secrets of the […]

youtube dark

YouTube Black Theme, A Dark-Style for YouTube

Not every YouTube visitor loves the new layout and design of the popular video hosting website. You may remember that the design has been changed not long ago, moving subscriptions and channels […]

youtube better watch page

Popular YouTube Userscripts to improve the viewing experience

Userscripts can improve the individual experience on the video hosting site YouTube tremendously. They can basically change every aspect of the site, from its layout to new functionality that a lot of […]

improve youtube videos

YouTube Launches One-click Video Improvements

If you do not have the time or skill to edit your videos locally before you upload them to the popular video hosting site YouTube, you'd probably grew fond of the video […]

youtube desktop video viewer

YTubePlayer Is A Desktop Youtube Player

Youtube desktop players offer an alternative to opening the YouTube website in a web browser. There are surprisingly few applications available that let you play YouTube videos on the desktop. Miro comes […]

hide youtube videos

Hide Watched or Bland Videos On YouTube

If you are a regular on the video hosting site YouTube, you might feel that the site is missing options to hide or remove videos. This can be interesting for subscription videos […]

YouTube's Automated Copyright Video Scan Appears Broken

Imagine the following scenario. You film how you are collecting ingredients for a wild salad, and upload the video to YouTube. You then get a copyright claim later on stating that the […]

youtube search history

YouTube Search History Now With Disable Option

The popular video hosting site YouTube up until now kept a log of all of the videos that you watched on the site while logged in to your YouTube or Google account. […]

youtube search results

Gridtube Modifies YouTube's Search Layout

The search results layout on the video hosting website YouTube has a few usability issues. When you search on YouTube, you are presented with a long list of scrolling results. For each […]

youtube browse

YouTube Browse, Video Editor And Manager Updated

While closing some of the company's lesser popular services, Google's popular services such as Google+ or YouTube have received plenty of updates in the past. Google today announced that they have updated […]

youtube inbox

Display The Inbox On The YouTube Frontpage

With YouTube's redesign now live on the site and with no turning back opportunity anymore, it is time to realize that the changes have not all be for the better. If you […]

old youtube page

How To Switch Back To YouTube's Old Page Design

If you are a regular on YouTube you probably know that Google has recently redesigned the page completely, turning pretty much everything up side down. The new design has received quite the […]


YouTube Tip: Shortcut To Skip Part Of A Video

If you are an Internet regular you have probably heard about the Wadsworth Constant, an Internet meme that has come to some fame at the end of last year. A user named […]

youtube slam

YouTube Slam, Vote For YouTube Videos

Logged in YouTube users can vote for videos by clicking on the like or dislike buttons displayed underneath each video. The total number of likes and dislikes are then displayed on the […]

YouTube launches Schools Website

Those of you who follow me will know that in addition to writing here, being an author and all the other things I seem to do, that I'm also a teacher.  I've […]

youtube viewing history

Clear Your YouTube Viewing History, Workaround

Did you know that YouTube saves information about every video that you view on the video hosting site when you are logged into your Google account and also when you are not? […]

google chrome javascript console

How To Get The New YouTube Homepage Right Now

If you are following the chatter on social networking sites such as Google+, Facebook or Twitter, you may have noticed that YouTube is currently testing a new homepage design. Clever folks found […]

youtube button google plus

Want Even More Distractions? Try Google+'s Youtube Button

Update: The YouTube button is no longer available. I sometimes feel the urge to check for new email messages during work. Other users may feel the same urge when it comes to […]

youtube video charts

YouTube Charts

One of the things that I do not like that much about YouTube is the fact that several key pages and services are not linked directly on the main page of the […]

youtube links

YouTube Link Title, Play Linked YouTube Videos Directly

YouTube videos can be posted as links or as embedded media contents on websites. It depends largely on the technology powering the website if it is possible to embed videos directly. If […]

youtube edit video

YouTube Video Editor

I have uploaded quite a few videos to the video hosting platform YouTube in the past months. Since there were no editing options on site, I had to use desktop applications like […]

youtube viewing history

How To Clear Your YouTube Video Viewing History

All videos that you view on the popular video hosting website YouTube are logged by the service if you are logged in on the site during the time you are watching the […]


Modify The YouTube Player Color And Theme

You may recall that YouTube started rolling out a new player and site design not so long ago. The redesign, announced about a month ago, made several changes to the video hosting […]

youtube volume control

Magic Actions for YouTube, Chrome Browser Extension

Magic Actions for YouTube promises to be the most convenient way to watch YouTube videos in the Google Chrome browser. But can it live up to that promise? When you look at […]

detach videos games internet

Detach Videos, Games From The Firefox Browser Window For Easy Resizing

When you play games or watch videos on the Internet, you usually do so on a web page. Many sites, like YouTube, offer to change the size of the video to other […]

youtube cosmic panda

YouTube Redesign Cosmic Panda Now Available

A YouTube redesign is something that could backfire tremendously. We have seen it happen before with slight design changes done to core products such as Gmail, Search or YouTube that Google has […]

How To Remove Black Bars On YouTube Videos

I have been dabbling in the video recording, editing and publishing field lately. One of the latest things that I had to get my head around was a black bar problem on […]

google verification email

How To Resend The Google Verification Email

I just signed up for a new YouTube account for one of my other sites. The signup process is pretty straightforward. Enter your desired username, email address, birthday and gender, and on […]



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