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Posting Instagram alternatives is not the solution to terms of service changes

By now you have probably read about Instagram's Terms of Service changes that go live on January 16, 2013 which is about a month from today on. Reddit is full of Instagram […]

bing desktop

So what is Bing Desktop?

Bing Desktop is a free program by Microsoft that aims to bring the company's search engine to the Windows desktop. The review could stop right here as that's all there is to […]

youtube hide this activity

Hide YouTube video authors from recommended and suggestions

YouTube a couple of days ago rolled out a new design that has been heavily criticized by part of the video hosting site's user base. Among the points that got criticized is […]

search for yourself

Google's Me on the Web feature

Online reputation management becomes more important as focus shifts to a world that is connected online. Chance is that someone searching for your name, or a nickname you are known by, will […]

gmail thunderbird address book-sync

Sync Google contacts with Thunderbird using CardDav

The big news of the day, December 12, 2012, was that another batch of Google services that was getting axed by the company. Among the services that time was Google Sync which […]

Google shutting down Sync, some Calendar features

Nothing was as controversial as Google's announcement that it would shut down its iGoogle service in 2013. But iGoogle is just one of the many Google services, some publicly available like iGoogle, […]

windows live mesh

Windows Live Mesh gone soon, SkyDrive weak alternative

Anyone here still using Windows Live Mesh? The service allowed you to synchronize data between multiple PCs years before Microsoft made the switch to SkyDrive as its main synchronization and data hosting […]

google safe search

Google makes it harder to find explicit materials in search

Okay so we all have probably experienced one of the following situations. We fired up Google Image search, entered a harmless search term like Peach Princess from Super Mario World, Banana, Ruby […]

yahoo mail

Yahoo! Mail update for all platforms launches

Anyone here still using Yahoo! Mail? I still have a Yahoo email account from back in the days when people used Yahoo's homepage as their homepage and Yahoo search for finding stuff […]

bing snapshot search

Bing Snapshot is like Google's Knowledge Graph

Search engine companies like Google or Bing seem to think that presenting searchers with a list of ten results per page is not enough anymore to stay ahead of the curve. Google […]

Twitter apps get Instagram-like filters

Two Twitter news in less than 24 hours here on Ghacks, that is a new record. The company yesterday announced that it would unleash its new profile page on all users of […]

twitter header

Twitter Profile changes on 12.12.12

I'm probably the only tech blogger in the universe who is not using Twitter as a way of communicating with his audience or sending out tweets about new blog posts and stuff […]

You can still get that free Google Apps account

Late last week Google announced that it would no longer offer it's free Google Apps accounts. If you already had one then there is no reason to worry -- you are grandfathered […]

facebook turn off apps

Turn off Facebook apps permanently

If you are not using Facebook for the apps and games the service makes available, but for staying in contact with a couple of close friends, colleagues and family, you may not […]

youtube unique skin

YouTube: dynamic always visible video player

When you visit YouTube to watch a couple of videos that have been uploaded to the site, and who does not nowadays, you may have noticed that the site lacks a couple […]

bing maps facebook

Replace Bing Maps on Facebook with Google Maps

Update: Facebook started to use Nokie's Here mapping service in 2015 on mobiles and is using it on desktop devices as well. The extension to replace the current mapping provider with a […]

amazon product manuals

Download product manuals from Amazon

The Internet is a great place to find product related information, instructions, tutorials and even full scanned manuals which are usually provided in pdf format. What many Internet users may not know […]

new youtube design

How to center the new YouTube layout

You may have noticed that Google has launched a new layout for YouTube, one that is using a near white background and a design that is aligned to the left side of […]