For internet lovers, Google often stands out among companies that deliver top browsing and mobile tech. If you want to keep up to date with the latest news, updates, tools, and drama surrounding this industry mogul, be sure to check this content.

Google Dumps Six Services, Including Picnik and Google Sky Map

Google has just announced the third wave of product retirements after retiring Google Buzz and Knol, Wave, Friend Connect and Google Gears previously. The official Google blog lists six products that will […]

google search ads

Too Many Ads Above The Fold Are Bad, Says Google

Advertisements are what keeps many of the sites going on the Internet, including the site you are currently reading. As a user, I do understand that too many ads, or ads in […]

google calendar settings

How To Enable Phone Notifications In Google Calendar

If you are using Google Calendar to keep track of things, you'd probably notice that you only get notifications on your desktop computer if you are on that computer and have the […]

nocrap google search

NoCrap Removes Annoyances From Google Search

Google in recent years has started to make many modifications to Google Search, from auto suggestions over live previews to Google Instant. Not every user likes all or even any of those […]

google search links

Display Direct Website Links in Google Search

Sometimes I'm searching on Google to copy the search results link into another application. This is an extremely frustrating experience as links are manipulated by Google. When you copy a link in […]

App downloads jumped by 60% over the Holidays

Christmas was a good week for all of us, but a great week for apps with analytics firm Flurry reporting a 60% leap in app downloads on the previous week.  The figures […]


Synchronize Google Docs documents With Local PCs

Google Docs users have quite a few options to synchronize their online documents with local computer systems. Among them Gladinet Cloud Desktop, the Microsoft Office add-in OffiSync or DocSyncer. Insync is a […]

google health

Google Health Retired, How To Export Your Data

Google Health was a centralized health information service that allowed users to manually or automatically upload health records to the service. It acted as a management central for those records. The service […]

google+ filters

Google+ Gets Multi-Admin Pages, Stream Filters And More

Google is putting lots of effort into their social networking service Google+. Changes happen on a weekly basis and it is often hard to keep track of everything that gets added, modified […]

google menu

Customize Google's New Services Menu

Update: Google has modified the layout of the toolbar on Google properties. It removed the toolbar and replaced it with a couple of individual icons and links that are displayed instead. The […]

YouTube launches Schools Website

Those of you who follow me will know that in addition to writing here, being an author and all the other things I seem to do, that I'm also a teacher.  I've […]

Just How Much Revenue Does Google Have Anyway?

There is an intriguing infographic that has been released showing how much revenue Google had in 2010.  In typical infographic style, and you can view the whole thing below, there's all manner […]

lastpass google authenticator

LastPass Password Manager Now With Google Authenticator Support

One way to improve online account security is to use so called 2-step verification systems when they are offered by companies and services. Companies like Google, PayPal or Yahoo are already offering […]

Android Store hits 10 Billion Downloads

Google's Android store has had it's 10 billionth download this week, and the news was announced on the Google blog.  To mark the milestone the company has also announced that for the […]

google bar

Google Starts Rolling Out Yet Another Design Change

Google about six months ago started to roll out the black bar on top of most of their properties. This bar displayed the logged in Google user's username, linked to popular Google […]

youtube viewing history

Clear Your YouTube Viewing History, Workaround

Did you know that YouTube saves information about every video that you view on the video hosting site when you are logged into your Google account and also when you are not? […]

Google Retires Knol, Wave, Friend Connect, Gears

Larry Page, the new CEO of Google, continues to retire Google services (check out Google retires Google Buzz for additional information about previous retirement waves). This time a set of not overly-popular […]

https perfect forward secrecy

Google Enables Forward Secrecy For HTTPS Services

Last year Google started to push the HTTPS protocol on many of their services which basically meant that users always connected to the https version of the site regardless of their own […]

McAfee Singles Out Android for Malware Problems

It would appear that Google's unfortunately lax approach to vetting apps submitted to the Android store is counting heavily against the platform, as McAfee have released figures showing it is now becoming […]

google verbatim search

Gooverbatim, Add Verbatim Button To Google Search

I have already talked about Google Verbatim, a new search tool that is currently rolled out for all users of the Google Search engine. With Verbatim, users can search for contents that […]

google music

Google Music In A Nutshell

Music in the cloud, that's where the journey goes. At least if you trust Apple, Amazon and Google in this regard. All three companies have introduced a cloud hosting and streaming service […]

google verbatim

Google Verbatim For Exact Search Results

When you search on Google you often get results that have nothing to do with your original search query. Take the search for Appel for instance. You probably would not expect sites […]

animated profile banners

Taking Google+ Profile Banners to the Next Level: Animated Banners

Update: Animated Profile images are no longer supported by Google. The company modified the main banner space to include a single image instead of five separate images. A few days ago I […]

Free Android Anti-Virus Apps are Proved Useless

Of all the smartphone and tablet operating systems available at the moment, the one that I simply can't recommend to people is Google Android.  Unlike Apple, Microsoft and some other companies Google […]

google+ profile banner

How To Add A Profile Banner To A Google+ Profile

There are not many Internet users left on this earth that do not have an account at a social networking site like Facebook, Twitter or Google+. The same can be said for […]

GoogleLookup Discontinued

Update: as of November 2011, GoogleLookup has been discontinued. It cannot be used anymore and cells that still query it will return an error message instead. With Google Labs projects being discontinued […]

Hallelujah! Google Lawyer Admits the Patent System is Broken

Those of you who follow my articles with any regularity will know that one of the biggest arguments I make about the modern technology industry is their insistence on playing Patent tennis […]

youtube button google plus

Want Even More Distractions? Try Google+'s Youtube Button

Update: The YouTube button is no longer available. I sometimes feel the urge to check for new email messages during work. Other users may feel the same urge when it comes to […]

Google Retires Google Buzz

Google Buzz was a social networking service that Google integrated into the company's web-based email product Gmail. Google Mail users were able to make use of Buzz to share messages, photos, videos […]

google+ send private message

Google+ Gets Send A Message Button For Easier Sharing

If you are a regular on Google's social networking experiment Google+ you have noticed that the company makes changes to the site constantly. Sending messages to other Google+ users was something that […]

google plus whats hot

How To Remove What's Hot On Google+

Update: What's Hot is not displayed anymore in your stream. You can still access the feature with a click on the explore link at the top on Google Plus. Google recently introduced […]

google pulldown menu

Google Experimenting With New Toolbar Menu

Update: The experiment is over and no longer available. A black toolbar is displayed on almost every Google property. The bar displays links to popular Google services as well as options to […]

google maps api costs

Google Introduces Google Maps Api Limits

Google, the company that conquered the Internet by storm by offering mostly free services is slowly being turned around to make even more money than it is currently. One of the latest […]

Google Apps Users Can Now Join Google+

One point of criticism surrounding Google's social networking site Google+ (Google Plus) was the fact that Google Apps users could not join the service. That was irritating for many Google Apps users, […]

google + operator

Google Replaces + Search Operator

Advanced search operators like the + or - symbols can be used to optimize a search. The - operator for instance makes sure that the term following is not included on pages […]

secure connection

Google Redirects Your Search To Https? Change It!

Logged in Google users who do not follow the news as closely as the majority of Ghacks visitors may have noticed that Google started to redirect their searches on from http […]

google cached similar link

Where Are Google Search Cached And Similar Links?

If you have been using Google Search in past years you may have noticed a cached and similar link next to nearly every search result on Google. The cached entry linked to […]

https www google com

Google Rolls Out Https Search For Logged In Users

Google back in May 2010 enabled https on their core search domain. Users back then were able to access manually for improved security and privacy on the Google Search engine. Google […]


MapsGL Adds Turbo Speed To Google Maps

Update: It appears that the experiment is no longer working as intended. When you click on launch experiment you are taken to Google Maps. There you should see a "want to try […]

google plus hashtags

Google+ Rolls Out Hashtag and Real-time Search Support

It has been a while since I last mentioned Google+ here on Ghacks. Mike published a story yesterday about a Google employee who accidentally posted a rant about the Google+ product online, […]



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