For internet lovers, Google often stands out among companies that deliver top browsing and mobile tech. If you want to keep up to date with the latest news, updates, tools, and drama surrounding this industry mogul, be sure to check this content.

Google Rolls Out New Search Interface

A recent post over on Search Engine Land suggests that Google will be rolling out a new search interface - or more precisely search result page design - to selected users later […]

Google Chrome OS: My Concerns

Now that the source code of Chrome OS is in the open, the project has entered the second stage of the development phase. I suggest to read the Chrome OS announcement article […]

Google Image Swirl

Google Image Swirl is a new Google Labs project that uses Google Images to display relations between images found by the image search engine. Google's image search engine is a very comprehensive […]

google me

Google Me

Have you ever "googled" yourself? Chance is you found at least a few websites and resources about yourself, and even more if you have deliberately added information about yourself on websites across […]

Lock Safe Search In Google

Safe Search is a filter of the Google search engine which may filter certain results from appearing in the search results. By default, moderate filtering is applied to all search results which […]

Google Drops Extra Storage Prices For Gmail And Picasa

If you visit your Google Mail account you can look at the footer of the mail service's homepage to see how many free space is still available for that account. The current […]

google caffeine

Get Ready For Caffeinated Google Search

Google set up a search sandbox a while ago showcasing and testing the company's new search algorithm. The public demo of the new search algorithm served not only to show the world […]

3 Faster Less Obtrusive Google Search Engines

There are two main reasons for switching to one of Google's alternative search interfaces: speed and usability. The following three Google search engines use the same search index and parameters that the […]


Google Dashboard Offers View Of Google Account Usage

Google today launched a new service for Google customers called Google Dashboard. Google Dashboard is a all-in-one dashboard that gives you an overview on your usage of Google services. The dashboard lists […]

Google Sidewiki Firefox Add-on

Update: Google Sidewiki has been discontinued. The Firefox add-on is of no use anymore. Google introduced a new service called Google Sidewiki some time ago which gives Google account owners the opportunity […]

Google Docs Adds Zip Document Export

Data storage in the cloud offers several advantages over storing data locally. This include access to the data from any system that can connect to the cloud storage and making documents available […]

GoogleCrashHandler.exe Removal

If you have Google software installed on your computer system chance is that you may see GoogleCrashHandler.exe running on the system if you open up the task manager. GoogleCrashHandler.exe is one of […]

Google Docs Adds Shared Folders And Batch Upload Feature

The Google Docs development team has finally added one of the most requested features to the document management service. The ability to share folders - and with those the documents contained in […]

Orkut Login

Update: Please note that Google has announced that it will retire Orkut on September 30, 2014. This means that Orkut won't be available anymore after that date.  Google has posted suggestions on […]

Google plans to make more changes to Google Search

Google's latest changes to the company's search engine were not welcome by all users. The increase of the font size was a shock to many who used to work with the same […]

Perform Plain Google Searches Without Video, Image And News Results

If you perform a Google search nowadays you get mixed search results. Google not only displays the first ten pages that is has in its index for the entered keyword but also […]

Google Implements Cross-site Request Forgery Protection

Cross-site Request Forgery attacks are carried out from a computer system or user that is trusted by a website. Cookies that do not expire after a user closes the website or web […]

The Data Liberation Front

The Data Liberation Front is Google's attempt at making it easier for users to export data out of Google products. Here are a few scenarios where it might make sense to export […]

Google Search New Custom Search Options Added

One of the latest trends in the search engine market seem to be custom search options, search filters and specialized search parameters. Google has introduced the search options in the main Google […]

Google Translation Service For Websites

Internet users have the choice between several machine translation services that can automatically translate a given text or website to another language. Google Translate is one of the most popular services of […]

Google Docs OCR Demonstration

One cannot really deny the fact that Google is constantly working on new features for their popular online services like Gmail or Google Docs. The latest feature is currently available as a […]

View Documents Online With Google Docs Viewer

Update: Google Docs Viewer is no longer available. When you try to open the page it was hosted on you are redirected automatically to the main Google Docs entry point. The only […]

Google Sidewiki

Several companies have tried to create a universal tool to allow Internet users to write comments about websites and read those comments independently from the sites. The main idea behind a feature […]

Check Multiple Gmail Accounts With Gmail Notifier

It is not that easy to check multiple Gmail accounts regularly. Gmail itself only allows one login per user. There are a handful of ways to circumvent that. Probably the most popular […]

Published Google Docs Documents To Appear In Google Search

How would you announce a major change to a product that is likely going to affect a large userbase? Probably not in the same way that Google announced upcoming changes to their […]

Google Fast Flip

Google and Microsoft are constantly working on new services and features to add to their search engines. Microsoft introduced a visual search option in Bing yesterday which allowed search engine visitors to […]

Bing Visual Search

One of the new improvements that Microsoft introduces in their search engine Bing is a Silverlight driven visual search engine. Visual search meaning that pictures will be used to display and navigate […]

Google Real-Time Search

Google Search offers several options to limit the search results by a selected time frame. One is available as an advanced search parameter that you append to the search URL on Google […]

Play Google Voice Messages In Gmail

Google Voice is a relatively new Google service that can probably be best described as the hub for all phone numbers a user, family or company uses. The main benefit of a […]

Did Google Just Increase The Font Size Of Google Search?

It is not often that Google changes something on the front-end of Google Search. The only element that the Google developers change regularly is the logo that adds a little bit of […]

Google Adds Holidays, Sport Schedules And Contact Birthdays To Google Calendar

Google Calendar is an online calendar that can be used to keep track of events and important dates. The calendar application can be integrated into various Google services including Gmail which is […]

Why Google Search Results Can Be Different

The results that Google search is displaying to a search engine user can be different depending on several factors including the web browser, geographic location, web history or or data center that […]

google service status

Gmail Website Connection Problems

Many Gmail users who tried to access the Gmail web interface today were greeted with the error message "Server Error The server encountered a temporary error and could not complete your request" […]

Goollery Collection Of Google Related projects

Many Google services come with an api (application programming interface) that allows web developers to create new web services. Google Maps is probably the most popular example but there are probably a […]

Google Docs Adds Document Translations

Offering computer translations of documents seems to be a one of the features that Google wants to introduce to many of its services. You might remember that Google added automatic translations of […]

google books

1 Million Public Domain Books Added To Google Books

Google Books is an extensive books and magazines search engine that is maintained by Google. Users can search for books online, browse them on the website if the publishers or authors have […]

Compare Current And Upcoming Google Search Results

Google is currently giving webmasters and other interested users a sneak peek of their upcoming search algorithm. Interested users can open a sandboxed search engine that is using the new Google search […]

Add Google Sandbox Search Engine To Web Browsers

You might have already heard about Google's new sandbox search engine that is showcasing a new search infrastructure. Google invited webmasters to test the search engine and provide feedback which might indicate […]

Test Google's Next-Generation Search Engine Infrastructure

Did you know that Google - like many other search engines - changes their search algorithms hundreds of times per year? Search results get tweaked all the time by the developers and […]

Google Sets

Google Sets is a Google Labs application that aids users in finding sets of items using a few examples that you provide. This can be a useful feature to explore a topic […]



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