For internet lovers, Google often stands out among companies that deliver top browsing and mobile tech. If you want to keep up to date with the latest news, updates, tools, and drama surrounding this industry mogul, be sure to check this content.

Bing Visual Search

One of the new improvements that Microsoft introduces in their search engine Bing is a Silverlight driven visual search engine. Visual search meaning that pictures will be used to display and navigate […]

Google Real-Time Search

Google Search offers several options to limit the search results by a selected time frame. One is available as an advanced search parameter that you append to the search URL on Google […]

Play Google Voice Messages In Gmail

Google Voice is a relatively new Google service that can probably be best described as the hub for all phone numbers a user, family or company uses. The main benefit of a […]

Did Google Just Increase The Font Size Of Google Search?

It is not often that Google changes something on the front-end of Google Search. The only element that the Google developers change regularly is the logo that adds a little bit of […]

Google Adds Holidays, Sport Schedules And Contact Birthdays To Google Calendar

Google Calendar is an online calendar that can be used to keep track of events and important dates. The calendar application can be integrated into various Google services including Gmail which is […]

Why Google Search Results Can Be Different

The results that Google search is displaying to a search engine user can be different depending on several factors including the web browser, geographic location, web history or or data center that […]

google service status

Gmail Website Connection Problems

Many Gmail users who tried to access the Gmail web interface today were greeted with the error message "Server Error The server encountered a temporary error and could not complete your request" […]

Goollery Collection Of Google Related projects

Many Google services come with an api (application programming interface) that allows web developers to create new web services. Google Maps is probably the most popular example but there are probably a […]


Google Docs Adds Document Translations

Offering computer translations of documents seems to be a one of the features that Google wants to introduce to many of its services. You might remember that Google added automatic translations of […]

google books

1 Million Public Domain Books Added To Google Books

Google Books is an extensive books and magazines search engine that is maintained by Google. Users can search for books online, browse them on the website if the publishers or authors have […]

Compare Current And Upcoming Google Search Results

Google is currently giving webmasters and other interested users a sneak peek of their upcoming search algorithm. Interested users can open a sandboxed search engine that is using the new Google search […]

Add Google Sandbox Search Engine To Web Browsers

You might have already heard about Google's new sandbox search engine that is showcasing a new search infrastructure. Google invited webmasters to test the search engine and provide feedback which might indicate […]

Test Google's Next-Generation Search Engine Infrastructure

Did you know that Google - like many other search engines - changes their search algorithms hundreds of times per year? Search results get tweaked all the time by the developers and […]

Google Sets

Google Sets is a Google Labs application that aids users in finding sets of items using a few examples that you provide. This can be a useful feature to explore a topic […]

Google City Tours

The Google City Tours online application provides an interesting alternative to traditional ways of exploring a city with the help of travel guides or guided tours. It is basically a Google Maps […]

Google Adds Quick Search Options To Google Image Search

Google introduced a new feature to Google Search in last month that would allow users to quickly change several important factors of the search without having to configure them in advanced options […]

Google Translator Toolkit

Google Translate is a web service offered by Google that allows users to get instant machine translations of texts that they paste in the web interface or of websites that they enter […]

Google Image Relinker

Google Image Search is a very comprehensive image search engine. It basically works the same way as the standard Google search with the difference that image thumbnails are displayed as results on […]

How To Make Free Calls From Your Computer With Google Voice

About three weeks ago, I finally got an invite for Google Voice, the new phone-managing service from Google that I’d been itching to try out since before it was even called Google […]

Google Voice Number Not Reachable

Google Voice is Google's latest (currently invite only) service that assigns Google phone numbers to users which has the advantage that the number is not tied to any phone or device. The […]

Google Unified Search

You need to search on multiple search engines if you truly want to research a search term, as opposed to simply finding a solution to it. Some users might think that searching […]

Google Account Recovery Per SMS Available In Additional Countries

Google introduced a new account recovery option some time ago that allowed Google users from the United States to add a cell phone number to their account. The user could then use […]

Google Needs Standards Too

After taking a look at the latest set of devices and gadgets to make it to the market, one thing is becoming clear. We are in desperate need of some gadget standards. […]

Two New Google Trends Features

Google Trends is a service by Google that displays the popularity of search terms in the Google search engine over time. Users can compare search terms with each other to get an […]

Google Chrome OS

There were always rumors that Google was developing an operating system. We are not speaking about Google Android, the operating system that is being installed on mobile devices like cellphones. No, this […]

Google Update Changes

The Google Update process is the bane for many Internet users as it seemed to become available again even if it has been disabled previously on the computer system. The process googleupdate.exe […]

Google Books Rolls Out New Features

Google Books is an ambitious project to offer which allows web users to search through more than seven million books online. Google just recently came to an agreement with rights holders that […]

Google Squared Launches

Google Squared is a new concept search engine by Google. Unlike conventional search engines Google Squared has been designed to present the information right in the search interface without the need of […]

Google Docs Adds Docx And Xlsx Support

Microsoft's decision to change the default file format in Office 2007 for some of its most popular Office programs has caused some confusion and controversy, especially shortly after introduction. Back then no […]

Google Search Options

Google has recently introduced so called Search Options to their search engine which are hidden by default on any search page but can be activated with one click. Update: Google Search's layout […]

Google Redesigned

The Google Redesigned project started as a simple CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) file that changed the layout and design of several popular Google services including Gmail, Google Reader and Google Calendar. Google […]

Google Talk Contact Shortcuts

Google Talk is an instant messaging software program for Windows that can be used to chat with friends and colleagues, initiate file transfers, do voice over IP and to send and receive […]

Google Update Turns Open Source

Google Update is a background program by Google that gets installed on Windows operating systems if you install software such as Google Chrome, Google Pack or other Google software on the system. […]

Windows Desktop Alternative BumpTop

Remember BumpTop? We covered a tech demo of the 3D desktop technology back in 2006 and felt that it could be a great way of helping computer users bring order to the […]

Protect your privacy from Google AdSense's new behavioral ads

Google recently launched behavioral targeted ads for AdSense. This means AdSense displays adverts not only on the context of the webpage, but on the context of your browsing history. The aim is […]

Google Calendar Offline released

While taking a look at my calendar today, I noticed that Google has rolled out their offline feature for Google Calendar, and after some searching I found that this is indeed the […]


Observant computer users may discover the process googleupdate.exe running on their computer system after installing a software product created by Google. This can be the new Google Chrome web browser, Google Picasa […]

Life Photo Archive Online

A deal between Life and Google makes more than 10 million photographic images available on the Internet. The collection spans from the 1750s to today. Google provides a special search engine for […]

Google Multi-Column View

Google Multi-Column View is a Greasemonkey script that can display Google search results in two or three different columns instead of the default single column display that Google favors. Doing that can […]

Google Offering Translated Search Results

The Google Translate service was known for a long time to translate text and websites from one language to the other. The current version features 34 languages from English over German to […]



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