Internet Explorer

While Internet Explorer has been on the web for ages, support for the browser won’t available for much longer. Until then, we’ll showcase the latest news and updates you should know, while we’ll also provide some helpful guidelines on any issues.

internet explorer 11 tabs on top

Change Internet Explorer's Look and Behavior with Quero Toolbar

Do not be too harsh with me on this one. While toolbar are usually anything but appreciated by the majority of users, it may be different this time. The Quero Toolbar is […]

internet explorer tabs windows 8

How to switch tabs in the Internet Explorer app on Windows 8

If you want to run a web browser on Windows 8's start screen (Windows 8 is used to describe all versions of the system, including windows 8.1), you do not have much […]

internet explorer 11 dpi issue

Fix for Gadget display issues after IE11 Installation on Windows 7

When I reviewed the Internet Explorer 11 final release for Windows 7, I never expected it to become this popular. The core reason for this was not the availability of the latest […]

install internet explorer 11

Microsoft releases Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7

Microsoft has just released the final version of its web browser Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7. The browser, originally released as part of the Windows 8.1 upgrade to the company's most […]

Google to drop support for Internet Explorer 9: what it means

Google published a reminder today on the Google Apps blog that it has ended support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 9. What this means is that the company will not test existing or […]

internet explorer search providers

How to change and add search providers to Internet Explorer 11

Depending on which web browser you are using, it is either difficult or relatively easy to switch search providers. Some web browsers ship with a selection of preinstalled providers that you can […]

internet explorer 11 blocker toolkit

Microsoft releases Internet Explorer 11 Toolkit to block automatic deployment on Windows 7

Internet Explorer 11 is the newest version of the default system browser of the Windows operating system. It ships with Windows 8.1, the update to Windows 8 that will be released to […]

spell check speckie internet explorer

Internet Explorer spell checker Speckie 6.0 released

Spell checking is an essential feature for many Internet and computer users, and it has been integrated into nearly every web browser and many other applications that accept text input. For me, […]

turn off internet explorer 11

How to uninstall Internet Explorer 11

Internet Explorer 11 is a big step forward for the default Windows system browser. It is faster and more standards compliant than any other version of IE. That makes it a prime […]

bing toolbar

How to uninstall the Bing Bar

Toolbars in general do not have the best reputation which can be largely attributed to the sneaky ways they are installed on user systems. More often than not, they are offered as […]

enable protected mode

How to turn off enhanced protected mode in Internet Explorer 10 or newer

For some time now I noticed that several preferences in Internet Explorer 11 could not be changed on a local test machine running Windows 7. This included several security settings, and also […]

internet explorer webm

Adding WebM support to Microsoft Internet Explorer

When it comes to new web technologies, it is web browsers that need to support them before they can be accessed or used by Internet users. We currently have a situation where […]

adblock plus for IE

Adblock Plus for Internet Explorer is here

The popular advertisement blocker Adblock Plus has been released as a preview version for Microsoft's Internet Explorer by the developers of the application. The release brings the popular browser extension to all […]

fix it internet explorer 8 vulnerability

Microsoft releases Hotfix for Internet Explorer 8 security vulnerability

A security bug in Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8 web browser was confirmed by the company on Friday in a security advisory. Reports of attacks began to appear two days earlier when security […]

Microsoft to turn on Flash by default in Windows 8

One of the new features of Internet Explorer 10 in Windows 8 is that Microsoft integrated Adobe's Flash Player natively into the start screen version of the web browser. This native integration, […]

ie 10 msn bing screenshot

IE 10 for Windows 7 special Bing and MSN edition

Many of us in the tech world use Chrome or Firefox most of the time and we tend to forget that the vast majority of people still use Internet Explorer, largely because […]

internet explorer 10 screenshot

Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7 finally released

Microsoft just a few seconds ago released Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7. The web browser that got initially released for Windows 8 last year, and then later on as a preview […]

Internet Explorer 10 blocker toolkit screenshot

IE10 Automatic Update blocker released for Windows 7

Microsoft's Internet Explorer 10 final is currently only available for the company's latest operating system Windows 8. It is available as a preview version for Windows 7 as well, the only other […]

internet explorer vulnerability

Internet Explorer vulnerable, Security Advisory 2794220 released

Microsoft has released security advisory 2794220 which details a vulnerability in the company's web browser Internet Explorer that may allow attackers to execute code remotely on affected systems if the vulnerability is […]

penguin mark

IE beats Firefox, Chrome in Microsoft's Penguin Mark

Microsoft has released a new benchmark to demonstrate the power of Internet Explorer 10. Penguin Mark has been uploaded to the IE Testdrive website to test web browsers in a new taxing […]

internet explorer 10 full flash support

Add Flash support to Metro IE10 on Windows 8 and RT

Internet Explorer 10 is the default system browser of all Windows 8 versions. The start screen version of IE10, that is used to open websites on the operating system's start screen is […]

web advertisement

How to block advertisement in Internet Explorer 10

If you have bought the Surface RT device running Windows RT or a device by another hardware manufacturer that is running Microsoft's latest operating system you may have noticed that the only […]

malware blocking

Study finds Internet Explorer to be malware blocking king

Which web browser with its default configuration is best at blocking malware? According to a recent NSS Labs study it is Microsoft's Internet Explorer 9 as it performed better than other web […]

robohornet browser benchmark

RoboHornet: independent browser benchmark

The majority of web browser benchmarks are created by companies and organizations that develop browsers. Mozilla has its Kraken benchmark, Google its Octane benchmark, which many web developers believe are not as […]

Browser history spam from and other networks

Browser history spam refers to scripts messing up the current tabs history by polluting it with script related entries so that the web pages that have been visited before are moved down […]

internet explorer security update

Internet Explorer security updates released [September 2012]

A 0-day vulnerability affecting all versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer except version 10 on all supported Microsoft operating systems was revealed recently. Microsoft, aware of limited attacks targeting the vulnerability, promised to […]

fix 0-day vulnerability

Microsoft releases Fix-It for latest 0-day vulnerability.

A few days ago a new 0-day vulnerability was discovered that affects all versions of Microsoft's Internet Explorer - but Internet Explorer 10 - on all recent versions of the Windows operating […]

emet internet explorer

New Internet Explorer 0-day Vulnerability (Sept. 2012)

Microsoft has published a security advisory today that is informing system administrators and end users about a new 0-day vulnerability affecting Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8 and 9 but not IE 10. […]

Google Apps: Internet Explorer 8 support ends soon

The Google Apps team just announced that support for Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8 web browser will end on November 15, 2012. This falls in line with last year's announcement that the service […]

test java version

How to disable Java in your web browser

Update: Most web browsers don't support Java anymore. Firefox, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge don't support Java anymore and that means that you don't have to disable Java in the browser even […]

protected mode

Want to run 64-bit Internet Explorer on Windows 8's desktop? Here is how

If you are running a 64-bit version of Windows 8 you have got access to 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Internet Explorer 10 on the system. The 64-bit version of Internet Explorer […]

google octane javascript benchmark

Google's new JavaScript benchmark Octane released

All modern web browsers are considerably fast when it comes to rendering web pages and executing JavaScript code. You usually find Google Chrome at the very top of results and the other […]

firefox internet explorer

Fire IE, Run Internet Explorer compatible sites in Firefox

If you are working in an environment where some websites or services are only accessible in Microsoft's Internet Explorer, but work with Firefox as your main browser, you have basically two options […]

default browser

The Default Browser in Windows 8, or, where are my links opened in?

When you run the Windows 8 operating system for the first time, regardless of having installed it by yourself or found it pre-installed on a PC that you have purchased, you will […]

browser memory usage

Chrome uses way more memory than Firefox, Opera or Internet Explorer

When you ask Internet users about their personal opinions about web browsers, some may tell you that they feel Firefox is using too much memory which is keeping the browser back, and […]

Web Browser System Requirements Overview

When you are planning to install a new web browser on your system, or to upgrade one of the browsers to a newer version, you need to make sure that your system […]

pinned website

Open Pinned Sites In The Default Windows Browser

Are you using the site pinning feature of the Windows 7 operating system? When you are using Microsoft's Internet Explorer, you can drag and drop open websites, or more precisely the site's […]

duplicate tabs internet explorer

Copy Tabs From One Browser Window To Another

If you like to work in multiple web browser windows on one computer, you may sometimes feel the need to drag tabs to another browser window. Every browser supports this operation, and […]

internet explorer 9 delete cache cookies

Clear Cache, Cookies For Specific Domain In Internet Explorer 9

Internet Explorer 9 is Microsoft's attempt to get the web browser back on track in the browser game. After losing market share in the past year, and seeing browsers like Firefox and […]

facebook chat bing toolbar

Bing Toolbar Update Brings Facebook Chat, Slacker Radio, More

The Bing Toolbar is one of the better toolbars available for Microsoft's Internet Explorer. Not only in terms of functionality that it provides, but also in terms of updating and improvements that […]



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