Google Chrome News and extension reviews
youtube recommended blocker

Block certain recommended videos on YouTube permanently

YouTube Recommended Blocker is a new browser extension for the Google Chrome web browser to block video recommendations on YouTube. YouTube's recommendation algorithm uses the viewing history and other data to suggest […]

distill web monitor

Monitor webpage changes with Distill Web Monitor

Distill Web Monitor is a free browser extension for the Google Chrome and Firefox web browsers that you may use to monitor webpages for changes. Internet users have some options when it […]

chrome extensions

Surprise (not): Extensions may impact a browser's performance

Most web browsers nowadays support extensions that add, change, or remove certain functionality from the browser itself or websites. Extensions may be installed to block advertisement or tracking, add functionality to websites, […]

chrome themes by google

Google publishes official Chrome themes collection

Google published a new themes collection for the company's Google Chrome web browser recently that come directly from the Chrome team. Google Chrome's theming capabilities were limited right from the start. While […]

chrome skip best effort tasks

Chrome to skip low priority tasks until shutdown to reduce memory use

Google is working on a new memory reducing feature for the company's Chrome web browser. The new function, called "Skip best effort tasks" landed in Chrome Canary just recently; it is designed […]

das keyboard model s professional

Google Chrome 73 to support multimedia keys on the keyboard

Google Chrome 73, the next version of the web browser, will support multimedia keys on keyboards that support them. The web browser will be the first desktop browser to support media keys […]

password checkup extension google

Google publishes Password Checkup extension for Chrome

Password Checkup is a new browser extension for the Google Chrome web browser by Google that informs users about unsafe usernames or passwords. Internet users have some options when it comes to […]

chrome never slow

Google is testing Never Slow Mode feature in Chrome

A new commit on the Chromium development site suggests that Google is testing a new feature for Chrome called Never Slow Mode designed to speed up the loading of webpages. Websites have […]

mindful break google

Mindful Break by Google reminds you to take breaks

Mindful Break is a free browser extension by Google for the Google Chrome web browser designed to remind users to take breaks and to provide tips on how to spend the time […]

google chrome navigation suggestions lookalike urls

Chrome to warn users about lookalike URLs

Google Chrome may soon warn users when they visit what Google calls lookalike URLs. Lookalike URLs is a loose term that describes site addresses that look very similar to the domain of […]

chrome 72.0

Google Chrome 72 Stable is out

Google released Google Chrome 72 to the public on January 30, 2019. The new version of the web browser patches 58 different security vulnerabilities and introduces other changes or fixes. Most Chrome […]

chrome disable automatic downloads

Google plans to end drive-by-downloads threat

Google plans to integrate a new security feature in the company's Chrome browser soon that it hopes will protect Chrome users from drive-by-downloads. The main characteristic of drive-by-downloads is that they happen […]

disable webusb webbluetooth

Disable WebUSB and WebBluetooth in Google Chrome

Web browsers support an increasing number of APIs and features, and there does not seem to be an end in sight to that. Recent additions to Google Chrome, the WebUSB and WebBluetooth […]

ublock chrome

Chrome Extension Manifest V3 could end uBlock Origin for Chrome

Google is working on the Chrome extension manifest version 3 at the moment which defines the capabilities of Chrome's extensions platform. The updated manifest is available as a draft currently that anyone […]

chrome history navigation with gesture

Google Chrome for Android to support history gesture navigation

Google has been working on a new feature for Google Chrome for Android for a while that adds options to the mobile browser to go back and forward in history by using […]


A first look at SmartAdblock for Firefox and Chrome

SmartAdblock is a new content blocker for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, and compatible browsers. While there are certainly lots of content blockers out there already, including the excellent cross-platform extensions uBlock […]

simple mass downloader

Simple Mass Downloader for Google Chrome

Simple Mass Downloader is a browser extension for Google Chrome to download any number of links from open tabs at once in the browser. The developer of the extension was inspired by […]

amp browser extension chrome

Load AMP articles in Google Chrome on the desktop

Google is pushing Accelerated Mobile Pages, AMP, heavily in an effort to improve performance and other metrics no mobile devices. The main goal of AMP is to speed up the mobile web […]