Google Chrome News and extension reviews

Block Helpdesk and Chat popups in your browser

Hello Goodbye is a new browser extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox that blocks helpdesk and chat popups on websites that you visit. Many sites, especially those that offer services or […]

application guard extension firefox chrome

A look at Windows Defender Application Guard extension for Firefox and Chrome

Microsoft released the extension Windows Defender Application Guard for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox recently. Windows Defender Application Guard is a security feature designed to load untrusted sites and services in a […]

link fixer firefox

Making Ctrl, Shift, and Cmd clicks on Link work all the time

Link Fixer is a browser extension for the Firefox and Chrome web browsers designed to fix sites that override the default link activation behavior in the browsers. Firefox and Chrome users have […]

chrome lite page

Lite Page provided by Google in Google Chrome

Google revealed information about a new Chrome for Android feature called Chrome Lite Pages in a blog post on the Chromium website that extends the capabilities of the browser's Data Saver feature. […]

chrome portable updater

Chrome Portable Updater for Windows

Google does not really offer portable versions of the company's Google Chrome web browser for download. Chromium, the browser that Chrome is based on, is available as a portable version. It is […]

google chrome offline installer full

Google plans to improve Chrome's drive-by-download protection

Google plans to introduce a new protective feature in the company's Chrome web browser that blocks automatic downloads in ad frames. File downloads are usually initiated by users. Users may click on […]

chrome back forward

Chrome back and forward button performance to improve in 2020

Google is working on a new cache for its Chrome browser to improve the performance of back and forward operations on the desktop and on mobile. Called bfcache, short for back/forward cache, […]

chrome canary dark web content

Google tests dark mode for web content in Chrome for Android

Dark interface modes seem to be en vogue currently. While there has always been a group of users who prefer dark interfaces and designs over light ones, it seems that software companies […]

chrome focus mode

Google Chrome may get a Focus Mode soon

Google added a new experimental flag to Chrome Canary recently called Focus Mode. Chrome Canary is the cutting edge development version of Google Chrome; new features land in Canary first before they […]

chrome activity log extensions

Google Chrome: Activity Log for extensions

Google plans to integrate an extension activity log in the company's Google Chrome web browser; the activity log logs what extensions do when they are installed and active in the Chrome browser. […]

learn languages google translate

Learn Languages with Google Translate for Chrome

Learn Languages with Google Translate is a browser extension for Google Chrome that combines Google's translation service with options to record and practice vocabulary. The extension is maintained by Wordeys and available […]

chrome download unblocker

The Pros and Cons of using Chrome Download Unblocker

Chrome Download Unblocker is a free program for Microsoft Windows devices -- all from Windows XP to the very latest Windows 10 version -- that you may use to configure Chrome to […]

chrome web activities microsoft extension

Microsoft releases Web Activities extension for Chrome

Microsoft released a new extension for Google Chrome recently called Web Activities. The new official extension integrates Windows timeline functionality in Google Chrome so that the browsing activity is shared across all […]

Fix Chrome 72 extensions not working correctly (e.g. adblockers)

Chrome 72 has a confirmed bug currently that affects a small part of the overall population that uses the stable version of the browser. Affected users may notice that extensions that work […]

content blockers performance chrome

Benchmark refutes Google's claim that content blockers slow down Chrome

Google released a first draft of the new version of Google Chrome's Extension Manifest in January 2019. The company plans to limit the webRequest API that extensions, content blockers like uBlock Origin […]

smartadblock filters

SmartAdblock updated: memory optimizations and custom filter support

The developers of the free cross-browser adblocker SmartAdblock have released an updated version of the extension that introduces a number of improvements and optimizations. We looked at the initial release version of […]

youtube recommended blocker

Block certain recommended videos on YouTube permanently

YouTube Recommended Blocker is a new browser extension for the Google Chrome web browser to block video recommendations on YouTube. YouTube's recommendation algorithm uses the viewing history and other data to suggest […]

distill web monitor

Monitor webpage changes with Distill Web Monitor

Distill Web Monitor is a free browser extension for the Google Chrome and Firefox web browsers that you may use to monitor webpages for changes. Internet users have some options when it […]