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chrome inline installation dialog

Chrome's inline extension install ban already bypassed

Developers of Chrome extensions had two main options when it came to getting Chrome users to install their extensions for the browser. They could rely on the Chrome Web Store presence and […]

chrome extensions restrict access

Google wants to make Chrome Extensions more secure

Google announced a number of changes to Google Chrome's extensions system designed to make the use of extensions more secure. The company has been in a constant battle against misuse of extensions […]

chrome extensions restrict access

Chrome 70 features option to restrict extension access

Extensions can be really useful for a huge number of things. From blocking unwanted content to changing websites, improving the usability of the browser or improving your shopping experience. Chrome extensions are […]

custom favicons

Custom site icons in Chrome and Firefox

Favioli is a browser extension for Google Chrome, Firefox, and compatible browsers, that lets you replace a site's favicon with a custom icon. Most websites make use of so-called favicons that web […]

chrome sign-in

Changes coming to Chrome after Chrome 69 controversies

Google revealed in a blog post on the company's official blog that it plans to incorporate changes into Chrome 70 that address user concerns that arose after the release of Chrome 69. […]

chrome wont be signed out clear browsing data

Chrome's Clear Browsing Data exempting Google Account

Chrome users who open the Clear Browsing Data prompt of the browser may have noticed a new "you won't be signed out of your Google Account" addendum to the Cookies and other […]

chrome extensions force update

How to update Chrome extensions manually

Chrome extensions are not necessarily updated the moment a new version of an installed extension is published on the Chrome Web Store. Google rolls out updates to Chrome, other company products and […]

chrome incognito mode

Don't like Chrome's new sign-in experience? Do this!

Google made a fundamental change to the sign-in experience in the Google Chrome web browser with the release of Chrome 69 to the Stable channel. Basically, what Google did was link Google […]

offline gmail

Chrome's Gmail Offline extension gets the axe

Google revealed last week that the rather popular Gmail Offline extension for the Chrome web browser will be discontinued. The extension enables offline access for Gmail emails in the Chrome web browser. […]

download all images

Download all Images extension for Chrome

Download all Images is a powerful browser extension for the Google Chrome web browser to download multiple images at once from any webpage. You can download any single image you come across […]

chrome sync google account link

Disable the sign-out link between Chrome, Gmail and other Google services

Google Chrome users who run the recently released Chrome 69 on any desktop system may have noticed a behavior change that affects Chrome's synchronization functionality and Google accounts on the Web. Chrome […]

chrome urls hidden

Chrome's stripping of trivial domain parts is broken

Google Chrome 69 landed recently and with it came a change that hides information in the browser's address bar on the desktop. Chrome 68 and earlier displayed the full web address all […]

chrome 69 default layout new

How to restore the old Google Chrome design

Google started to roll out Google Chrome 69 Stable to all supported systems yesterday. The new version of the web browser arrived in time for the browser's 10 year anniversary. While Google's […]

chrome https

What happened to HTTP and HTTPS in Chrome?

Chrome users who run version 69.x of the web browser will notice that Google changed how the address of webpages is displayed in the browser. Chrome displayed the scheme, the http:// or […]

singlefile save webpage

Save any webpage as a single file in Chrome or Firefox

SingleFile is a cross-browser open source extension for Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera to save any webpage you come across as a single HTML file. All modern web browsers come with options […]

github browse tree directory files

Browse files of GitHub repositories comfortably for Github is a browser extension for the Google Chrome web browser that adds a directory tree structure to Github repositories to browse all files of the repository comfortably. Browsing repositories […]

chrome tabs select multiple

How to select and move multiple Chrome tabs at once

Google Chrome, just like any other modern browser, is a tab-driven web browser that gives its users options to open sites in different tabs in the interface. Users can keep multiple sites […]

google chrome hide url

Chrome experiment hides Search URLs

Google is testing a change in the company's Chrome web browser currently that hides the URL in the address bar when users run searches in the browser. The experimental feature is only […]