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LanguageTool is a free, open-source, grammar and spell checker

LanguageTool is a free, open-source, grammar and spell checker for Firefox, Chrome and Windows

As a writer, I've a personal arsenal of writing tools, which I like to tinker with from time to time. Most of these are now available as web-apps/extensions, and one of them […]

chrome better on page search

Google is working on improved on-page search in Chrome

All modern web browsers support functionality to search for content on the active page. Most map the functionality to Ctrl-F, some also to F3 or just the dot-icon on the keyboard. Google […]

chrome manifest v3 ad blockers

First Chrome browser with Manifest V3 for extensions expected in late July

The first public version of the upcoming Manifest V3 for Chrome extensions is expected to be released in late July or beginning of August. Google published an early draft of the new […]

google-chrome suspicious site reporter

Google releases Suspicious Site Reporter extension for Chrome

Suspicious Site Reporter is a new browser extension by Google for the company's Chrome web browser that provides users with options to report sites to the company. The extension has two main […]

google chrome color explosion

Prepare for a Google Chrome Color Explosion (New Tab Page)

Google's Chrome web browser is not really a browser known for its customization options when it comes to the browser's user interface; that might change soon, however, as Google engineers began to […]

chrome incognito mode private browsing detection

Chrome 76 blocks sites from detecting Incognito Mode

Google Chrome 76, the next stable version of Google's web browser, will block sites from detecting whether Incognito Mode is enabled in the browser. All it took for websites up until now […]

ublock chrome

Chrome's Adblocker controversy: Google raises maximum limit

You have probably read a lot about the upcoming Manifest V3 for Google Chrome extensions and the controversy surrounding changes affecting ad-blockers and other extensions on the platform. A first draft of […]

chrome drag and drop pin tabs

Google Chrome: pin tabs using drag and drop

Google launched a new experimental feature in the Canary version of the company's Google Chrome web browser recently that introduces options to pin and unpin tabs using drag and drop operations. Most […]

chrome-multimedia hardware key handling

Fix chrome.exe appearing on the Windows Lockscreen

Google Chrome users who updated the web browser to version 75 may notice a new element on the lockscreen of the system when they lock it. Our Deskmodder colleagues report that they […]

brave browser interface

How Google's anti-adblocking draft affects other Chromium-based browsers

Google is working on a new manifest for Chrome extensions that defines the capabilities that extensions have in Google Chrome. The manifest is available as a draft currently which means that it […]

chrome image suggestions

How to disable search suggestion images in Google Chrome

Google released Google Chrome 75 on June 5, 2019 for all supported operating systems. Some Chrome users who upgraded the web browser to the new version noticed that Google is adding images […]

google chrome 75

Google releases Chrome 75 Stable for desktop and mobile

Google released a new stable version of the company's Google Chrome web browser on June 5, 2019. Google Chrome 75 is available for all supported desktop operating systems and for Android. Desktop […]

chrome inline installation dialog

Google takes even more action against deceptive Chrome extension installations

Google wants to do more against deceptive Chrome extension installations; the company announced a number of changes that it hopes will reduce the number of deceptive installations starting July 1, 2019. Google […]

ublock chrome

Google still on track to limit ad-blockers in Chrome

Google is still on track to limit the effectiveness of ad-blocker extensions in the company's Chrome web browser by making changes to APIs available to Chrome extensions. The company revealed plans to […]

google chrome new tab page customize 2019

Google Chrome's New Tab Page may soon get a customization boost

Google Chrome users may soon get additional customization options to change the default functionality and layout of the browser's New Tab Page. Chrome users who want to modify the New Tab Page […]

chrome esc key

Chrome 76: ESC-key use no longer seen as user action to block spam

From Chrome 76 on, Google won't allow sites access to certain APIs anymore based on a user's use of the ESC-key on such sites to fight abuse. Most modern browsers prevent access […]

chrome address bar search issue

Fix Chrome prioritizing search words over visited sites in address bar

Google Chrome users who have updated the desktop version of the web browser to the latest version may have noticed a change in how Google Chrome responds to input in the browser's […]

chrome browser data

Chrome bug that prevents the browsing history from clearing

Recent versions of the Google Chrome browser have a bug that prevents some users from deleting the browsing history of the browser. All browsers come with built-in options to clear the browsing […]