Google Chrome News and extension reviews
audio channel

Audio Channel: audio equalizer for Chrome

Audio Channel is a free extension for the Google Chrome web browser that gives you better control over audio playback in the web browser. If you play audio or video content on […]

google chrome 62

Google Chrome 62 Stable is out

Google announced the availability of Google Chrome 62 Stable today for all supported operating systems on the Chrome Releases blog. The new version of Chrome brings the version of the web browser […]

chrome hijack protection

Google rolls out new security features in Chrome for Windows

Google announced today that it is in the process of rolling out an update for Chrome for Windows that improves the security of the web browser. Chrome news have hit a rough […]

chrome extension gmail domain registration

Another Chrome extension horror story: coinhive and domain registration

I'm not sure if things get worse by the day when it comes to the Chrome extensions system and Store, or if things have been bad all along and are publicized more […]

chrome extensions issue

Chrome has a massive copycat extensions problem

You have probably read about the fake Adblock Plus extension that 37000 Chrome users installed before it was removed by Google after it was reported to the company. The verification system of […]

chrome tab under behavior

Chrome to get tab-under blocker soon

Google plans to add tab-under blocking functionality to the company's Chrome web browser in a future version of the web browser. Tab-under refers to sites opening new tabs in the browser, for […]

chrome flags redesign

This is Google Chrome's redesigned chrome://flags page

Google is working on a redesign of the Chrome's browser's chrome://flags page as part of the company's effort to modernize the web browser. The chrome://flags page of Google Chrome list experimental features […]

get to chrome faster

Chrome's Get To Chrome Faster Campaign on Windows 10

Google runs a campaign currently for its web browser Google Chrome on Windows 10 that informs users on how to make Chrome the default browser on the system. It is unclear how […]

cato chrome commands

Cato: Control Google Chrome with Commands

Cato is a new browser extension for Google Chrome that adds a command interface to the browser to control Chrome with supported commands. The extension reminds me of Mozilla's Ubiquity project (which […]

google chrome reverse bookmark add

Google switches Done and Remove bookmark dialog actions in Chrome

If you are using Google Chrome, you may have noticed that Google switched the Done and Remove actions of the bookmark dialog recently in the browser. Chrome users may click on the […]

chrome extension crypto miner

First Chrome extension with JavaScript Crypto Miner detected

Google's automatic verification system for Chrome extension uploads to the official Chrome Web Store is a wreck; less than a day after the Steam Inventory Helper incident, another Chrome extension was found […]

steam inventory helper

Steam Inventory Helper monitors your browsing activity

A recent update for the popular Google Chrome extension Steam Inventory Helper added a monitoring component to the extension that monitors the browsing activity. Steam Inventory Helper is a popular Chrome extension […]

Chrome 64 will block autoplaying media with sound

Chromium software engineer Mounir Lamouri announced yesterday that Google Chrome 64 will block autoplaying media with sound automatically. Chrome will only play autplaying media if sound is muted, or if users have […]

chrome man-in-the middle

Chrome 63 notifies you of Man-in-the-Middle issues

Google plans to launch a new security feature in the upcoming Chrome 63 browser that notifies users about Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) issues. MITM is best known as a method to attack user systems […]

chrome 61 stable release

Google Chrome 61 is out

Google's Chrome team announced the general availability of Google Chrome 61 Stable today on the official Chrome Releases blog. The new version of the web browser will be rolled out over the […]

chrome clear browsing data

How to delete Chrome's browsing data super quickly

Chrome, like any other modern web browser, uses a browser cache and stores browsing data. This cache and other locations are used as a temporary storage location for all kinds of files […]

chrome kiosk mode

Chrome: launch sites in borderless windows

The Google Chrome web browser comes with options to launch sites in borderless windows to maximize the display space for these websites. The default version of Google Chrome displays website content and […]

chrome silence websites

Google tests new perma-silence feature for sites in Chrome

Google tests a new feature in Chrome Canary currently that gives you options to silence websites in Chrome permanently so that they are blocked from playing audio. Audio is an important part […]