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google chrome 75

Google releases Chrome 75 Stable for desktop and mobile

Google released a new stable version of the company's Google Chrome web browser on June 5, 2019. Google Chrome 75 is available for all supported desktop operating systems and for Android. Desktop […]

chrome inline installation dialog

Google takes even more action against deceptive Chrome extension installations

Google wants to do more against deceptive Chrome extension installations; the company announced a number of changes that it hopes will reduce the number of deceptive installations starting July 1, 2019. Google […]

ublock chrome

Google still on track to limit ad-blockers in Chrome

Google is still on track to limit the effectiveness of ad-blocker extensions in the company's Chrome web browser by making changes to APIs available to Chrome extensions. The company revealed plans to […]

google chrome new tab page customize 2019

Google Chrome's New Tab Page may soon get a customization boost

Google Chrome users may soon get additional customization options to change the default functionality and layout of the browser's New Tab Page. Chrome users who want to modify the New Tab Page […]

chrome esc key

Chrome 76: ESC-key use no longer seen as user action to block spam

From Chrome 76 on, Google won't allow sites access to certain APIs anymore based on a user's use of the ESC-key on such sites to fight abuse. Most modern browsers prevent access […]

chrome address bar search issue

Fix Chrome prioritizing search words over visited sites in address bar

Google Chrome users who have updated the desktop version of the web browser to the latest version may have noticed a change in how Google Chrome responds to input in the browser's […]

chrome browser data

Chrome bug that prevents the browsing history from clearing

Recent versions of the Google Chrome browser have a bug that prevents some users from deleting the browsing history of the browser. All browsers come with built-in options to clear the browsing […]

youtube classic

Restore YouTube's Classic Look in Firefox and Chrome

YouTube Classic is an extension for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome that changes the design and layout of YouTube to the classic version. Firefox users can install the browser extension from the […]

google chrome settings page

Google Chrome: new Settings page lands in Canary

Recent versions of Google Chrome Canary feature a redesigned Settings page that adds option groups to the web browser. All desktop browsers come with Settings pages that let users modify certain behavior […]

microsoft edge new

Chromium may soon use less memory and start up faster

Chromium-based web browsers such as Google Chrome, Brave, Vivaldi, Opera, or the new Microsoft Edge browser, may soon start up faster and use less memory. One of the effects of Microsoft switching […]

chrome samesite lax cookies

Google Chrome: better cookie protections and controls announced

Google plans to improve cookie controls and protections in upcoming versions of the company's Chrome web browser. The company revealed plans to change how cookies work fundamentally in the web browser in […]

flash player will no longer be supported

Chrome 76: Flash block and making Flash use more annoying

Adobe Flash is going away in 2020; better, support for Adobe Flash ends in 2020. Adobe won't support Flash anymore, and all major browser makers revealed plans to retire Flash in their […]

chrome mute tab

Mute individual Tabs in Google Chrome

Tab Muter is a browser extension for the Google Chrome web browser that restores tab muting functionality in the browser. Google removed options to mute individual tabs in Chrome in recent versions. […]

use-local cache loading webpages

Boostaler browser extension extends caching periods to speed up browsing

Boostaler is a browser extension for the Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome web browsers that is designed to speed up web browsing by extending cache periods. The extension may work with other […]

google chrome lite mode android

Google deprecates Chrome Data Saver extension for the desktop

Google will deprecate the Data Saver extension for desktop versions of the Chrome web browser when the stable version hits version 74; the company renamed Data Saver to Lite mode and decided […]

chrome 74 dark mode

Chrome 74 Stable is out with Dark Mode and Lazy Loading support

Google released Google Chrome 74 to the Stable channel of the web browser on April 23, 2019. The new version of the web browser is available for all desktop and mobile platforms, […]

chrome preload

Missing Chrome's "Use a Prediction Service" Setting?

If you have upgraded Google Chrome to the newest stable version, version 73, and checked the preferences and settings, you may have noticed that the preference "Use a prediction service to load […]

skyload download music videos

Skyload: music and video downloader for Chrome and Chromium

Skyload is a free browser extension for Google Chrome and Chromium-based browsers to download music and video files from nearly any site out there. Skyload is available on the Chrome Web Store […]