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google chrome hide url

Chrome experiment hides Search URLs

Google is testing a change in the company's Chrome web browser currently that hides the URL in the address bar when users run searches in the browser. The experimental feature is only […]

paste bypass

Don't F with Paste for Chrome and Firefox

Don't F with Paste is a browser extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox web browsers that unblocks the use of copy and paste on any website you visit. Some companies and […]

chrome certificate error

Expect an increase in browser privacy and security warnings

Internet users will soon experience an increase in privacy and security warnings displayed by the web browsers that they use to connect to Internet sites. Users of Google Chrome will see an […]

chrome flash allow prompt

Chrome 69 makes Flash use annoying

Google Chrome 69, the next Stable version of the popular desktop web browser, will make Flash usage highly annoying for users that require it. The company revealed that it will change the […]

firefox suggestions

How to delete autocomplete entries in Firefox and Chrome

Firefox and Chrome record what users type in the address bar, search bar, and in web forms to a local database of autocomplete entries by default. When a user uses the same […]

chrome incompatible applications

About Google Chrome's incompatible applications warning

Some Chrome users on Windows noticed a new warning message about incompatible applications recently when they start the web browser. The "incompatible applications" notification is displayed to users after Chrome crashes on […]

lighthouse for chrome

Webmasters: test websites with Google's Lighthouse for Chrome

Lighthouse is a free open source browser extension by Google designed to audit web pages and to reveal areas the site could be improved in. The functionality is also integrated into the […]

chrome lazy load

Chrome may soon lazy load images and frames natively

Google's Chrome web browser may soon support the native lazy loading of images and frames. Company engineers implemented two flags in Chrome Canary, the cutting edge development version of Google Chrome, that […]

local sheriff

Local Sheriff reveals if sites leak personal information with third-parties

Local Sheriff is a browser extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox that reveals to you if sites you visit share or leak personal information with third-parties. The main difference between Local […]

chrome enable native notifications

Control native notifications in Chrome for Windows 10

Windows 10 users who have upgraded the Chrome web browser to version 68 today or installed the browser anew today may have noticed that the new version of Google Chrome supports Windows […]

chrome black bar

Do this if Chrome shows a black bar at the bottom

I don't know how widespread the issue is but user reports on Google's official Google Chrome Help forum indicate that some Chrome users see a black bar at the bottom of the […]

chrome enable av1 video decoder

AV1 Codec support in Firefox and Chrome

The web browsers Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox will soon support the open video codec AV1. Google and Mozilla released support for the new codec in development versions of the browsers and […]

chrome-manage all site permissions

Google Chrome: manage all custom site permissions

Google Chrome may get a new option soon that enables all users of the web browser to manage all custom site permissions for visited websites in the browser. Google landed a new […]

chrome old http not secure

Google Chrome flags all HTTP sites as not secure starting today

If you are using the Google Chrome web browser for your browsing, at least partially, you may have noticed an increase in sites flagged as not secure by the browser. Starting today, […]

google chrome heavy pages

Google tests heavy page warning feature in Chrome

Not all web pages are created equal. Some are heavier than others and if you dig down more, you will notice differences in size, script execution, use of resources, or cookies that […]

windows timeline chrome

Integrate Chrome and Firefox browsing with Windows Timeline

Windows Timeline Support is a free browser extension for Chrome-based and Firefox-based web browsers that integrates the browsing history with Windows 10's Timeline feature. Microsoft introduced Timeline in Windows 10 version 1803 […]

chrome android site isolation

Enable Site Isolation in Chrome for Android

Google integrated the Site Isolation, or Strict Site Isolation, security feature in Chrome 63 but did not enable it by default until it released Chrome 67. The company revealed today that it […]

chrome restart

How to restart Google Chrome without extensions

Restarting Google Chrome is not exactly complicated but it does require a few clicks if you use the browser's window controls and shortcut to relaunch it. It gets a tad more complicated […]