Google Chrome News and extension reviews
trusted news

Adblock Plus parent company Eyeo launches Trusted News for Chrome

Trusted News is a brand new browser extension for Google Chrome by Adblock Plus's parent company Eyeo that highlights the credibility of content on websites with the help of MetaCert's MetaCert Protocol. […]

chrome inline installation dialog

Google retires Chrome extension inline installations

Google announced yesterday that it will retire inline installations of Google Chrome extensions starting with Chrome 71 in December 2018. Chrome extension developers are required to add their extensions to the Chrome […]

iridium youtube

Iridium gives you more control on YouTube

Iridium is an open source browser extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox that gives you more control on YouTube. YouTube gives users only a handful of customization options and many of […]

burner emails

Burner Emails for Firefox and Chrome

Burner Emails is a free browser extension and web service that adds options to Firefox and Chrome to create throwaway email addresses. Spam is still a big issue on the Internet and […]

universal bypass

Bypass link shortener URLs that require action

Universal Bypass is an open source browser extension for the Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome web browsers that bypasses intermediary pages created by link shorteners so that you don't have to interact […]

chrome canary tabbar

Google tests new position for New Tab button in Chrome

If you run a developer version of Google's Chrome web browser you may have noticed for some time now that Google moved the New Tab button of the browser to a new […]

firefox page archive cache

Open archived and cached webpages in Firefox and Chrome

View Page Archive & Cache is a browser extension for the Firefox, Chrome and Opera web browsers to load cached or archived copies of any web page in the browser. The extension […]

mouse gestures chrome

crxMouse Chrome Gestures extension

crxMouse Chrome Gestures is a free extension for the Chrome Web browser that adds mouse gesture controls to the browser. The extension is not the first add-on to add mouse gestures to […]

google chrome 67

Chrome 67: wider Site Isolation roll out

Google started the roll out of Google Chrome 67, a new version of the company's web browser, today. The new version of Chrome is a security release first and foremost. Google Chrome […]

chrome themes watch 4 free

Chrome's Web Store has a theme spam problem

Spammers use the themes section of the Chrome Web Store, the official store for Chrome extensions and themes, to push dodgy streaming subscriptions. The Chrome Web Store returns extension and theme matches […]

unsafe password check

PassProtect warns you about insecure passwords

PassProtect is a free browser extension for Google Chrome that warns you when you are about to create accounts online using insecure passwords or about to sign in to an account using […]

google chrome canary tab switcher changes

Google tests horizontal tab switcher in Chrome mobile

Google is testing a new feature in Chrome mobile for Android right now that changes the tab switcher from a vertical layout to a horizontal one. When you open the list of […]

google chrome offline installer full

How to download Google Chrome offline installers

A net installer is downloaded to your system when you hit the download Chrome button on the official Google Chrome download page. A net installer, as the name implies, requires a network […]

chrome https

Google Chrome: removal of Secure and HTTPS indicators

The Google Chrome web browser displays a "secure" indicator in green in the browser's address bar when you open a site that supports the HTTPS protocol. For sites with extended certificates, Chrome […]

chrome picture in picture

Enable Chrome's new Picture-in-Picture mode

Google is working on bringing a new picture-in-picture mode based on a W3C API to Google Chrome; Chrome Canary users may enable the new functionality in the web browser already while users […]

youtube video collections groups

Group your YouTube Subscriptions by Topic

YouTube Subscription (Collection) Manager is a free browser extension for the Google Chrome web browser that lets you sort subscriptions into groups for better manageability and accessibility. YouTube's subscription system is quite […]

trace anti-tracking

Trace blocks multiple tracking techniques in Firefox and Chrome

Trace is a privacy add-on for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome web browsers designed to block several tracking techniques used to track Internet user activity. The extension is available for Chrome and […]

chrome malware

Google's bad track record of malicious Chrome extensions continues

A report by security company Radware suggests that Google Chrome users were exposed to yet another wave of malicious extensions offered to them on the official Chrome Web Store. The extensions were […]