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lastpass chrome extension

LastPass no longer listed on the Chrome Web Store

LastPass customers and new users searching for password managers on Google's Chrome Web Store may have noticed that the LastPass extension for Google Chrome is currently no longer listed on the store. […]

microsoft search in bing

Microsoft will install a Bing Search extension in Chrome on some customer systems

Microsoft revealed today that it plans to install an extension in Google Chrome called Microsoft Search in Bing for some customers that will make Bing the default search engine in the browser […]

chrome third party cookies

Google wants to make third-party cookies obsolete

Google Chrome is the most popular web browser on the Internet even if you don't look at all the other browser's that use Chromium as their sources. Chrome gives Google telemetry data […]

chrome support windows 7

Google Chrome will support Windows 7 until at least July 2021

Microsoft will end support for its Windows 7 operating system next week on January 14, 2020. The last Patch Day for Windows 7 will provide users with a last round of security […]

chrome quieter notifications

Google Chrome 80 introduces quieter notifications

Mozilla Firefox 72.0 was released yesterday and one of the changes in the release was that it toned down web notification requests. Now it is Google's turn with something similar. From Chrome […]

Kee is a Firefox and Chrome extension that can auto-fill passwords from KeePass

Kee is a Firefox and Chrome extension that can auto-fill passwords from KeePass

A couple of weeks ago, LastPass changed hands, again. Some of my friends ditched it and moved on to BitWarden as a consequence. While I see the advantages of using cloud-based services […]

weather extension

Weather is a great weather extension for your browser

Weather, or Weather Extension depending on which browser you are using, is an extension for web browsers to display weather information directly in the browser. A free and pro version of the […]

chrome crash error codes

Google Chrome will display error codes on crash pages

Google is working on integrating error codes on error pages that the Chrome web browser displays when something goes wrong. Google Chrome, like any other desktop browser, displays error pages when things […]

skip sponsor messages youtube

Skip sponsor messages in YouTube videos with SponsorBlock

SponsorBlock is an open source browser extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox (and compatible browsers) that skips sponsored messages on YouTube automatically. YouTube publishers have several monetization options at their disposal. […]

chrome firefox-custom keyboard shortcuts

Add custom shortcuts to your web browser with Shortkeys

Shortkeys is a browser extension for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome that allows users to create and use custom keyboard shortcuts in the browsers. Among the many features are options to run […]

google chrome real search new tab page

Add a "real" search box to Google Chrome's New Tab Page

Google's Chrome web browser displays a search field on the New Tab Page of the web browser by default. Users of the web browser may have noticed three things: first, that the […]

chrome control media playback

Chrome 79: global media controls rolling out

Google is in the process of rolling out a new global media control feature in the company's Chrome web browser for desktop operating systems. The company launched the feature initially for its […]

youtube subscriptions manager groups

PocketTube offers better YouTube Subscriptions Management

YouTube's subscription feature is a prime example of a feature that has been cut down to its very core to make it as simple as possible and at the same time almost […]

chrome 79 android issue

Google stops rollout of Chrome 79 for Android

Google has stopped the rollout of Chrome 79 for Android. The new stable version of the mobile web browser was released last week for supported desktop and mobile operating systems. Shortly after […]

ghacks chrome without www

Google removes options to always show www in the Chrome browser's address bar

Google Chrome users who visit the sites and will only see listed in the browser's address bar going forward. Google implemented a change in Chrome 76 earlier this year […]

Google Chrome 79 Stable released with security improvements

Google released a new stable version of the company's Chrome web browser on December 10, 2019. Google Chrome 79 is currently being rolled out globally. Chrome users may run a manual update […]

chrome clipboard sharing feature

Share Clipboard content between desktop and mobile Chrome versions

Google continues its work on integrating cross-platform features in the company's Chrome browser. Users of the web browser may use the browser's "send to" functionality already to push webpages to other devices […]

edge tab strip

Google is bringing a Tab Strip to Chrome for Windows and Linux

If you have used the Microsoft Edge web browser classic (new Edge does not have the feature yet), you may have stumbled upon the browser's Tab Preview Bar feature. Just click on […]