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pixel fold

Pixel Fold accidentally leaked by Google on Twitter

Hours before the I/O 2023 event, the Google Pixel US account on Twitter accidentally shared an ad for Pixel Fold, starring some of the most popular NBA players like Giannis Antetokounmpo. Google […]

Google adds timeline view to Google Sheets

Google Sheets is an excellent tool for project management, data analysis, and collaboration. Recently, Google has launched a new timeline view feature for Google Sheets, aimed at enabling users to track projects […]

Google is integrating generative AI in workplace apps

Google has extended the availability of its Bard AI chatbot to Workspace users, and has additionally revealed its intention to partner with other companies to introduce Google Cloud generative AI capabilities to […]

AMPing up the web: How Google's quest for speed failed?

While the story of AMP may be considered over, the discussion about its impact on the open web should continue. This article is inspired and based on a comprehensive report by The […]

Google I/O 2023: When and where to watch, how to watch

Google I/O 2023: When and where to watch, how to watch

The Google I/O 2023 event is right around the corner as we have a couple of hours left, and the expectations are very high, considering the leaks. Google is expected to reveal […]

Google Photos tablets

Google Photos to get a fresh look on tablets

Google Photos will get a fresh look soon, including a revamped and better editing interface, revealed recently. Nail Sadykoy, the editor of the Google News Telegram channel, has shared new insight about […]

Trojan trouble: Google bans 11 apps from Play Store

Google has removed 11 dangerous apps from its Play Store that contain a subscription Trojan. This Trojan is a serious threat to Android smartphone users as it can sign them up for […]

Google i/O 2023

Google to announce PaLM 2 and more at I/O 2023

Google's AI plans have been leaked before getting announced at the I/O 2023 event. The tech giant will reveal PaLM 2 and announce a couple o more generative AI updates. According to […]

Pixel 7a European price

Google Pixel 7a: European price and pre-order bonus

Google Pixel 7a will be revealed at the I/O 2023 event, and the European price has been revealed by the French retailer Fnac. The smartphone is advertised with a €509 price tag, […]

Google Pixel Tablet

Pixel Tablet specs leaked: Check out all the details

Another day, another Google Pixel leak before the I/O 2023 event. This time, the leak is not about the Pixel 7a smartphone but the Pixel Tablet. A listing on Amazon Japan has given all […]

Google Cybersecurity Certificate Program

Google Cybersecurity Certificate Program will close the talent gap in the industry

Google has launched a new Cybersecurity Certificate Program as part of its existing Google Career Certificates initiative. The program aims to prepare a new generation of cybersecurity professionals to fill over 750,000 […]

Google messages feature

Have you noticed the New Google Messages feature?

Google Messages announced its new "Send photos faster" feature last month, and now it is being rolled out to more users. You better check the application, as you may have also received […]

Google TV now knows no speed limits

Google TV is receiving an update that addresses one of its most significant issues, offering users a more responsive user interface and better storage optimization. This update will be available for Chromecast […]

Google now lets you create Passkeys for your accounts

Google now lets you create Passkeys for your accounts, here's how to set it up

Google has announced support for Passkeys for user accounts. You can now log in to your Gmail account, or any other Google service, without typing your password. The Mountain View company had […]

Apple Google tracking

Apple and Google join forces to fight unwanted tracking

Apple and Google have joined forces to prevent unwanted tracking through devices like AirTags and other Bluetooth trackers. Apple and Google have unveiled a new collaborative proposal for an industry-standard protocol that […]

Google Photos' powerful search feature brings precision to your photo hunt

Google Photos is constantly evolving to improve user experience. One of its most underrated features is its search function, which allows users to look up objects without prior tagging. Recently, the platform […]

Google Pixel 7a release date

Here is the Google Pixel 7a release date

Google finally made the official announcement about the Pixel 7a release date. According to the announcement, the new smartphone will hit the shelves in India on May 11. The Pixel 7a is […]

How to factory reset Chromebook?

With this article, you can learn how to factory reset Chromebook. If you are experiencing problems with your Chromebook, or you want to sell it or give it away, you may want […]

google pixel 7a specs

Check out all the Google Pixel 7a specs

Another day, another Google Pixel 7a leak. The company failed to keep the device a secret before  I/O 2023, and now, its specs are leaked on Twitter. Google has been reportedly working […]

google meet 1080p

Say hello to crystal-clear calls: Google Meet in 1080p

Google has finally listened to users and started rolling out 1080p streaming for Google Meet calls. However, the feature is only available for Google One subscribers with 2TB or more storage space […]

Google enhanced tool finder is here to enhance your work life

Google has introduced a new feature to its Workspace apps that simplifies the process of locating commonly used tools. The new feature, called the "enhanced tool finder," is now available on Google […]

Meet Google LaMDA AI: The software backing Google's AI journey

In the world of artificial intelligence, the development of generative AI systems has been gaining momentum, with more companies showing renewed interest in their own AI programs. Among them is Google's LaMDA […]

Google to integrate generative AI to its cybersecurity efforts

The field of generative artificial intelligence is seeing a new trend in the realm of cybersecurity, and Google is jumping onboard. Recently, at the RSA Conference 2023, Google revealed their Cloud Security […]

How to turn off SafeSearch on Google

How to turn off SafeSearch on Google?

Do you wonder about how to turn off SafeSearch on Google? You came to the right place! SafeSearch is a feature that filters out explicit content from your search results on Google. […]

Get a free phone with Google Fi Wireless' latest plan

Google Fi, the wireless carrier service offered by Google, has rebranded itself to Google Fi Wireless and announced some new features. The name change brings clarity to the nature of Google's wireless […]

Google's search engine dominance challenged by Microsoft

Alphabet, the parent company of Google, is reportedly at risk of losing a valuable search engine contract to Microsoft, as reported by the New York Times. This development has led to a […]

Google will answer your queries with AI search tools

According to a report from New York Times, Google is preparing to launch novel search tools powered by artificial intelligence (AI) to combat threats from competitors such as Microsoft's Bing AI chatbot […]

google maps national parks

Get ready to explore with Google Map's national park features

Google has announced its newest features coming to Maps, gathering all the national park information you need in one place. Google Maps will now give you more information about national parks. The […]

Google Play Store Wear OS games

Finding Wear OS games made simple: Latest Google Play Store Update

Google has rolled out a new Play Store feature that will make it easier for you to find Wear OS games. Users can find watch games under the "Other devices" section. The […]

Google Messages Send photos faster

Send high-res photos quickly with Google Messages

Google is working on a new feature to help you send photos faster with a lower resolution. The new "send photos faster" feature will most likely affect RCS messaging because MMS messages […]

Maximize your phone's storage: Google Play's Auto-Archive to the rescue

Last year, Google Play announced its app archiving idea to help users with storage issues. Now, the company has rolled out the "auto-archive" feature for users to significantly downsize their apps and […]

Google Pixel 7a color options

Google Pixel 7a: Check out the fresh color choices

Google hasn't even announced Pixel 7a, and we already know almost everything about it. At first, a Vietnamese website leaked its design and hardware features. Now, we know it will launch in […]

If you don't want to pay for extra storage, this article is just for you. We listed the top 3 Google Drive and Gmail tricks to save money!

Top 3 Google Drive and Gmail tricks to save money

Google Drive and Gmail are two of the most used services, but the storage capacity limit pushes people to buy more space for a fee. However, did you know that there are […]

The latest Google app beta showed what is next for Google Now Launcher. It doesn't have many users, and the company has different plans.

The future of Google Now Launcher revealed

Google has decided to kill "Now Launcher" after almost ten years. It was revealed in the latest beta of the Google App (v14.14). In the past, the application helped people access Google […]

Google keeps on updating its Workspace apps. Keep, Sheets, and Slides have received new features to improve user experience!

Upgrades coming to these Google Workspace apps

Google plans to launch a new update for Keep to offer a better split-screen experience and full mouse support for Sheets and Slides. The company announced its upcoming plans about Keep and […]

Google Flights’ Price Guarantee Could Pay You Back if Your Tickets Get Cheaper

Google Flights’ Price Guarantee Could Pay You Back if Your Tickets Get Cheaper

Google has started a new price guarantee program that is sure to make a lot of people happy. Learn more about this program here and take advantage of it.

Google has announced its new features, including a heat alert system, to help communities fight with climate change.

Google is rolling back the unannounced file limit change on Drive, promises to do better

Some Google customers have run into hard file limits on Google Drive for the past two months. User accounts that exceeded the hard limit of 5 million files could not add more […]

Ensuring Accuracy on Google Maps: Fraud Prevention Measures, Potential Drawbacks, and User Guidelines

Ensuring Accuracy on Google Maps: Fraud Prevention Measures, Potential Drawbacks, and User Guidelines

Google Maps has implemented measures to prevent the spread of fraudulent user-generated content. However, relying solely on machine learning algorithms has potential drawbacks. Click here to learn more

Google Bard is now more than 2 + 2

The project's head at Google, Jack Krawczyk, said on Friday that new enhancements to Bard's arithmetic and reasoning capabilities had been released. It achieved these enhancements by incorporating Google's PaLM language model […]

Google rolled out its new feature to help people drill down and find out more about a spesific topic. It is now available for desktop search.

Google topic filters: Make your search more efficient

Google is getting ready to roll out the "topic filters" feature on desktop search. It was initially launched for mobile search in December last year. A couple of months ago, Google introduced […]



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