For internet lovers, Google often stands out among companies that deliver top browsing and mobile tech. If you want to keep up to date with the latest news, updates, tools, and drama surrounding this industry mogul, be sure to check this content.

google https not secure

Chrome 56: HTTP sites marked as not secure

Google announced plans today to increase the pressure on sites not yet offering their content over secure https connections. Starting with Chrome 56 Stable, out January 2017, the company plans to list some […]

youtube social network

Google does not give up: YouTube next social network?

Google tried to establish a social networking site several times in the past to complete with the almighty Facebook. But even the company's latest endeavor in the social space, Google Plus, did […]

Google is in a vicious build-retire cycle

Google created or bought several long-standing successful products since the company started out as a startup to revolutionize search. The most successful products are probably Google Search, Gmail, Chrome, Maps, Adsense/Adwords, Android […]

google new-sign in email

Google to display new device sign-ins on Android

Google announced yesterday that Android users will receive notifications when sign-ins from new devices are recognized directly on their Android devices. Up until now, Google used email messages to inform users about […]

google maps wi-fi only

Google Maps' Wi-Fi Only Mode? Not Wi-Fi Only!

What is it with companies using descriptive terms for their products that don't really match what you are getting? Internet flatrates that limit the amount of data that you may transfer, anyone? […]

google my activity

My Activity reveals how much Google knows about you

My Activity is a new, centralized service by Google that reveals how much Google knows about you as it displays the recorded Google activity history to you. Up until now, when you […]

google prompt

Get a Google prompt on your phone to sign in

Google Prompt is a new 2-step verification option that improves the usability of the second verification step by pushing a prompt to a connected smartphone that you just need to tap on […]

google maps ads

Local Search Ads on Google Maps

Google Maps users may soon see a new form of advertising when they use the popular mapping service that displays local search ads when the product is being used. The ads will […]

google allo

Google launches another truckload of messaging apps

Google announced the upcoming release of two new mobile-only messaging applications called Allo and Duo today on the company's IO Conference. Other sites have covered both services already, so here is just […]

google spaces

Google Spaces: yet another messaging product

Google Spaces was announced yesterday by Google as a way for groups to quickly share text, videos, images or links. Designed to make group sharing easier, Google Spaces lets you create groups […]

youtube new layout

Don't like YouTube's new format? Do This!

Google published updates for the official YouTube Android and iOS application yesterday which introduce a new mobile design in both apps. The new "clean and simple" format has been designed to "discover […]

google drive selective sync

Google Drive gets selective sync

Google Drive, Google's online storage service and software of the same name received an update recently that introduces selective sync to desktop clients. If you are heavily invested in the Google ecosystem, […]

google nik collection

Nik Collection by Google is now free

Google's Nik Collection, a desktop suite of powerful image editing plugins for Adobe Photoshop and other imaging solutions, is now freely available. The company bought Nik Software, makers of Snapseed and Nik […]

google edge fake user agent

Microsoft Edge: How to make Google play nice

If you are using Microsoft Edge occasionally or as your main web browser all the time you may have noticed today that Google started to serve older versions of its site to […]

google control content

Move your Google data to OneDrive or Dropbox directly

Google launched Takeout in 2011, a service that provides Google users with the means to export some data. It enables you to export some data, Google Drive files, Contacts or Calendar data, […]


Want to keep running Picasa? You Can!

There has been some confusion in regards to Google's announcement to retire Picasa in 2016. The main issue here is that Picasa is made up of two parts: a desktop program and […]

picasa web albums

Google will retire Picasa on May 1, 2016

Google announced on February 12, 2016 that it will retire the photo hosting, management and editing service Picasa on May 1, 2016. When Google launched the new Google Photos web application, it […]

gmail tls encryption

Gmail's new security indicators

Google added two new security indicators to its email service Gmail which reveal TLS encryption support and whether the sender could be authenticated. Many popular email services, including Gmail, support TLS (Transport […]

google security

Grab 2GB of permanent Google storage by completing a Security Checkup

Complete the Google Security Checkup today to add 2 Gigabyte of additional permanent storage to your Google Account. Google runs a special promotion on Safe Internet Day -- just like it did […]

deceptive site

Deceptive Site Ahead: Google to warn about fake buttons

Google announced yesterday an addition to the company's Safe Browsing technology (Deceptive Site Ahead) that will flag sites with deceptive buttons to users of the company's Chrome web browser and in other […]

Google privacy checkup

Privacy Checkup: review your Google privacy settings

Privacy Checkup is a free tool by Google that lets you review and adjust privacy and account related Google Account settings. Basically, it enables you to verify that the information that is […]

chrome tracking gafe

Google accused of tracking Google Apps for Education students

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) filed a complaint with the FCC yesterday about Google "deceptively tracking students" that participate in Google's Apps for Education program. Google Apps for Education (Gafe) is a […]

new google plus

How to enable the new Google+ design

Google relaunched its social networking service Google+ on Tuesday by putting an emphasis on features that users of the service are interested in. Google removed several features from Google+ in the recent […]

google about me

Edit your online visibility with Google About Me

Google's About Me page enables you to manage Google account information that are publicly available on the Internet. Whenever you create a social media account, and sometimes others as well, you expose […]

google inbox smart reply

Google Inbox will soon predict your replies by analyzing your emails

Google announced a new feature today that it is launching in Inbox by Gmail tomorrow that it calls Smart Reply. The feature is designed to predict replies to display those as options […]

google search leak

When sharing Google links, make sure you check the url for leaks first

Have you ever shared links to Google Search results before? If you have, you may have noticed that the url pointing to the search results page contains several other parameters besides the […]

google http search

Google HTTP Search, yes, it is still possible

Google began to implement SSL on its search engine back in 2010. First on its own domain name, then as a mandatory feature for logged in Google users, and after a while […]

google voice audio activity

Play all the voice commands you ever sent to Google

Voice & Audio Activity is a feature of Google History that Google users can access to list and listen to voice recordings that they have sent to Google. While I'm not actively […]

control google ads

Google allows companies to target you based on your email address

Google announced the roll out of a new advertising tool recently on the company's official Adwords blog that allows companies to target users based on email addresses. The system, called Customer Match, […]

gmail block email senders

Google adds easier blocking option to Gmail

Gmail is without doubt one of the better platforms when it comes to automatic spam detection and prevention. While that is the case, there are still situations where spam may slip through […]

control your google ads

Control ads Google shows to you

Google ads are nearly everywhere: when you search, read emails, watch videos,use mobile devices and in lots of other places. The "Control your Google ads" website gives you control over the advertisement […]

google+ youtube

Google to remove Google+ from YouTube and other products

Google announced today that it made the decision to untie the bond between its social networking service Google+ and YouTube. In addition, Bradley Horowitz, VP of Streams, Photo and Sharing mentioned on […]

google maps timeline

Google Maps Timeline: Revisit places you have been to

Google is rolling out a new Google Maps features currently that it calls "Your Timeline". The new feature lets you revisit where you have been and how you got there using the […]

kickass torrents

How trustworthy is a search engine that filters results?

Reports started to come in today that Google has penalized one of the world's most popular torrent indexing websites Kickass Torrents. Penalized in this case means that the site is nowhere to […]

google drive photos

Save Google Drive storage space by moving images to Google Photos

When Google launched Google Photos a while ago, it introduced an option to store an unlimited number of photos and videos in the cloud using the service. While limited to 16 Megapixel […]

google photos backup

Google releases desktop uploader for its new Photos service

Google's new Photos application and service has seen favorable reviews across the board. It is offering unlimited photo and video storage on Google servers provided that photos are not larger than 16 […]

google photos download

A close look at Google Photo's unlimited storage offer

Google launched the new Photos application and web service yesterday as a standalone service cutting its link to the company's own Google+ social networking service in the progress. Unlimited free storage for […]

google photos app

Google's new Photos application offers unlimited backup storage

Google rolls out the new Photos application currently for Android and iOS currently which breaks the app away from the company's social networking service Google+ without cutting the connection completely. While apps […]

google new account management

Google rolls out new Account management page

If you have opened the My Account management page on Google today you may have noticed that it has been redesigned completely by the company. The easiest way to access the page […]

google maps traffic information

Google adds real-time traffic information to Google Maps

Google Maps' directions feature works considerably well most of the time. It can be quite useful to plan a trip but also when you missed an exit or need to re-route, as […]



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