The Opera browser delivers excellent performance on the web, while adding new functionality for gamers in several of their apps. You’ll see articles and guides related to its services here, while we’ll also update you on the latest features and news.

show in panel

How to make the most out of Opera Panels

One of the differences between Opera and other popular web browsers, like Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox, is the small panels bar that Opera users can display on the left side of […]

tab stack

10 Things That Opera Does, That Other Browsers Don't

Opera has always been the underdog in the browser market, with browsers like Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Firefox or Chrome dominating it. While the browser's market share is low in comparison, it […]

opera 11.64

Opera 11.64 Update Is Out

Opera Software has just released an update to Opera stable bringing the version of the desktop browser to 11.64. Wait, 11.64? Did the company make a blunder and skip version 11.63 in […]

opera revenue

Opera Software Shows Strong Financial Results Q1 2012

When you look closely at the companies producing the top 5 web browsers in the past years, you will notice that there are two underdogs competing with three heavyweights. Microsoft, Google and […]

opera 12.00

Opera 12 Beta Released, Preview Upcoming Features

Opera Software is currently working on the next version of the Opera web browser.  Today Opera 12.00 Beta has been released by the Opera team which can provide interested users with a […]

Opera Software Will Retire Opera Unite and Widgets

Huib Kleinhout on behalf of the Opera Desktop Team made an announcement regarding the future of two of the Opera web browser's add-on platforms. Starting with Opera 12, both Opera Unite and […]

opera windows panel

Managing Windows and Tabs In Opera

Yesterday I looked at ways to copy a tab from one web browser window to another and came to the conclusion that Microsoft's Internet Explorer 9 was offering the best feature set […]

duplicate tabs internet explorer

Copy Tabs From One Browser Window To Another

If you like to work in multiple web browser windows on one computer, you may sometimes feel the need to drag tabs to another browser window. Every browser supports this operation, and […]

opera mobile extensions

Opera Mobile Now Supporting Extensions

Opera Software back in October 2010 added support for extensions to the web browser. Before that, Opera only supported widgets which were standalone programs that ran in their own window. With extension […]

opera 11.62

Opera 11.62 Maintenance and Security Update Is Out

Norwegian browser maker Opera Software has just released version 11.62 of Opera to the general public. The release is an update to the current stable channel of the browser replacing Opera 11.61 […]

disable opera speed dial

How To Change, Disable Opera Speed Dial

The question came up here whether it is possible to disable Opera's built-in Speed Dial feature. Speed Dial displays a number of websites or Speed Dial extensions on the browser's new tab […]

opera mobile browser

Opera Mobile 12, Mini Next Released

Norwegian based Opera Software has just released Opera Mobile 12 and Opera Mini Next. Unlike on the desktop, where the Opera browser does not get much traction, it is Opera who is […]

opera address bar suggestions

Opera's New Address Bar Suggestions Face Criticism

Opera, in the most recent stable version of the web browser, and also in the latest snapshot build, has made changes to the browser's address bar suggestion feature. This feature basically handles […]

opera 11.61

Opera 11.61 Has Been Released

Opera Software has just released a new version of the Opera desktop browser bringing the stable channel of the browser to version 11.61. Opera users should receive update notifications in the browser, […]

firefox opera chrome

The 10 Most Popular Chrome, Firefox And Opera Extensions

Browser extensions can improve a web browser's functionality significantly. They can improve a user's workflow on the web or add information to the browser that would otherwise not be directly accessible. When […]

opera plugin wrapper

Opera 64-bit, and Out-of-process Plugins Now Available For Testing

Opera Software, as a Christmas present to their user base, has released an experimental Opera Labs build of Opera for all supported operating systems that adds two significant features to the web […]

Opera 11.60 Final Available

Opera Software has published a recommended upgrade for the stable channel of their browser. Opera 11.60 includes security and stability enhancements as well as new and improved features. This version is the […]


NotScripts Brings Firefox NoScript Protection To Opera

When it comes to add-ons, the NoScript add-on for the Firefox web browser is my favorite one. It blocks script from running on domains until I allow them to run. NoScript offers […]

opera 1160 mail

Opera's Latest 11.60 Builds Shows Mail Improvements

The Opera web browser is the only popular web browser - and with that I mean market share wise - that ships with its own built-in email client. While I have not […]

Opera Mini 6.5 Update Released For Various Mobile Devices

Opera Software, developers of the popular Opera web browser, have released Opera Mini 6.5 for various mobile devices including Apple's iPhone and iPad, Blackberry devices, Symbian S60 and Java-enabled phones. Opera Mobile […]

opera reader

Opera Reader Could Revolutionize The Way We Read On The Internet

One of the biggest usability issues on today's Internet are scrolling web pages. Browsers automatically add scrollbars to web pages if the contents exceed the vertical or horizontal display limitations of the […]

opera update

Opera 11.52 Security Update

The Opera desktop team has released an Opera web browser update that resolves two security issue. The update fixes a non-exploitable security issue that "allowed injection of untrusted markup into the X-Frame-Options […]

opera 12 alpha

Opera 12 Alpha

Just a day after posting the first look at Opera 12 on Ghacks the Opera team decided to release the alpha version of the browser publicly. The review the other day was […]

opera 12

Opera 12 First Look

The last Opera release dates back to the end of August, which seems like ages in times when browser developers push out new versions of their browser in weeks instead of months […]


Opera 11.51 Update Released

Opera Software has just released the final version of Opera 11.51 after two release candidates that have been released in the past week. The new version of the web browser fixes several […]

opera 11-51

Opera Software Readies Opera 11.51 Maintenance Release

When I look at the feeds in my RSS feed reader I cannot help but notice that the Opera browser is not receiving the same attention that the Firefox and Google Chrome […]

Opera Releases First Opera 12 Snapshot

It has been eight days since the release of Opera 11.50, called Swordfish. In that time the new browser version was downloaded more than 32 million times. While that pales with download […]

speed dial extensions

Opera Speed Dial Extensions Overview

With today's release of Opera 11.50 comes a new feature that turns the static new tab page into a dynamic page. Speed Dial Extensions work basically like standard add-ons with the difference […]

opera 1150

Opera 11.50 Final Released, Download Now

Despite releasing Opera 11.50, Opera seems to be one of the few browser developing companies left that have not yet jumped to an accelerated release cycle that shoots browser versions through the […]

opera old

Opera Featherweight Introduces Interface Changes

Every browser developer seems to be inclined these days to streamline and at the same time minimize the user interface. We have seen it with Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, and now […]

opera update

Opera 11.11 Final

Opera Software has officially released Opera 11.11 Final a few seconds ago. The version has been available on Opera's ftp server since yesterday, and many software download portals like Softpedia or Betanews […]

How To Import RSS Feeds Into Opera

I'm currently testing new RSS feed readers, and one of the programs that I have been looking at is the RSS reader in Opera, or more precisely in Opera's Mail module. RSS […]

unfriend finder

Unfriend Finder, Find Out Who Has Removed You From Their Friendlist On Facebook

Friends on the social networking site Facebook are not necessarily only people that you know. It is actually very easy to befriend someone on Facebook, and almost as easy to unfriend them […]

opera speed dial

Opera Next, Dev Channel For Opera Browser

It is starting to get crowded on my hard drive, with all the stable, beta and development browser builds stored on it. Opera Software has just announced Opera Next, a development channel […]

opera extensions

Opera Extensions Overview, Discovering Opera Part 5

Widgets have been an integral part of the Opera web browser for a long time. That's not the case for extensions, which have only been recently added to the web browser. It […]

opera link

Opera Link Overview, Discovering Opera Part 4

We are already at part 4 of the Discovering Opera series and there does not seem to be an end in sight. We are going to take a closer look at Opera […]

opera widget

Opera Widgets Overview, Discovering Opera Part 3

We are looking at Opera Widgets in the third part of our Discovering Opera series. You can read about Opera Turbo and Opera Unite in the two previous parts of the series. […]

opera unite

Opera Unite Overview, Discovering Opera Part 2

We are taking a closer look at Opera Unite in our second part of the Discovering Opera series. Opera Unite - just like Opera Turbo - was introduced introduced in 2009 by […]

opera turbo

Opera Turbo Overview, Discovering Opera Part 1

The developers of the Opera web browser have been inventive in past years, and it is a confirmation of their hard work that many of the features that they have introduced in […]

opera 11.10

Opera 11.10 Download Available, Grab Your Copy Now

Opera Software is usually pretty quick in releasing the final version of the Opera web browser once they have reached the release candidate stage. This time it took four release candidates before […]



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