The Opera browser delivers excellent performance on the web, while adding new functionality for gamers in several of their apps. You’ll see articles and guides related to its services here, while we’ll also update you on the latest features and news.

speed dial extensions

Opera Speed Dial Extensions Overview

With today's release of Opera 11.50 comes a new feature that turns the static new tab page into a dynamic page. Speed Dial Extensions work basically like standard add-ons with the difference […]

opera 1150

Opera 11.50 Final Released, Download Now

Despite releasing Opera 11.50, Opera seems to be one of the few browser developing companies left that have not yet jumped to an accelerated release cycle that shoots browser versions through the […]

opera old

Opera Featherweight Introduces Interface Changes

Every browser developer seems to be inclined these days to streamline and at the same time minimize the user interface. We have seen it with Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, and now […]

opera update

Opera 11.11 Final

Opera Software has officially released Opera 11.11 Final a few seconds ago. The version has been available on Opera's ftp server since yesterday, and many software download portals like Softpedia or Betanews […]

How To Import RSS Feeds Into Opera

I'm currently testing new RSS feed readers, and one of the programs that I have been looking at is the RSS reader in Opera, or more precisely in Opera's Mail module. RSS […]

unfriend finder

Unfriend Finder, Find Out Who Has Removed You From Their Friendlist On Facebook

Friends on the social networking site Facebook are not necessarily only people that you know. It is actually very easy to befriend someone on Facebook, and almost as easy to unfriend them […]

opera speed dial

Opera Next, Dev Channel For Opera Browser

It is starting to get crowded on my hard drive, with all the stable, beta and development browser builds stored on it. Opera Software has just announced Opera Next, a development channel […]

opera extensions

Opera Extensions Overview, Discovering Opera Part 5

Widgets have been an integral part of the Opera web browser for a long time. That's not the case for extensions, which have only been recently added to the web browser. It […]

opera link

Opera Link Overview, Discovering Opera Part 4

We are already at part 4 of the Discovering Opera series and there does not seem to be an end in sight. We are going to take a closer look at Opera […]

opera widget

Opera Widgets Overview, Discovering Opera Part 3

We are looking at Opera Widgets in the third part of our Discovering Opera series. You can read about Opera Turbo and Opera Unite in the two previous parts of the series. […]

opera unite

Opera Unite Overview, Discovering Opera Part 2

We are taking a closer look at Opera Unite in our second part of the Discovering Opera series. Opera Unite - just like Opera Turbo - was introduced introduced in 2009 by […]

opera turbo

Opera Turbo Overview, Discovering Opera Part 1

The developers of the Opera web browser have been inventive in past years, and it is a confirmation of their hard work that many of the features that they have introduced in […]

opera 11.10

Opera 11.10 Download Available, Grab Your Copy Now

Opera Software is usually pretty quick in releasing the final version of the Opera web browser once they have reached the release candidate stage. This time it took four release candidates before […]

opera tab vault

Opera Tab Vault, Temporary Tabs Storage

How do you handle new interesting websites if you do not have time to use or access them right away? Some users like to keep the sites open until they do, even […]

twitter search

Opera Exclusive: Twitter Search And Notifier

Twitter: Love it, hate it. Even the biggest Twitter critics have to agree that the social messaging service must be doing something right. Yes, there is lots of automatic messaging going on […]

opera mobile 11

Opera Mobile 11, Opera Mini 6 Mobile Browsers Released

March seems to be the month of the big web browser releases. Microsoft started the fray with Internet Explorer 9, followed by the final version of Firefox 4 yesterday. Now it is […]

opera11 10 speed dial

Opera 11.10 Beta, New Speed Dial, Better Web Standards Support

Opera Software has just released the first beta version of Opera 11.10 Barracuda. Users who have followed the development on the Opera Desktop team blog know that Barracuda introduces several new features. […]

opera hardware acceleration

Opera Hardware Acceleration Demo Is Blazingly Fast

Two of the top five web browsers on today's Internet do not support hardware acceleration in their latest public releases. We are obviously talking about the Opera browser and Safari. Opera however […]

bookmarklets annoyances

Bookmarklets For Annoyances On The Internet

The Internet is full of annoyances. That does not mean that you encounter them on every website you visit, but chance is relatively high that you stumble upon sites regularly that have […]

opera speed dial

Opera Speed Dial Improvements

The latest Opera 11.10 alpha snapshot which got released yesterday contains changes to Opera's speed dial feature, among other improvements. Speed Dial was first introduced in 2007 by Opera and has since […]

webcomic reader

Webcomic Reader, Godsend For Comic Lovers

What's the main difference between reading comics online and reading physical comic books? Flipping pages usually takes more time online, the speed depends largely on the user's computer and Internet connection speed. […]

First Opera 11.10 Barracuda Snapshot Released

I'm usually not reporting on snapshot and non-public builds anymore as it would fill the blog with reviews about new web browser releases. This time however I'm making an exception. Opera Software […]

youtube watched videos

Opera YouWatch, Tracks, Hides Watched Videos On Youtube

One of the things that is not perfect on Youtube is the fact that videos that you have already watched are still showing up in search results. Youtube could at the very […]

opera make it so extension

Opera Make It So Extension Resizes Images Automatically

Images on the Internet may sometimes be larger in resolution than the web browser window. This may happen if the web browser window is not maximized, but happens as well if the […]


Opera LinksRedirector Extension, Redirect Links Automatically

Some websites and services display interstitial pages which some users may not want to see. Google Images is an example for that. A click on an image search result does not load […]

opera11 01

Opera 11.01 Final Lands

Opera Software has just released Opera 11.01, an update to Opera 11 which adds security fixes and stability improvements to the popular web browser. The final version has been released after numerous […]

Opera Download Helper, Improves File Hosting Site Downloads

The majority of file hosting sites on the Internet make use of wait times and download or bandwidth limits to either drive users into buying a premium account for faster downloading or […]

opera snap links

Opera Snap Links, Another Useful Extension Ported

The introduction of extensions in Opera 11 and the release of Opera 11 final has seen an increase in third party development for the web browser. Popular browser extensions, like the Last […]


Opera 11 Final Out, Download Now

Only days after releasing three release candidates of Opera 11, Opera Software released the final version of Opera 11 making it the new flagship desktop browser of the Norwegian company. Users who […]

opera 11 release candidate

Opera 11 Release Candidate Out

Google does not seem to the only company that has accelerated the pace of browser development in the last year. Opera Software yesterday released the first Opera 11 release candidate, a big […]

popup statusbar

Opera Popup Statusbar Extension

Popup Statusbar may be an interesting Opera extension for users who want as much screen estate as possible for the websites and services displayed in the Internet browser. What does it do? […]

opera 11 beta

Opera 11 Beta Available, Download It Now

With Google Chrome leading the development pace, at least when it comes to increasing the version of the browser, Opera is second fastest in the game. The Norwegian company has just posted […]

opera address field

Opera 11 Revamps Address Field, Mouse Gestures Facelift, Adds Extension Options

The Opera desktop team has added several improvements to the latest public snapshot of the upcoming Opera 11 web browser. Opera users who have tested previous snapshots will most likely notice the […]

opera autocomplete

Opera Gets Autocomplete With Buscomplete Extension

The Opera browser in its current form is not offering a Firefox-like autocomplete functionality, one where the browser remembers text entered into forms on web pages to display it again when the […]

opera noads

Opera noAds Extension

I do not like ad blockers as I make my living from those ads. The more users install ad blockers, the less money I make. It is that simple. My hope is […]

opera extensions

Opera: Please Fix The Opera Extensions Page

If you have followed the news surrounding the Opera web browser lately you know that the upcoming Opera 11 browser features an extensions framework, much like the one used by the Google […]

opera 11 install

Opera 11 Alpha With Extensions Available

Now that was fast. A first alpha release of Opera 11 was released by Opera Software only a few days after the announcement that Opera 11 would get extensions. The new web […]

opera cache directory

How To Change The Opera Cache Directory

Update: With Opera switching to Chromium just like Google Chrome, the method below is no longer working. To change the cache of Opera 15 or newer, you need to add the startup […]

Breaking, Opera 11 Will Get Extensions

Who would have thought that? ESPEN ANDRÉ ØVERDAHL over at Opera has just revealed that the next big iteration of the Opera web browser will have extensions. Yes, extensions like Firefox or […]

history navigation mode

Speed Up History Navigation In Opera

Did you know that the Opera browser has three different modes for history navigation? All browsers make use of the history, to allow their users to go back and forth in it […]



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