Windows 8

Windows 8 was a successful Microsoft operating system that many people retained when Windows 10 launched. If you’re still using it on your device, you can check our articles here for guides, tips, upgrades to the latest version, security, and more.

The Last Week Without Windows 8, What is the Tech World Doing?

Unless you hadn't noticed, Microsoft are gearing up for the release of the Windows 8 (beta) Consumer Preview publicly in just over a week, but others, such as official beta testers and […]

Why Enterprise-Level Metro Apps Can and Will Work

I've written a lot about Windows 8 over the last few days as we approach the release of the Consumer Preview at the end of this month.  One subject that's not been […]

Mozilla To Release Firefox Version For Windows 8 Metro UI

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know that Microsoft's upcoming operating system Windows 8 will ship with two different interfaces. First a classic interface that is more or […]

Will we Anti-Trust Microsoft in the Future?

It's not that long ago, really not a distant memory, when Microsoft were hauled before regulators in the US and Europe for several years over the anti-competitive practices of bundling Internet Explorer […]

Can Windows 8 Be All Things to All People? The Case for Splitting It Up!

Yesterday Microsoft finally announced their plans for Windows 8 running on ARM-designed processors.  The news came with two very interesting pieces of information... "WOA (Windows on ARM) includes desktop versions of the […]

Windows 8 Consumer Preview Coming February 29th

The beta "Consumer Preview" version of Microsoft's new Windows 8 operating system could be released on Wednesday 29th February.  Microsoft have announced a "Windows 8 Consumer Preview event" in the city, that […]

Why Have Microsoft Been So Quiet About Windows 8

In case you missed it, we've had a great Windows 8 discussion going on here at gHacks in the last couple of days, one that is no doubt set to continue for […]

On Keeping An Open Mind When It Comes To Windows 8 - A Response

Yesterday Martin wrote up his thoughts and concerns about the forthcoming Windows 8 operating system from Microsoft.  I've spent much more time with Windows 8 so far, have given talks about and […]

windows 7 charms

On Keeping An Open Mind When It Comes To Windows 8

As a Windows user, I'm keeping a close eye on all Windows 8 development tidbits and leaks that I can find online and offline. Most of what I know comes from the […]

The Windows 8 "Consumer Preview", What's in a Name?

It is widely expected that when Microsoft launch the Windows 8 beta in a few weeks that it will be labelled the "Windows 8 Consumer Preview".  This has alarmed and concerned many […]

Windows 8 Metro UI Won't Allow Custom Backgrounds

With the Windows 8 Beta just around the corner, it is becoming easier to see into which direction Microsoft is heading in regards to the final version of the operation system. I […]

windows 8 store

Windows Store, Too Metroesque For The Desktop?

Microsoft revealed additional information about the Windows Store that the company plans to integrate into the Windows 8 operating system yesterday. When I first saw the store landing page screenshot, it immediately […]

Could "Windows TV" be Windows 8's biggest surprise?

The closer we get to the unveiling of the Windows 8 beta, the more I'm thinking about the impact (or not) this operating system is going to have on the world.  Since […]

Will Windows 8 Tablets Make IT Pros Hate Microsoft?

As we approach the beta of Windows 8 I've been thinking more about Windows tablets, and on our sister site Windows8News I've today written an article about the pros and cons of […]

Musings on the Windows 8 Developer Preview

As a Microsoft Windows MVP and a Windows author I've got a busy year ahead of me.  I've got several Windows 8 books to write for starters, all to be out during […]

Why Windows 8's "Storage Spaces" tool should be used only with care

Microsoft yesterday announced the new "Storage Spaces" feature in Windows 8 that will allow you to pool the hard disk storage you have in your PC (if you have more than a […]

storage spaces

Windows 8 Storage Spaces, What You Need To Know

I had to read Microsoft's new post at the Building Windows 8 blog twice to fully understand the Storage Spaces feature the company plans to introduce in the Windows 8 operating system. […]

reset windows 8

Reset and Refresh Windows 8 PCs

Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system will ship with two new recovery modes called Reset and Refresh that users and administrators can use to reset the computer to factory state or to refresh […]

picture password windows 8

Windows 8 To Support Picture Passwords

Entering text on a tablet PC without physical keyboard can be a frustrating experience. Especially so if you need to enter characters that are not displayed by default. One of the situations […]

manage your credentials

Password Improvements Coming To Windows 8

When I first read that Microsoft made the decision to improve Windows 8's credentials feature I was all excited about it. Who would not want a built-in password manager that would be […]

windows store

Windows Store Details Announced

Microsoft's next operating system Windows 8 will have an app store. That's what every tech savvy Windows user knows. Microsoft's own Antoine Leblond and Ted Dworkin have now started a small series […]

windows 7 updates

Microsoft Talks Windows 8 Update Changes

Microsoft has announced changes to the Windows Update mechanism of the upcoming operating system Windows 8. When you look at the current state of Windows Update, you will find it to be […]

Leaked Microsoft Roadmap Reveals Windows 8, Windows 9 Release Dates

All experts are fairly certain that Microsoft will release the Windows 8 operating system in 2012, as it was confirmed by Steve Ballmer back at the Microsoft Developer forum in Tokyo in […]

windows task manager large scale

Microsoft Readies Task Manager For Large Scale Computer Systems

When you look at the performance view of Windows Task Manager on your desktop PC you probably see between two or eight logical processors listed in the interface. On large scale computer […]

windows 8 services

Windows 8 Service Configurations

With every new Microsoft operating system, regardless of it being a client or server OS, come new and modified services. System administrators as well as end users who are interested in optimizing […]

FSF Criticizes Microsoft For Secure Boot Feature

Hardware manufacturers that want to ship Microsoft's upcoming Windows 8 operating system with manufactured PCs need to implement the Secure Boot feature that is part of the UEFI specification according to Microsoft. […]

windows 8 download blue poison

Windows 8 BluePoison: Enable Disabled Features

Microsoft released the Windows 8 developer preview exactly a month ago during the Build developer conference. The release was made available publicly - it in fact is still available for download - […]

Windows 8: Start Screen Not Final

If you had the chance to play around with the Windows 8 developer preview that Microsoft released publicly last month you may have noticed that it feels different from previous versions of […]

Windows 8 Supports Zero-Power Optical Disk Drives

Microsoft's intention to optimize the upcoming Windows 8 operating system for mobile devices like netbooks or tablets has the consequence that the Redmond company has to optimize the operating system's power consumption. […]

Microsoft Retires Gadgets In Preparation Of Windows 8 Launch

Microsoft introduced gadgets when the company launched the Windows Vista operating system. First in a limited gadget's sidebar that restricted the location that gadgets could be placed in, and then usable on […]

windows snap

Enable Snap Feature Of Windows 8

You should not confuse the new snap feature of Windows 8 with the Aero Snap feature that Microsoft introduced under Windows 7. Aero Snap back then allowed users to snap windows to […]

disk management

Your PC Doesn’t Support Virtualization? Dual Boot Windows 7 and Windows 8

The word is out: Microsoft released the Windows 8 Developer Preview recently and many users want to try it out. All it takes is a CPU that supports virtualization and virtualization software. […]

windows 8 task manager

Windows 8 Task Manager, A Step In The Right Direction?

If you have followed the buzz surrounding Microsoft's upcoming operating system Windows 8 you may have noticed that the Redmond company has redesigned the Windows Task Manager. When you first open it […]

sync pc settings

Windows 8 Sign-In With A Windows Live ID

One of the new features that Microsoft has added to Windows 8 is the ability to sign-in with a Windows Live ID instead of a local user account. One first start of […]

secure boot

Windows 8, Boot Security And Third Party Operating Systems

Things got heated up quite a bit in the past two days as Microsoft started to reveal information about boot security in Windows 8. The main concern raised by Matthew Garrett and […]

Windows 8: What I Think Microsoft Is Missing

You have probably read a good dozen or even more Windows 8 related articles in the past week. With the release of the developer preview came a huge increase in articles and […]

user account password

How To Use A Picture Password Or Pin As Your Windows Password

Windows 8 comes with options to use Windows Live accounts as user accounts on the system, or to use a local account with no ties to the Internet. If security is an […]

windows 8 product key

Windows 8 Product Key, When Resetting, Reinstalling

The installation of the Windows 8 operating system should not pose problems to the majority of users. Installation is pretty straightforward and users do not need to enter a product key during […]

metro controller

Metro Controller, Disable Metro UI, Ribbon Explorer In Windows 8

The Windows 8 developer preview release that was offered publicly by Microsoft a few days ago caused quite the stir. There were users who loved the new Metro UI interface and other […]

Should you Install the Windows 8 Developer Preview?

I've been using the Windows 8 Developer Preview now for a few days on three different machines, a desktop, a laptop and a tablet, to get a good overall view of how […]



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